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World Series of Poker - Final Table - Atlantic City Welcome to Scott Neuman's Kick Your Ace website focusing on high stakes tournament poker. Included in the site will be rankings and results of Scott Neuman's poker tournament play. Links to other poker news sites and links to tournaments you can enter if you want to take a chance at tournament life will be added shortly.

I am accepting advertisers and sponsors. Click here for a chance to advertise or sponsor me to major poker tournaments. You'll receive 50% of anything I win from these tournaments by sponsoring me.

Get a Piece of a Tournament Poker Player.

Scott Neuman invites potential investors, other poker players and business owners to advertise their businesses and/or participate in upcoming tournament play. Please email or call Scott Neuman at 848-333-8899 or 732-505-3646 with any questions or interest in participating in future events or advertising on this website. You can also fill out my contact form to ask for more information or to advertise with Scott Neuman. The current program requires a $100.00 advertising investment as a minimum and $25,000 as a maximum investment. I will rebate fifty percent of any winnings while you are advertising based on your percentage of the advertising budget and the event I enter.

Who am I: I live in Toms River, NJ, About one hour north of Atlantic City. I grew up in Kendall Park in Middlesex County, NJ and also lived in South Carolina, New York and Pennsylvania before settling in Ocean County, NJ. I am married with two wonderful children who love to hit the keys of my computer and make bets for me, many times putting me all in,(Children, stop touching the keys). I have a degree in Communications with Honors. I worked in Radio and Television for a number of years and currently own a record company, a marketing company and I'm president of Recordweb Communications offering a number of services. World Series of Poker - Final Table - Atlantic City My marketing division handles Search Engine Optimization of websites.

My previous company, AOS Web-Com, Inc was ranked one of the Matthew Says, My Daddy is going to Kick Your Ace fastest growing computer companies in the USA by CRN Magazine. In addition, I'm also the owner of Forever Vinyl - The Rare and Out of Print Music Warehouse. We have over a million dollars of inventory available in hard to find music items and I'm the music expert for the troubleshooter column for the Gannett newspaper chain.

We are seeking advertisers to market their companies via tournament play at all major tournament events. We will be playing in these tournaments and the entry fees are $300.00 to $25,000. We will accept funding for any of the games and also a hat/jacket if you want to advertise your company. These games will be broadcast on ESPN, FoxSportsnetwork or the Travel Channel and we will split any winnings 50/50 as stated above. In addition,

If you'd like to participate right now, please use email me to discuss terms and payment options. You can send checks, wire transfers and money orders. We reserve the right to decline advertising or backing for any reason and refund your money.

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