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It's Scott "Kickyourace" Neuman's Poker Blog 

June 2022

6/21/22 As most of you know, I had a number of heart attacks, and a double bypass surgery at Robert Wood Johnson. It's been 9 months since the surgery and with rehap, I'm back to feeling pretty good. Good enough to play in the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event. I'm ready to fly out in two weeks and take my 8th shot at greatness. I've won a number of free entries in the past and been sponsored a few times lasting 3 days before getting bad beated out. I last 4 days and I'm in the money. I'm inviting investors and backers to put me in the tournament/expense money and make money if I cash in the event. Call me at 848-333-8899 to discuss what funds I'll need to fly out. Let's do this soon. 

March 2019

3/31/19 Haven't played in a while except online. Part of the problem is I'm taking pain killers from my stroke and it's been taking my sleep time away. I'm hoping to feel better to play the WSOP Main Event this year. $15000 is the bill with expenses. You get your $15000.00 back before I make a penny. Then we split everything 50/50 up to $8,000,000. Call me at 848-333-8899 if you want to talk. Had some fun this year. Kids got their 2nd degree black belts. I got to run a Congressional campaign on a shoe string and still made a go of it. My real estate business is starting to run harder. Neuman and Neuman. Deb started it. I just run the internet portion of the business. It's amazing how many leads we get off the internet. Text me back if anything big has happened to you.

June 2018

6/12/18 I have another investor and so I've been playing on since we get AZ and NJ linked together for bigger prize pools. I've come in 3rd, 14th and 24th in tournaments so far. I'll keep up to date as I move forward. Hope to play to the WSOP ME this year.

June 2017

6-25-17 Talk about tied up. I ran for Congress and Freeholder in Ocean County. Turns out I pissed the right people off and in fighting corruption, I got no support in my Congressional and Freeholder run. The bad guys won again. I was told they would but I'll keep trying. I'm also in a lawsuit to change the complete makeup of the House of Representatives. I and others are suing to have Congress increase the amount of Representatives to over 6000 people by reducing the size of our Congressional districts to 50,000 people per district. I and others want this because we believe that the final amendment from the Bill of Rights, the Congressional Apportionment Amendment was ratified in 1792 and no one bothered to check with the 15 states of the time to see how they voted. In counting the votes from their own archives, you see over 80% of the states of the time voting for this amendment. We followed to 50,000 per district till about 1911 when Congress locked the house at 435 Representatives. This was completely illegal and needs to be reversed. for more info.

Looking for an investor for the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event. There aren't any satellites I can play so I need $15,000 to play the event with a chance to give back $4 Million or about if I win. I know I can go deep. Just how deep is the question. Call me at 848-333-8899. Needs to make plans now to get out there and book rooms and buy airline tickets. 

       Other news. Alexa was named Grand Champion of the Kum Sung Karate Schools in their last tournament. She won 4 out of 5 events and came in 3rd in the final        event. Matthew took 2 3rd places also. These were in the black belt levels. 

September 2015

9-22-15 - Long few months. Planning on running for the US House of Representatives and will be in the primaries in 2016. Also been playing on and cashing almost 80% of the tournaments I'm playing. That's just nuts.

June 2015

6-15-15 - So many surprises coming, you aren't going to believe it. NDA's are being signed. Due Diligence now needs to be done but it will be a great thing if everything does as it's supposed to go. I never count my chickens before they hatch but I do make sure the chickens are lay good eggs. Positive things are happening. Playing a little bit on Made a bunch of final tables, in fact, I'm making a final table about one out of every four tries. Most of the events have 200 players or less on average but it goes to what I say when I look for investors. The more games you have me play, the better the chances to make money.

I'm still looking for an investor or backer for the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event in July. I haven't been looking very hard though because I've just been tied up with other business ventures but I will make the time to play at least the Main Event. I have one investor at $7500.00 for one share. Still need to sell the other share(I may just take it myself but will know by the end of the month if it's sold or not).

I'm now the referred appraiser for a large charity in NY that accepts music items. I'm getting a lot of work for it because I'm fair and honest in my appraisals. I also picked up a Fortune 500 company to fix printers and I picked up another customer for my internet company for managing domain names and marketing same. I'm getting very blessed.

I haven't been down to AC in months. Playing live poker is like watching paint dry on the wall. Unless it's for a lot of money, I can do better on the phones at my office. I can play 10 tournaments in one day online compared to one at the Borgata. I played over 170 events to date on since they opened and I'm cashing 25% or better of the time. The thing is, I'm better off working on my computer or record company. Those are work though, poker is fun. I'm sure you get it. The kids tested for their red belts for Kum Sung Karate and should pass. I'm very proud of how hard they worked to reach this point.

Alexa took up soccer this year and the difference between when she started as a first year and the end of the season is night and day. Most of the kids and Alexa had great coaches and thanks to Lacy and Mark and the other coaches for stepping up. A lot of teams in the area use professional coaches that are paid. As an example of how much growth this team had, they played a Toms River team that plays like a travel team (and Toms River has so many more kids, they have multiple teams). This was the A team. Last season, our kids got a lesson from Toms River as the score went 6 to 0. This part of the season, they had their last game against the same kids and team. The team has enough kids that they rotate them every 10 minutes. Our team doesn't have that many kids so our kids play tired more. Even so, we scored more kicks on goal this time and we were down field most of the game. The game actually ended 0-0 but I'm sure the coach of the Toms River team was wondering who this Blue Lazer team from Manchester was. They couldn't be the same team and you could hear the guy yelling at his kids. The frustration in his voice. It was a great game. Nice work Blue Lazers, they played like a TEAM.

February 2015

2/4/15 - Playing here and there. I've been more focused on a big domain name deal that seems to have come to fruition. I'll have more info as time passes.

September 2014

9/18/14 - Event 1 $2M GTD cashed 161st out of 4158, Event 22 cashed 53rd out of 730. Got to play a lot of events at the Borgata as the WPT rolled into town. Had no luck what so ever in the main event but cashed the 2M GTD and event 22. Normal amount of suck outs and out plays on both ends. Funniest thing was a guy laying down A/Q to my all in on the Big Blind. He was tight, I was tight and he was so tight, he was sure I had KK when I had A/6 off. Other fun point was being down to 10 BB's in event 23 and having one very tight player raise, and two other players including another tight player call him to see a flop. I'm in the Blinds and shove AA. I caught some flack from some players on why I did that and I didn't want some action but it reads like A/K to poor players and two of the guys I did it to will either fold or read it that way. If everyone folds, I picked up 6 big blinds plus the antes. If I get one caller and they hold, I pick up 10 Big blinds. At best, since I'm first to act and I check raise the flop all in, and I'm ahead, I win the same amount, if I'm beyond, it is what it is but I was so sure two of the callers had pocket pairs, I only want one of them to call me. I got the one. KK and I double up. The guy says, I was sure you had AK. Of course, who shoves AA?? That's why it works plus I only had 10 big blinds. No reason to screw around. I'm getting called by at least one player.

Event 23 was sort of exciting as two women start yelling at each other with the final comment being "You are just white trash". Harsh words, I'm sure. I finished top 50 give or take bubbling the cash. I like the structures at these events. Plenty of time to play during the rounds and a nice chip count normally over 15000 to start and as high as 50,000.

Food: Seems like the powers that be have listened to the players. The food was excellent for what was the Cafeteria. Sushi, Salmon over Rice, good wraps, Soups, and some junk food, plus smoothies were added. Since the rounds are normally only 10 minutes, you could buy some food in 2 minutes when we are playing, miss one hand and come back to sit and eat. Garbage cans were close so a quick toss of your garbage and you were back to playing. Again, the food was great this time.

The Borgata ran another clean, well run event. Tab, the tournament master is a hands on guy and the staff worked well with him. Some of the dealers were a little weak or seemed very very confused but that wasn't the norm for most of them.

July 2014

7/3/14 - I've cashed a lot of events on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th tonight. I've run $20.00 up to four figures. Going for five figures next month. Crazy stuff.

June 2014

6/10/14 - Took a 4th and a 2nd this week for two satellites and earn enough to enter the Borgata Poker Open's $300,000 Guarantee. I played day 1A and played till round 12 when I got all my chips in with top and bottom pair against AA with a flush draw on a board of 4/8/Q all clubs. AA was first to attack and bets outs from his initial raise. Mr "I Can't ever fold a hand" calls and I'm not letting that guy see another card so I shove over the top for 20 BB's. AA snap calls but I get rid of the other guy. AA had the flush redraw. An 8 on the turn gives my opponent a higher two pair and I'm out. Would have been a nice double up. Had some killer hands with the best a guy that laughs when he has a monster starting hand. He laughed every single time. What a tell to have. He stopped laughing when he gave me most of his chips when I turned a flush and he over bet the pot and I came over the top on him for 12000 chips. I played well, had a great read on four players and got them to make donations.

I also got some press for my run for the US House of Representatives. I have a serious shot at winning this year and look forward to getting out the vote.

April 2014

4/16/14- 18 out of 123 - Sattied into and cashed the Nightly $10K GTD on Borgata Stars. Nothing like an 1800% profit in one night to wake you up. Now it sounds like a lot but it's a min cash but a cash is a cash and I sattied into the entry fee so all the more of a profit. I played great. Finally got killed with A/K against A/Q all in and then 88 vs A/J all in when I was short and the guy flops two aces to kill me off.

You guys see the story about the Borgata suing a Baccarat player. Turns out well known poker player Phil Ivey was aware of a misprint on the Baccarat cards. Being a high roller, he and a friend sat down at the Baccarat table at the Borgata and asked for a number of options to be put in place which the Borgata willing agreed with. Later, the Borgata found out about the issue with the cards and sued Phil Ivey to get the money back. We're not talking small change. Phil won in the mid seven figures. This was the same issue that Phil had with a casino in England. The house edge in Baccarat is around 1% give or take. With understanding which cards are which and having the deck sorted as time went back, Phil could tell which would be good Baccarat cards to play against and which ones to slow down on. This advantage increased Phils odds to over 6% over time in his favor. Is it cheating??? Maybe according to the laws of NJ but how the Borgata got caught with their pants down is an interesting story, I'm sure. The deck maker also got sued (which makes a lot more sense to me) and I'll report on what happens as to the court battle on this one.

The Borgata also was ordered to pay out over 2000 players from a tournament that was canceled a few months ago. All the players (other then those that entered on Day 1C(third entry point) will get back at least $560.00. Those that cashed will keep the cash. The reason no one on day 1C will get paid back is the counterfeit chip issue wouldn't have affected anyone playing on Day 1C.

March 2014

3/30/14 - Cashed 58th out of 544 - $100K Guarantee. Had some super nice runs and was top 2 at one point. Might have been the one that got away. I never ducked,popped and weaved as much as I did in this event. My aggressive style was kicking ass today and I was getting people to fold left and right in this event. I raising almost 60% of the time and people were praying I wouldn't take all their chips. For the most part, I was taking all their chips. Finally ran into a monster and got knocked off but it was a good run and a solid shot at $20K.

3/6/14 - I did get an answer back from and they refunding my entry fee for the $100K. I appreciate that but they kept suggesting that the GEOBlock software was the issue. I got locked out or disconnected 5 total times and the Geoblock wasn't the issue as far as I can tell for four of them. The issue with blaming the Geoblock is that it didn't happen at anytime leading up to the tournament or after the tournament. The disconnects were at their server or routers. I'm assuming the amount of traffic was an issue for their pipe and I'm going to monitor it and hope they add more bandwidth.

3/3/14 I've had some decent luck on the online sites and have had no complaints until I played the $100K GTD on which is the skin for After paying my entry fee of $215.00, right off the bat, I got disconnected. I logged back in and played a little while longer, ran my stack up to 12,000 from 5000 and got disconnected again. I ran a quick traceroute on the internet path and could see a block at Now I don't know if the same route is run for the online skin but I'll assume there is some type of issue when you get that type of lag online. I'm also sure I'm not the only person getting disconnected. There are over 800 people playing this tournament and with this amount of traffic, either someone didn't pay for bandwidth or the servers in Atlantic City can't handle the traffic. It gets worse as I get disconnected in the middle of a big hand and come back to see my chips gone from a time out. At this point, I'm pissed off and this wasn't the poker experience I'd expect after the site had been live for a few months. Again I get disconnected and have to log back in. Finally, I get GEOblocked and take a screen capture of that one showing I can't play even thought I've paid my money to enter the event without an issue and I'm in the blinds as this happens. While I'm still in the game, I emailed, explained the problems I'm I was having and ask for a refund. I've still got about 4000 chips but I believe not being able to play hasn't helped me any here and I can't be sure I won't be blocked or disconnected again. I figure I'll just get a refund or a credit for the next week and hope my information will create a fix for the issues Partypoker/ are having with the site. As an original beta tester for the site and a fan of Tab at the Borgata Poker room, I figure I owe them that. Imagine my surprise when I receive an email stating that there were no issues and the Geoblock problem isn't Partypoker's problem. I begged to disagree and my email is below replying to their poor choice of solving my issues.

Dear, I'll disagree that this isn't your issue. I was removed from the game four times and had to log back in four times. In addition, I attached a photo, while an hour into the game clearly showing I was blocked by the geosoftware while in the blinds and not being able to bet or make decisions. The lag time that required me to log in and out was a condition of your data lines and servers not being able to handle the traffic and the geo software's failure, while an hour into the game is the icing on the cake. While I do want a refund and asked for it well before I was knocked out, it goes to a problem you are having with the system at that time and date that I never experienced before and after that point of time on BorgataPoker. I will be forwarding a copy if this email, my screen captures at the time of the issues and your wrong information as to the problems to the president of the Borgata, and the state gaming commission. Just so you'll understand, this would be no different to me then if I was playing in the poker room of the Borgata,  and someone blindfoldeds me four separate times in a tournament and then having my hands tied to the chair as I watch my blinds and hands play out in front of me. What a horrible experience!!! Please forward to the head of player marketing at Borgata Poker.  Your answer to the problem was unacceptable to any player as you can see.
I'll let you know what the final result is but until such time as this lag times, Geotracking software errors and disconnects are addressed and customer service wants to accept player suggestions to make playing online a positive experience,  I'd suggest playing somewhere else.

January  2014

1/29/14 - 120th out of 1008 in the $100K Guarantee for the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open. I'll make it simple and say I had KK and shoved for 10 BB's. I got one guy to reraise to knock out any other players against me and he had A/K and caught two aces by the end of the hand. I worked hard to get to 120th place so it was very disappointing to lose that close to cashing for my 3rd WPT event in the last six months. I also played the $3M GTD that was the first event of the series and loved the tables I got so I fired two bullets playing Day 1a and Day 1B. Lasted till the 16th round on the second try and busted the final hand of the night with 9/6 off. Got to see the flop and the flop was K/9/3 rainbow. Everyone checks so I fire off my short stack and get one caller with Q/J off. 10 on the turn kills me off and another 10 just makes it more painful. This was the event where some dickhead from North Carolina brought millions of Borgata look a like chips of the 5000 denomination and kept taking them out of his pocket and mixing them into his chip stack. By the end of Day 1B, he was the chip leader but if you see a picture of his stack, you can see all the miscolored chips. One player brought it to the attention of the floor but nothing was done at that time. What sort of caught up the guy was he decided to dump the remaining chips down the toilet over at Harrahs and the pipes got plugged up. In cleaning out the traps, millions of chips were found that got traced back to this guys room. The NJ State Gaming commission canceled the event at the end of Day 2 leaving 27 players to wonder how much $800,000 would have changed their lives if they won the event. I talked to Men the Master who said he busted around 28th place but never got paid either. So far, all the money is locked up and it will be interesting to see if the Borgata will be required to refund all the entry fees, just the Day 1B players and all the day 2 players that weren't paid out their winners plus giving all the 27th place people and below a chop at 27th place.

On a fun note, I got to play Alan Hopkins, the professional pool player, Men Nguyen (who was voted most likely to have something to do with the 5000 chip scandal) and James Woods, the actor who was nice enough to double me up in one hand when I had A/Q and he had A/J on a A/Q/3 Board with two hearts. I bet my hand, he reraised me and I decided to see if he had a monster bigger then my hand and waited about 20 seconds and shoved my 30,000 total chips. He had about 9000 left behind, asked if I was shoving the flush draw, asked if he could still rebuy and called off the rest of his chips. Not a pretty face but he got some help on the turn when a 10 came out but missed the straight on the river and said goodbye and went for a rebuy on what I think was his 3rd bullet. James Woods is a super nice guy if you ever play him. He was also nice enough to take photos with anyone and everyone.  

November 2013

11/15/13 - 215th out of 2899 - The Borgata Fall Poker Open One Million dollar guarantee. What a nice run! Well into the money and finally got killed off with JJ all in preflop against a raised A/Q on a Q/9/8/2/6 board. Good game me.


September 2013


9/20/13 - 12th out of 335 - 2013 WPT Borgata Poker Open Event #25 NL Holdem - Cashed twice in one week. Another NL Holdem event with solid players. This was the last event in the tournament. The structure was great with the players getting 25,000 chips and the rounds at 25 minutes. You can have a lot of fun with that many chips. I could one guy when I had aces. He had been raising my blinds and I'd had junk for the most part but told him I'd get him at some point. Some point came shortly when he raised my blinds again and I had AA in the Big Blind. I come over the top all in. He calls and lucky for me he had KK for a big hand to call with. He misses the board and I double up. Other big hands came around when I called a short stack with a/8 and he held KK. Flop was sick and the run out was sicker. K5234 and I get a straight on a runner runner board. I stuck around later in the event with A/9HH that I shoved with 12 BB's and ran into A/K off. Two hearts on the flop give me some hope. Hope lived on the turn with another heart to double me up again. I finally ran out of luck calling a small blind shove and I called with A/3DD. He turns over Q/JSS and flops the Q and it's over for me. Nice run and 14 hours of tournament play.

9/19/13 - 45th out of 937 2013 WPT Borgata Poker Open Event #23 NL Holdem . Well, I had another fun run in the World Poker Tour Event 23 at the Borgata Poker Open. No Limit Holdem and over $100,000 dollars in guaranteed prize money. First prize would push up to $40,000.00. We started with 20,000 in chips and 25 minute rounds. We had over 900 players and reentries into the event. By the end of the night, I made it down to the final four tables and out in 45th place and another cash at the Borgata. I had some great runs, and good cards at the right time but when we got to 70 players, I went card dead and held on as long as I could. 45th is first but it's nice run and in the top 5% of the field. Best wishes to Charlie Townsend and Lee Childs who both final tabled the event.

August 2013

8/09/13 -  I've been working on the Revel Bad Beat Jackpot. Thursday, my table almost got there with AAAK4 on the board and two people hold pocket pairs. JJ and 99. QQ would have done it and that hand would be a bad beat jackpot on Friday at 6:00pm when the rules allow for it. Day early and a dollar short as they say. Friday comes and shortly after six, a table screams as if they hit the bad beat jackpot. The hand was AAA KJ and the plays had K/Q and Q/J thinking they only needed one card in their hand. You needed pocket pairs at the least to pull this down. About 6:30, another scream goes up. It was almost the sound of someone getting their neck cut as some idiot shows his cards to the table and then another guys does the same. While the cards were mucked, everyone at the table saw the hands. You have to be awake to make $235K and this table was sound asleep. With the board showing AAAQx, and KK and 77 face up on the table, it would appear that they hit the bad beat jackpot. In fact, two players also showed their cards to show how nice they were. One guy had A/x. The other had Q/4 off. The A or the Q kills the bad beat for the 77. One of the guys had to be escorted off the floor by security. Everyone in the room is a pro regular waiting to hit this and no one at the table was willing to forgive and forget. Our wait didn't come long. My table did flop quads but winning to a showdown hand of JJ33 with a Q/J in the guys hand doesn't do it. At 9:30, another screaming table and this time, it's real. Another AAA table with two pairs wins the $235K in the pot and will allow the Revel to finally shut down the poker room, which is too bad because it was the most popular poker room for August in AC. I did ok on my run to the Revel coming home up for the week. Still, the Bad Beat Jackpot was certainly available for the taking.

July 2013

7/13/13. I found reviews of my play and how other investors felt I treated them in terms of play and communication. See below: I received over 800 positive reviews from investors from overseas and not one negative!! That site doesn't accept online players from the USA or I'd still be there.

Thanks for all the support. Online poker for USA players will come back. Look forward to playing for you again from overseas.

7/13/13 - Got a sponsor for the $100,000 GTD at the Borgata, this $400.00 to enter event is a lot of fun and you can win $50,000 by the time it's done. We started with 15K in chips and I quickly ran it up to 35000 in chips. Then I went chip dead and pretty much clawed, bluffed and out played my opponents and got myself as far as I could up to round 12 and got knocked out with KK VS A/Q. He flopped a Q. We go all in and he turns an Ace and knocks me out. Typical Poker God trick. The Borgata is going to have a ton of events in the next two months and I'm looking for investors for all of them. Call me at 848-333-8899 to talk. 

June 2013

6/28/13. Took a bunch of shots at the satellite to the 2013 World Series of Poker. Came up just short four times after winning $2,000 in sattie tickets for about $400.00 dollars. Can't say I'm not disappointed. Played the Bovada 2K GTD today and came in 6th place. Also played the 6K GTD and made another final table. 
On the off chance you'd sign my petition to create the 28th amendment to the Constitution, take a read: Made a petition on They finally allowed me to create a petition requesting a government official to do their job. Petition Archivist of the USA David Ferriero to Accept the Congressional Apportionment Amendment as Ratified

6/4/13 15th out of 495. Bovada $15K GTD. KK loses to a/9 all in. Fun ride and a game that lasted 4 and 1/2 hours. Went card dead near the end. Lots of bluffing in in this game and I picked off a ton of them. 

6/3/13 - 15th out of 198 - More Sunday fun as I reach the final two tables in the $8K GTD on Bovada. I just had a nice run. It's a nice run when you win almost all your flips. This was on investors money. I did take a try for the 10 seats Bovada was offering for the Main Event and also had a free roll that I won for the $100K GTD on Bovada. I was pretty disappointed in 100K as I was chip leader for the first two thirds of the event, then lost KK to 77 when the other guy hit a set. It was all down hill from there. Two A/K's that missed, and 10/10 all in and ran into AA. The Main Event Ticket never got going and I lost mid game. I've got three more tries to win a ticket and I'm still looking for an investor that wants a piece of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event. Get back around $4,000,000 if I win. Contact me at  if interested and for terms and conditions.

May 2013


5/24/13 - 5th out of 656 players - Bovada $5K GTD - Hey, had a nice run of a cards, bluffed a lot and got away with it.  I can't complain about 5th place other then I was going for a win!

5/7/13 - I'm sitting here laughing at what the AC Casino is trying to pull. Poker Stars spent $11M of a reported $15M purchase price for the Hotel. It looks like someone slipped up and didn't notice the terms were coming to end. The due date comes and goes according to the press and AC Casino hasn't recieved the final payment and to boot, the penalty is $4M or the total price of the hotel. More news to come.

I played the Bovada $100K for one backer and I satellited into a satellite for the Main Event. I lost the Satellite in standard fashion. KK vs A/9. Guy shoves at me preflop and hits the ace on the turn. I lose A/K suited to QQ all in and finish my day with a/8 suited into JJ in the big blind.

There are a number of online satellites for the Main Event each Sunday at Bovada. If you want to stake me to one, just email and we will lock that attempt up for you.


5/1/13 21st out of 640 - Bovada 5K GTD

April 2013

4/26/13 - 5th out of 102 - Borgata Friday $25000 Guaranteed.

4/24/13 - 12th out of 277 - Borgata Spring Open Event #22 - As much as I love playing online, it's the exact opposite of how much I like to play live. It's boring. It's like watching paint dry on the wall. It's not that I can't play live, but I prefer a faster pace. Poker is a mind game and I like fast action so I like online poker. I prefer four games running at once on my monitor. I played the 2013 Borgata Spring Poker Open last week, Event 22 for an investor which was a Big Stack / Bounty tournament. Every time you knock someone out, you pick up $100.00 that you put in your pocket. I came in 12th out of 277 players and didn't take one bounty. Regardless, making a 300% profit for the night isn't anything to complain about. It was an interesting game as I got a straight flush, no straights, one set, one pair of aces, one pair of kings and got paid off each time. I did some button steals and also some raise/continution bets late in the rounds that kept me going into the event.  One odd hand I had was when I raised A/3 in the big blind after everyone limped to me and only the button stuck around. I flopped the ace, bet the hand on all three rounds and watched the guy fold his hand in disgust. I'm assuming he had a medium pair that didn't hold but I still can't understand why he called on all three streets and then was surprised when he was beat. It's always nice when people are sure they are ahead and can't lay down their hands.

As we got down to 20 players, I went card dead. I'm down to four big blinds and caught the AA, shoved and got two callers and tripled up. That took me to 15th, when I picked up KK and that held. Out in 12th, I shoved K/J off six handed with five big blinds and the small and big blinds called. One guy had Q/2 but the small blind had 77 that held and out I went. I haven't played live for a while preferring online but this was a solid finish in a tough event.  I did pick up Player of the Year points and the event was reported to the major poker tracking companies.

I'll be playing the Borgata 25K GTD on Friday for another investor and the Bovada 100K on Sunday with some side events for another investor. Still looking for someone to back me for the World Series of Poker Main Event in July.

4/13/13 - I'm happy to say I'm the broker for the domain name "". Forms gets searched over 37,000,000 million times per month on Google. With some simple SEO work on, the traffic could be worth $2 to $4 million per month to someone. If you believe you can develop this site and take advantage of an additional 37M potential users, contact me at 848-333-8899 or email me at as soon as possible if you'd like to make an offer for this domain name.

4/10/13 - With the World Series of Poker Main Event coming up in July, it's time to start looking for a backer for the entry fee and expenses. This event has the possibility of generating over $6 to $8 million dollars for the winner and if I come in the top 10%, you get your money back plus a decent 20% profit at the least. On any winnings, you are first made whole and then we divide up the winnings per my contracts. The best I've done in the Main Event was around the top 11% in 2009 when I played for A bad beat killed my day but you still need some luck to get past 6000 people in this tournament. I went out around 800th on a great setup and a bad beat. I'm certainly capable of going deep. How deep will be the question. If you'd like to make this investment, contact me at We'll lock up the money, the percentage back to you and any advertising possibilities by contract. You are welcome to join me in Vegas and watch me play. The event will run the first week in July, 2013 and will continue for 2 weeks.

February 2013

2/12/13 - Been a long time between writing. I've been playing off and on and have had some successes. Three things other then routine business is 1. I'm the broker for the See more at If you have a printing company, you want this domain name.

2. I've been active in getting the last remaining amendent to the Constitution from the Bill of Rights accepted as Ratified. The Amendment is the Apportionment Amendment. You can see the information at when you get a chance. As of 2/15/13, the Supreme Court will decide to take up an appeal on the case or not. 

3. And I'm excited about the upcoming news that Governor Christie will sign the new gaming act in about 30 days. Poker Stars parent company will then buy the AC Hilton casino and start serving poker online to NJ residents. My impression of the bill is that it prevents outside folks from using the system but I'm not sure why Poker Stars can't have its outside users from other countries connect to the poker room. The way I read the bill, US customers outside NJ can't use it but overseas customers might not be blocked. If this is true, I can start playing online poker in multimillion dollar events shortly. That's a big deal for the investors. I'll hopefully have more to add shortly.  

September 2012

9/19/12 - I'm having a decent run this month. I took down a Bovada $8K GTD and came in 9th for another final table finish in a $3K GTD on Bovada. As a side note, I got to take the kids to Independence Mall last Saturday. The place was crowded but it's the 225th anniversary of the Constitution. 

August 2012

8/21/12 Four things for this blog entry. Talk about a Bad Beat. I'm working down in Pittstown on some HP printers and after I got done, I drove over to Caesars. Harrahs properties is having a poker event called the Bad Beat Jackpot. That is, if someone loses with quad twos to something higher, the loser gets about $250,000 dollars. The winner less but everyone else on all four of the properties in Atlantic City gets $900.00. I'm about two miles from Atlantic City when my brakes give out. I limp over to the Borgata assuming I can get towed from there and also get a room if I need one. Three hours later, the Bad Beat Jackpot hits as Quad 4's lose to a K high straight flush over at Caesars. Booo.

2nd. The Revel was nice enough to give the family a room on both days of the Thunder over the Boardwalk Airshow. I worked from the room but the kids and wife had a great time. Nothing like a Stealth Fighter to fly over your head to imagine what it's like on the battle field. As much as I like the Borgata for poker, the Revel does everything else better. The shows, the food and the pool are better. The beach is now open and they don't allow smoking. There are areas for the kids to play also. I recommend Lugos for Italian and American Cut for Steak. Both are run by five star chiefs or Iron Chiefs.

3rd. A Federal Judge has just ruled that playing poker isn't against Federal Law. The case started in NY but the Feds picked up the case under Federal law. The federal law doesn't actually say that poker is gambling and Poker Players Alliance got in the act and with experts, was able to convince the Judge that Poker and No Limit Poker by example was a skill game. While a jury found against the defendent, the Judge tossed the verdict. This will act as the basis of future decisions and a wise decision it was. I'm waiting to see if New York refiles against the person. This wasn't a Mob run operation but a guy that started a small poker room. New York law clearly states poker is illegal to play even if it is a skill game(idiots) but Federal law doesn't and the guy was charged under Federal law. To see the entire case, click here.

4th. My run to become Ocean County's Board of Chosen Freeholder is getting near the end. Only 2 more months till the election. The GOP candidates haven't lost in decades but I can't imagine the Dems winning in Ocean County. An independent such as myself has the best chance of winning. There are two seats so I have a one in three chance of winning. When you look at Bartlett and Little and how they talk to the citizens of Ocean County, it should be very easy for them to get beat, unless Citizens like being screamed at by Freeholders. Hopefully this year, the Citizens will understand they control the government and not the Freeholders. I'm offering them that chose.

8/6/12 Well, I guess it was a cold day in hell as we find out over the weekend that the Feds have allowed Poker Stars to pay a fine, take over Full Tilt Pokers operations, pay off all the overseas players for the funds Full Tilt Poker was behind on and will have the DOJ pay out the USA players. From what I can tell (and I got this from Pro Matt Glandz), it was a good thing that Stars got involved with the DOJ because from the looks of it, FTP was going bankrupt. They were just taking too much money out of the company and not allowing for deposits. The Feds for the most part had cut off their flow of money from customers by catching the middle man and regardless of that, FTP kept applying deposits as real. It sometimes took them months to recover the funds. Just not enough, fast enough. It's possible the Feds never knew how behind FTP was. Of course, the question is, why did the Feds just go after FTP, Stars and UB but not the Merge Network, Lock or any of the others? I'm sure by Caesars oath, we'll find out someday. Anyway, it seems like good news at this point, but you'll probably see Poker Stars return to the USA at some point.

July 2012

7/31/12 It's always nice to have a good run. Last Sunday, I had a good run, as I made another final table finish in the Bovada $100,000 Guarantee. Bovada runs one big tournament a week and this one had around 600 players in it. I finished 7th and was top 5 for most of the event. This event was backed by a sponsor and he had me for a number of events. This was the last one we picked and it was a crush event for both of us.  He has cashed out so I'll be looking for other potential sponsors. If you're interested, email me. 

7/15/12 I'm back from the World Series of Poker Main Event. US Airways sucks first off. Great flight attendants but the seats are just too close to together and I hated the flight for that reason. I did meet some other players going out so at least we had something to talk about. By the way, I flew out of Philadelphia and parked at Winner Parking. They drive you in your car to the airport and pick you up in your car and if you have the coupons that are online, the cost is around $6.50 a day. I found Winner to be fine to deal with and will use them again. I get to Las Vegas and go to get my car from Payless. They have the name right. Super cheap and EZ Car Rental next door matches their prices. The line at Payless took 45 minutes to get through. The majority of the other car rental booths were empty. I finally got my car and went over to the Rio. No rooms available and I had to wait till 7:00pm to get a room so I went over the Man Cave at the Palms to meet the people from Bovada and pick up some swag. What I didn't get was any hats or shirts from Bovada which begs the question, why aren't they using the 25 players they sponsored for advertising? All their contracts force us to play the event and if they are going to force us to play, you'd think they'd force us to wear their jackets, shirts and hats. Hey, I was game. The Man Cave at the Palms is great. Cute girls abound, they have bowling, drinks, pinball (came in second in the tournament), pool and it's a great place to hang out. I met Jay and Brian who tailed me also during the tournament to see how I did so here is my shout out to the folks from Bovada. 

I started playing on day 1C of the World Series of Poker Main Event, which had over 3200 people and the entire event had around 6600 people. I grew my chip stack to 55000 chips from 33000 and then just missed every hand I played and finished the day for 39100 chips. I had one guy to my right that played the nightly High Stakes Poker Games on TV (Bill Klein) and also Peter Politano who just keep catching flops and flops to wind up at 100K. Day 2, I had to take a break and we started on the middle of the week. I come back to my table and I luck out with the 2nd biggest chip stack. The short stack only has 14000 and I'm going to try and grab those chips before someone else does. I recognize Garrett Beckman or Gbecks from and have seen him play online a number of times so I know where he'll be coming from. I've got another young gun pro to my right also and he also goes after the short stack before I can. But he donks off his chips to the short who has the nuts on the flop against a stone cold bluff and helps the guy out. We lose 4 players in the first two rounds and I'm the guy getting shorter and shorter. I catch a few breaks in a few rounds by stealing blinds or 3 barreling to the river and catching cards on the turn and river for double ups but never got over 28000 chips. I finally shoved in the 9th round with a/q over a blind stealer who calls with k/10 and hits the King to knock me out. Other then a set on the first day, none of my big hands held. No other sets, no flushes, no full houses and one back door straight. I did have a/k and got a flop of A/A/Q, checked the flop, bet the turn and got called and of course, another A on the river kills the action. I played as well I could against players I had decent reads on and decent calls against some bluffs and got 25% of my bluffs picked off (with one guy calling me down when he flops a 2 and didn't let it go) but my bluffs this time kept me in the game as long as it did. You still need decent cards to make a good run. I was re-raising this time around trying to take the hands away and it worked for a while but being card dead just didn't help. Hopefully I'll satellite in next year or write an early sponsor and get another try. My last two times out, I made it to day 3 so I was disappointed I didn't make at least day four this time for the money. I went out around 2000th place. My best was around 800th.

Time to go home early.

Now the fun begins. I'm trying to buy a ticket to get back early and US Airways wants $450 to $550 (first class upgrade) to fly home after I already bought round trip tickets. It turns out, piece of shit US Airways wants you pay $150.00 to change your flight and if that isn't enough, they want you to pay the same day fare on top. United never did this to me and I'm steamed. It's the same seats regardless if I leave on Saturday or Thursday. Ok, I'm also forced to buy the ticket to get home. US Airways also charges for food, drinks and checked baggage so it's about $250.00 more regardless to upgrade to first which I do because I'll get the food and drinks for free and checked baggage for free. I go to charge the flight on my credit card and the RIO maxed out my card for a deposit. I blew an hour figuring out why? Then T-Mobile stops me from using my phone as a hot spot for my laptop. So I have to buy Internet. I hate little pissing things like this. I pay for my flight on another card and I'm booked. Everything is fine till I get my seat on the plane and I get a guy that is nice enough to talk to but his breath stinks. I'm turning my head away to stop from getting hit from the green stained air coming at me. Someone has an abscess and needs a dentist. Like I said, nice guy and all and pleasant to talk to except for that one problem. We both fall asleep and I wake up about one hour out of Philadelphia. Landing was fine (Going to Vegas was a cement mixer ride) and Winner comes and picks me up and I'm home an hour later and crash for the rest of the day. Playing for 10 hours a day and then picking up jet lag takes a lot out of you. 

I'm hoping to pick up some investors for the Borgata WPT events so if you're interested, let me know.

June 2012

6/26/12. I am confirmed for the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. I'll be playing for Team Bovada Poker and will be wearing their hats and jerseys at the event. I am selling a 50% share in my play for this event and my front page of my site shows the terms and conditions. If you are out in Vegas around July 7th, give me a call at 848-333-889 and we can meet up at the Rio and say hi.

May, 2012
5/7/12 The Borgata has a new tournament where you pay the entry fee and on top of that, you buy a cash chip which is now a bounty. The more people you knock out of the game, the more bounties you earn. If 100 people enter the game and say you knock out 50 of them and the bounty is $100.00 per person, you pick up $5000.00 in addition to anything you might win in the tournament. I took at shot at this type of event last night and went from 103 people with rebuys down to about 23rd before I got knocked out. I did not rebuy. We had one guy at our table that just shoved every hand. It was funny. He'd get one caller each time. By the fifth round, he was gone but not before picking up 5 bounties. Since the entry fee for this event was $110.00 including a $50.00 bounty, he had a good time. It's a wild game for sure. I never got any big cards and had to work hard to keep up with well timed bluffs and button steals. Best hand was q/4 suited on a flop of Q/4/2. I bet and get called, then a 10 comes out and bet again and get called. A jack comes out making a flush and a straight on the board. The guy doesn't look that strong but I check to control the pot if I'm wrong. He bets the pot when I check which is up to about 6000 (We started with 12,000 chips). I call, thinking I'm still ahead based on the way the hand played out and he is a regular at the Borgata and isn't afraid to bluff on weakness. My call is correct as he had air just trying to take away the hand on the river. Of course, he could have had the Q/J or Q/10 suited or a straight or a flush. The problem with all those hands is, a pot size bet will normally get a fold and not a call so that bet, while strong came off weak. (I don't feel this way all the time). The player and the way the hand played out still made me think I was ahead and I was correct. Finally busted while in the big blind with 10/8 suited clubs. One limper into the pot. Flop is K/10/9 with two clubs. Small blind checks. I shove for 10 big blinds. I get called by J/Q suited to clubs (of course). and get knocked out.

5/1/12 RIP Amarillo Slim Preston - From the NY Times: Amarillo Slim, Gambler With a Sly Wit, Dies at 83 By DOUGLAS MARTIN Published: April 30, 2012

Amarillo Slim, the pencil-slender, cornpone-spouting Texan who became poker’s first superstar by overpowering opponents with charm, cunning and preternatural coolness, died on Sunday in Amarillo, Tex. He was 83.

Amarillo Slim at the World Series of Poker in 2003. He began playing in 1960 and rose to prominence along with the game. The cause was colon cancer, his son, Thomas Preston III, said.

After honing his gambling skills as a pool hall hustler and illegal bookmaker, Thomas Austin Preston Jr. turned his attentions to poker in the 1960s, when it was played mainly on kitchen tables and in smoky backrooms and Las Vegas casinos. With his cowboy hat and boots, Texas drawl and country wit, he became the public face of poker as he won major titles at a time when the game was rising to a multibillion-dollar mainstream business, first on television and then on the Internet.

“Slim used his name and face to promote poker in a way it had never been done before, and without Amarillo Slim, the poker world would likely not exist in the way we know it today,” Poker Player News said in its obituary.

Amarillo Slim won five times in World Series of Poker events, was elected to at least four gambling halls of fame and played poker with Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon, the drug lord Pablo Escobar and the magazine publisher Larry Flynt, who dropped $1.7 million.

His wagers that had nothing to with poker garnered just as much attention. He once bet the 1939 Wimbledon tennis champion Bobby Riggs that he could beat him at table tennis as long as he, Amarillo Slim, picked the rackets, then showed up with iron skillets — with which he had spent months practicing. He then bet a syndicate of Tennessee gamblers that he could beat a world table tennis champion.

The champion practiced with a skillet, only to find that Amarillo Slim had changed weapons. He showed up with a pair of empty Coke bottles and won handily.

He said he won $300,000 from Willie Nelson playing dominoes. He bet on which sugar cube a fly would land on.

Amarillo Slim’s gift for colorful patois was legendary. When asked if he could bluff his way to victory with a bad hand, he said, “Is fat meat greasy?” He then offered the thought that most people who play poker “don’t have the guts of an earthworm.”

He was just as uncharitable to individual opponents. One “couldn’t track an elephant through four feet of snow”; another “had as good a chance of beating me as getting a French kiss out of the Statue of Liberty.”

He liked to say that he had been so skinny as a child, he had to get out of the bathtub before he pulled the plug. As an adult, he was 6 feet 4 inches and 170 pounds.

Thomas Preston was born in Johnson, Ark., on New Year’s Eve 1928. His family moved to Turkey, Tex., nine months later. His father was a car salesman, and the family moved frequently between Arkansas and Amarillo. His memory could astound: he memorized the United States Constitution and could remember a license plate 15 years later.

After picking up snooker, the billiards game popularized by the British, he was soon hustling in pool halls in the Mexican part of Amarillo. In 1945, he enlisted in the Navy and entertained sailors with pool exhibitions. He said he had made $100,000 from a bookmaking business he ran while in the Navy. After returning to Amarillo, he said, he grew bored and enlisted in the Army. Stationed in Europe, he developed a large black-market business that included selling thousands of Mickey Mouse watches to Russian soldiers.

Mr. Preston spent most of the 1950s hustling pool. Some stories have it that he took his pseudonym after playing matches with Minnesota Fats. He enhanced his hustles by learning to play the bumpkin.

Eventually, his reputation at pool spread so widely that Amarillo Slim thought he had to switch businesses, so he turned to engaging in illegal bookmaking in the winter and traveling around Texas in the summer playing poker. When the World Series of Poker was first played in Las Vegas in 1970, he was there. The handful of competitors played his favorite game, hold ’em. He ultimately won more than $500,000 in tournament play and was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1992.

He was free with advice. Poker players, he said, should concentrate on their opponents more than on the cards, watching their eyes and ignoring their words. (His giant Stetson obscured his own eyes.) Most critical, he advised, was to be able to quit a loser.

Amarillo Slim’s reputation was tarnished in 2003 when he was accused of touching a granddaughter inappropriately and charged with multiple accounts of indecency to a child, a felony. In a deal with prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault charges. But he professed his innocence, saying he had accepted the plea deal to protect his family from the embarrassment of a public trial.

His marriage to Helen E. Byler ended in divorce. In addition to his son Thomas, he is survived by another son, Tod; a daughter, Rebecca Ruth Deane; seven grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Younger poker players more scientific about the game have eclipsed Amarillo Slim, but none beat his pithiness.

“I like you, son,” he once said, “but I’ll put a rattlesnake in your pocket and ask you for a match.”

February, 2012
02/17/12 - Two things for todays blog. In case you missed the fun, Jonathan Duhamels assailants were captured and one of the captured was his former girlfriend. She basically set up him and ripped him off.

On the flip side of abusive girlfriends who heard that whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine also comes Jason Somerville who is doing great this year at live poker after having his mainstay for online poker ripped out from under him by our government. Why is so important we talk about Jason. Well, Jason did something I think 10% of the poker population hasn't done other then Vanessa Selbst and that's come out as gay. Considering how much of a male dominated game/sport Poker is, and considering how much gay bashing goes on at almost any poker table you can play at, Jason Somerville took a step forward and said, "Hey, I'm Gay". I can't think of another open male Gay professional poker player, so for comfortable in his shell, congrats to Jason and we wish him nothing but the best. You'd think at this point in time, no one really cares if someone is gay or not. Each his own and that. (Really, who cares. Just win tournaments or come in 2nd to me in one).

December, 2011
12/21/11 - Our best wishes to Jonathan Duhamel, the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event winner. He recently went through a home invasion and was attacked. I remember Joseph Hachem talking about this type of thing when he moved his family to a gated community after winning the World Series of Poker Main event back in 2005. It makes you a target. Duhamel was assaulted and wounded. Police are investigating.

12/8/11 - Nothing huge to report. With online poker down and dirty, it's been a boring year in tournament play as far as I'm concerned. The World Series of Poker announced will have a bracelet for a $1,000,000 buy in event. So far 22 people have committed to buying in for that one million dollars and I'll assume another 20 will join in. Part of the event benefits charity but the price pool is so large the first place finisher will jump right to the top of the Cardplayer ratings list as the biggest money winner. In other news, The Game Show Network has chopped High Stakes Poker from it's roster. With Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars out of the country, the funding for that goes away as does most of the pros that played for Full Tilt Poker or Ultimate Bet.

October, 2011
10/6/11 - Its amazing to me just how when one door closes, five more open. First, the Borgata Fall Open is coming up in November. Sponsors are welcome. Just contact me and we'll talk.

My Hewlett Packard and Lexmark service repair business is doing well, Fellowes Shredder repair is doing fine, but what is more interesting is the amount of people calling me to help them monitize their record collections. People think that because dealers only pay 10 to 25 cents per record, that its the only game in town. Well, I'm hear to tell you, it isn't the only game in town. Case in point was a customer that asked for an appraisal of their record collection. I thought the collection was in the high five figures. When I asked if any dealers had looked at the collection, he stated three had and all had offered around $1000.00 for about 10,000 pieces including CD's, Import Records, Beatles, Punk and some alternative records. The collection had belonged to a family member. I suggested that I accept the collection on consignment and do the best I can with it. We're off to a flying start, I have to tell you. My favorite piece so far was a Beatles Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs box set that sold for $750.00 dollars. If you have a rare collection of music items, awards, test pressings, acetates and the like and you want to have them appraised or sold for you, it pays to contact me.

August, 2011
8/11/11 - I'm getting ready to fire up my Wordpress site. After writing about poker for the last 7 years, I guess an update to the site is due. Since online poker is dead for now, I thought about playing more live poker down in Atlantic City. I've got a few customers for my printer repair business in South Jersey, so if I get a service call to fix a laser printer, I stop in at the Borgata and buy into the cheap tournaments. Well, out of six games so far, I've cashed 3 times and final tabled 2 of the cashes. While it sounds amazing, the crowds in the nightly games are almost like home games with most events getting between 40 and 300 people and unless you come in 1st or 2nd, any cash just pays you back and gives you some dinner money :> but it beats losing.

Came across a video from A. Samuels I'll recommend everyone watch.. Samuels is a Atlantic City 55 year old casino executive who probably lost a prop bet and made this video. Still, it's pretty well done and we hope it goes viral for the guy.

July, 2011
7/2/11 - You have to love the Micros. Enjoy:

May, 2011
5/21/11 Landry's buys Trumps Marina so we'll see another poker room open in AC soon. I haven't played a tournament since Black Friday. There are a series of big events coming up in June at the Borgata that I'll accept investors/backers for and the Main Event is in July. Events start around $350.00 and run up to $2700. Otherwise, I'm supporting my Printer and Shredder business as always. Regards to everyone. Hope you are doing well.

April, 2011
4/15/11 Well, at least my sons soccer team is winning. Nothing going on the last few months. Now a couple of guys can't sit down at a cheap game of poker online as PokerStars is refusing USA players and I'm sure Full Tilt Poker will soon join the fray. I'm still available to play live events so be sure to contact me for terms and conditions.

February, 2011
2/27/11 - Donked out of the Sunday Millie. Not really my fault since I missed 90% of my good hands, tossed AA on what I'm sure was two pair or a set, got down to 10 blinds and shoved a/q under the gun only to run into AA and good measure the button wakes up with a/k and donates everything to the AA also. Min cashed the 300K Guarantee coming in 850 out of 7200 players losing with my favorite hand again, A/Q off but getting called with 44 for 50% of the guys stack. I get a little love on the turn when the board pairs so any other pair, an A or a Q wins but bricked that one. And now I hear that my favorite player Tony G won't be in the NBC Heads Up Championship this year. How does Emmitt Smith get a free invite (and Emmitt can't play at all, really!! Nice guy but he'll tell you his game isn't poker)(You can ask how I know that later). But Dwyte Pilgrim will be in and at least Dwyte can play like almost no one else. If you don't know Dwyte, look him up. Huge amount of cashes in the WSOPC's and took down a Borgata WPT event (which hopefully will be broadcast soon).

2/16/11 I got pretty sick for the last two months and had to slow down my playing of long tournaments. I had some serious ear infections, nasel, and the lung issues where I would just cough and cough. Nothing seemed to help until my doctor gave me some antibotics. Even then, it took another 3 weeks to wind down. I'm assuming it runs hand in hand with my Diabetes but I'm glad I'm at the tail end of things. I have been playing for a few backers, no big scores and running a bankroll event on Chipmeup that has me playing something like 125 small tournaments so far, final tabling a few of them (which isn't the worst thing in the world) but not getting over the hub that is required in the terms and conditions I set forth. The backers are fine with me trying as long as I don't bust the bankroll which every time I get close to doing, I final table another event and get to start over. I'm assuming I'll crush one at some point and end it, but I just wish it was sooner rather then later. All the events are short so just sitting here while leaving a poker window open and following up on emails was possible.

Recordweb Communications is constant. Neither up nor down but it needs to go up of course. Appraisals for record collections are picking up with more and more people realizing that sometimes donating their collection to a nonprofit radio station or 501(c)3 charity makes more sense then wholesaling the collection, my Fellowes shredder repair business is steady, Laser Printer Repairs is down as more and more companies move toward a copier model and less printers in the office but on the other hand, people are tired of paying full retail for toner cartridges and are starting to buy compatibles that I guaranteed 100% not to break their machines and save them $75.00 to $200.00 per cartridge over OEM. Record Search sales are minimal just because the market is flooded with records and you can get anything you want on Ebay for a few bucks. It's amazing to watch people wholesaling their record collections for 10 or 20 cents a record but thats what the market is bringing because of that flood. Food and rent mean more then records at this point. People have records but no turntables or their needle broke and they can't find needles easily or cheaply. Besides, you can download all the major tunes off Itunes so who needs vinyl. My buying of domain names has increased now that I have a partnership with a parking company but that just pays for the names but I think as the economy picks up, I'll start to see a slow increase in click traffic. I've been buying a lot of domain names for $5.00 to $10.00 on Ebay. You've almost got the same issues in domain names as people don't know how to set up parking pages or monitize their domain names and are selling them at Godaddy prices. I won't get rich off owning domain names but its a hobby that pays for itself at least and it's fun to say I'm a media publisher. Now I just need advertisers. :>

Hopefully some good news will come along. In the meantime, I'm going to keep working towards good things in my life and my family. Hey, Matthew got two strips on his white belt in Karate and he seems more and more serious about it. Today they had matchups in a throwing contest(nothing rough, they had to move their opponent either down or out of a circle) and he went 1 for 2. He was so happy for that one win. It makes a fathers heart proud. Everyone else is healthy and healthy is number one these days. The kids are doing well in school. Debra is working from home answering the phones and keeping things in order while I do everything else. We wish you all the best in 2011 and hope we'll make it out for one more try at the brass ring in July.

November / December 2010
12/19/10 - Getting close to the end of the year. Had a featured 20 questions on which some people seem to take well and others not so well. All were vocal and if nothing else, opinionated as always. For todays games, a total wash out in the events I played in. Love those good hands that blow up on the river. Ran KK into AA to blow me up in one. KK vs A/K all in preflop and an Ace on the flop kills another. Pretty much ran that way all day. For the year, I've also spent more time working on my other projects and companies and focusing on events that pay off well if we run deep. There is just so much business out there, you just have to know where to look. Thanks to all the investors and all the support this year. The last 120 days on Stars didn't end poorly. Over on Full Tilt Poker, we ended in the black over all for 2010. I won't be playing on the 26th. Since it's my 53rd Bday, the wife wants to have family over and celibrate. So here is wishing you and your families the best.

11/07/10 - 42nd out of 8260 2010 Poker Stars Sunday Millions. Bitch is all I have to say. So close.

October 2010

10/03/10 - 71st out of 7600 2010 Poker Stars Sunday Millions. - Bitch is all I have to say.

September 2010

9/6/2010 - Cashing here and there. Nothing major that makes me scream and shout. I did pick up a private staking deal and again, I'm cashing in events but losing to amazing runner runner killers when I'm hugely ahead. I guess at some point, they'll hold and I'll go all the way. The backers are happy which is what counts. They offer training and support also but so far, they keep telling me, just keep playing the way I'm playing. Guess thats as good as it gets.

We're about to be serious gym and soccer parents. My son will start having soccer 3 days a week and my daughter was invited to try out for the advanced gymanstics team and it's amazing what these 5 and 6 year olds are doing. Nice to be young and flexible.

Got to watch the barking idiot at the World Series of poker on Espn. Just like I remembered it. Barker was just to my right at the next table. As he said, "I did it for the cameras". Way to easy!!

July 2010

7/13/2010 - 1700 out of 7300 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event #57 - Back from Vegas - Pretty much a waste of time for me. Day one of the Main Event, I went to 60K pretty quick when I got paid off with a full house and a flush on another hand. Got knocked back to 40 when guy hits his straight on the river when I hit two pair and bet him to the river. Day 2B saw me getting no hands and sitting on a aggressive table with 4 Agros to my left and 4 tight players to my right. Every time I'd raise, I'd get reraised and then they'd get reraised. We almost never saw a flop. I finally got moved to a table later in the night and caught a set and doubled up to 50K to end Day 2B. Day 3, in 6 hours, the best hands I saw were QQ where I got no action, represented a flush on the turn and bluffed a pot and 88 twice that missed their sets and other players had overs that hit and weren't going anywhere. The final round of the day found me down to 9 Big blinds. I'm on the button and shove pocket fours and run into pocket 8's in the small blind and pocket Queens in the big blind and that ends this years shot at the 2010 World Series of Poker Event #57, the Main Event.

7/5/10 - Hope everyone had a great holiday. I spent my time with my family and in-laws by the pool. We had double cakes for the children for their birthdays and at 98 degrees, it was important to light the candles on the ice cream cake and cut and eat it before it melted. The water was great and cooled everyone down. We had Neumans from 85 years of age down to 5 years of age.

I'm heading out to Vegas tomorrow for the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event. At the last minute, one of my investors took the plunge, and ponied up the money for me to play a satellite off of Full Tilt Poker and I won my entry to the Main Event. Out of about 500 players, the top 26 players moved on. Two land mines during the event was having another player with q/k vs my A/K and the flop was J/Q/K. Really should have tossed this away as he started raising me but I hit my out on the river for the ace almost crippling the other guy. Had an agro very early in the event go all in on the river with air against my two pair with a flush on the table. I picked that off correctly and doubled up. At one point, I was top 5 in chips which is normally enough to push you over to a ticket without playing another hand. I pick up QQ raised and get reraised by someone I percieved as tight and again, since I think I'm there and don't need to play the hand (which of course comes to mind, why play the hands at all but the drive to play big hands kicks in sometimes)and I lay the hand down. The other player flashes KK. That one hand almost cost me the win as I get down to 28 players and don't see any big hands after that one for another hour and I start blinding down. I can see it's going to be close on if I'll make it or not by not playing another hand but I get down to one big blind with J/9 after getting shoved at each round by the button. Finally, I'm in the big blind, I either hit this hand or get knocked out and the button puts me all in and I call hoping I have live cards. The other player has a/j and I'm drawing to very little other then flopping the 9. I flop the 9! and fade the Ace. I move up to about 23 in chips, two other players blind out and I win the ticket. See you in Las Vegas.

June 2010

6/13/2010 - 253 out of 7000 Poker Stars Sunday Millions. - Another long run into the Millions. At one point, I was 30 big blinds deep. Lost two flips or thought I was ahead on the river when I was behind. Didn't bust on those hands but made it harder to get ahead. Shoved my Small Blind with a/3 off suit and BB wakes up with A/Q suited and hits a full house by the river. Maybe next week.

6/4/2010 - Hey guys, hope everyone is well. Got something nice here. Three deals. Looking for an investor for this weekend. $860.00 for the Poker Stars and Full Tilt Majors. 4 events and first prizes are between $25000 and $200,000. Backers get 60% of anything I win. Call me at 848-333-8899 to confirm you are sending via Money Gram or Western Union transfer and I'll play it for you on Sunday. 2nd, Looking for one investor for the Ultimate Bet Satellite to the World Series of Poker Main Event. I still haven't won a satellite so UB is offering 25 free entries for $530.00. Same deal as above. Investor gets 60% of anything I win. Either the $12K if I win the satellite OR I play at the main event for you. You will receive a contract for the deal.

Also, with the World Series of Poker Running, this takes out 2000 good players that are in Vegas. This gives you a much better chance of making money in this investment.

Private investor(s) to back players in the 2010 Borgata Summer Open. Event runs from June 11th, 2010 to June 30th, 2010. Events costs between $210.00 and $2200.

I'm featuring three players (yes, including myself) that have won from six figures to seven figures in the past in total in their tournament play or have won World Series of Poker sanctioned events. Full disclosure. Back one, two or all 22 events. The more events you back, the more the players can make for you. All players must pay back your funds first before they can show a profit. Example, You give one of the players $5000.00 to play most of these events. The player needs to make more then $5000.00 before there is a split in profits. The first $5000.00 goes back to you. Investors receive 50% on all winnings. Email your name and phone number and we'll have a representative call you back for the players. Easy research on all players available. The Borgata Summer Open main event is worth $500,000 GTD and will return between $100,000 and $200,000 to the first place winner. The top 10% in the field will make something more then they put in regardless. Cost for the main event is $2200.00 per player. The Borgata events are considered to be one of the best events for a tournament poker player to play. Deep stacks and long rounds make this one of the best events to play. Better deals then the World Series of Poker because the Borgata gives you double the starting chips so you can play more hands and get more action.

Come down to the Borgata and watch your player play.It's not about the fun(sure it's fun), it's about the money and our players want the chance to work for you and make you big money!

All players have either won live events or final tabled World Series of Poker / World Poker tour sanctioned live events.

You do not have to be at the Borgata to invest in the player. We handle everything. You will receive a contract for your investment.

May 2010

5/5/2010 First time in a long time I didn't cash in the FTOPS events and yet, I took down a smaller 135 man tournament on FTP so that brings my final table finishes up to 87!! I had run a 8 game combo to satellite into the Full Tilt Poker FTOPS series and I had good results winning satellites in 3 out of 8 games and playing two extra and winning the last of the two. I'm trying to do the same thing on Poker Stars for their SCOOP events, so far out of 14 games, I've cash twice, no satellite wins and some horrible beats while getting it in better then average by a mile. Still a bunch of games to go, hopefully, I'll keep getting it in good and they'll hold to move forward.

Matthew is graduating kindergarden. He gets full caps and gowns for the graduation so I couldn't be prouder of my son. My daughter is excelling in sports as is my son so again, I'm glad I'm part of the Daddy club.

March 2010

3/7/2010 - 14th out of 4180 Full Tilt Poker's $750K NL Texas Holdem Guaranteed - I was So close, I could taste it. One of the nice times where most of your coin flip decisions hold across most of the tournament. Every poker players dream. Only sucked out once the entire night, got a great run of cards and better, got paid off on them. My Only suckout was a/q vs a/k and a Q on the flop and all low cards clears me of that problem. Got down to the final 14 and got q/k suited and another player shoves with a/j. With 10 BB's left, I went for it and flopped a flush draw for the clubs and still had overs but missed. The investors did pretty well on this event.

Feb 2010

1/18/2010 18 out of 420 Full Tilt Poker FTOPS Series XV #19 Stud. I don't get to play stud a lot in tournaments. This was a lot of fun. Got hands all night and very early in the event, I ran out in front that just carried me all the way to 18th place and another cash in a FTOPS.

Jan 2010

1/27/10 - 1st out of 1369 Nightly 25K on Poker Stars. We got down to 4, chopped the pot up and then just went all in a few times to end it.

1/7/10 - 10th out of 2265 Full Tilt Poker's Midnight Madness NL Texas Holdem

1/5/10 - Two things. Readers Digest used me as a reference in their December 2009 issue as a music appraiser expert. Nice to get the reference and thanks Readers Digest. Also, I had played in the Double Deuce on FTP on Sunday. We have over 11000 players in the game and I made it down to 104 players coming in the top 99% of the players. AlCantHang was nice enough to mention my name in his weekly Full Tilt Poker Blog. Thanks Al.

November 2009

11/22/09 - Min cashes in the Full Tilt Poker 750K, had a nice start in the Stars Horse event that feel apart and got killed in the Stars Sunday Million when I called a flopped set against a shoved turn to me with a flush draw (and I knew he had the flush draw but I'm the big favorite) but he got there and out. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Enjoy your familes. Hug and kiss them if they deserve it. Handshakes and "hello Father, Hello Mother" if not.

11/20/09 - 2nd out of 1557 Poker Stars Nightly $55.00 $70K Guaranteed NL Holdem - How happy can I be for this one, my 85th final table finish. Stars had a sense of humor as I go out with three 7's against a rivered full house.

11/20/09 - 8th place out of 1336 Poker Stars Nightly 27.50 $25K Guaranteed NL Holdem. Anyone for another final table.

11/15/09 - 56th out of 9832 FTP FTOPS#24 Knockout. Sorry I haven't written in a while. I wasn't happy here from my result, I wanted the final table but looking back, I also didn't know we had this many people either. I signed up early for it and never looked at the 9832 people that were also in this event. I didn't. I only cared about making the final table which I didn't get. I did knock 5 players out of the event. My goal of course wasn't to knock any players out. I wasn't looking to risk my stack for a $20.00 knock out when a $150K prize was in front of you. But I did go after the short stacks when I had chips. I raise 2000 chips. Short stack shoves for $3000, I'm priced in to call and I was getting pretty lucky with random 2 cards. One guy even wrote me and said, "you raised with 2/5 off and knocked me out". Sure, short stacks are normally tight, unless they have a monster, they don't shove or call so my range opens a lot. Also, a lot of my flips held up, I was playing down to the river a lot rather then giving up on a missed flop just in case other players were just putting 2nd bets. The most surprising thing I was doing and getting results was min raising players or 3 betting then if I thought they were weak from watching them repeatly doing the same thing through the tournament. I'm not sure how someone playing 8 games at once will catch on to this type of tell and if you do play 8 games consider this in the future. mentioned my run and thanks for the rail. The backers made a few dollars also. I did cash in 3 of the 5 FTOPS I played in. All my events were stakeback if I'm correct so any cash, the backer made money. At the least, if I cashed, I paid the staker back his share of his stake. I think the last time I played FTOPS, I bubbled one of the 6 I played, misplayed another one that cost me a cash and never got going in the others. One thing I like about is the conversation we as players have. I don't see us looking to tear each other up but rather help each other grow in our sport. This is something I don't see a lot of on other staking sites.

The month of November seems to see a change in my style or consist of changing of my style to suit the tables and players and the results and cashes are starting to add up. I'm playing more SNG's also and seeing a positive ROI for those also. Still a ways to go to where I'm happy with my play (and I'm hard on myself regardless) but good to see progress. Shoutouts to Nomaddman, LilPokerGirlie, Telefonkiosk, Mttsmasher, Fooge (always behind you Fooge), Craiggray, Thomas Bihl who didn't get mentioned but cashed a lot in the FTOPS and final tabled a non FTOPS HORSE event. I got to watch his events and he played solid but sometimes the cards don't go your way even with the best hand and he had the best hand almost everytime. Rwestover was a big support. If I didn't mention your name, with over 100 active players at, everyone was pulling for all players on FTOPS.

September 2009

9/27/09 - 64 out of 4004 Full Tilt Poker 750K Guaranteed NL Holdem. Got coolered at the end with QQ against KK.


99/9/09 - 34 out of 1517 - Poker Stars 25K Guaranteed NL Holdem - Another deep run. Aces got cracked and then a/9 falls to q/7 off.

9/6/09 - 112 out of 3559 - Poker Stars 40K Guaranteed NL Holdem - Ran very very well and then lost a toss with 66 against k/j suited. Guy turns a straight. Then shove with K/8 short and run into a/q and miss.

August 2009

8/28/09 - While going back over some WickChopsPoker blogs, I came across a list of the either best or worst songs written about poker. Feel free to click and either enjoy or toss your cookies.

Poker Face by Lady GaGa
The Poker Rap by DudeMan
All In 2007 WSOP Rap
The Poker Song
The Donkey Song
Poker Is Fun by Prahlad Friedman
The Gambler by Kenny Rogers
My Vibrator by Isabelle Mercier
Chocolate Rain (Remix) by Devilfish

8/26/09 - Nice. I got TV time on ESPN for the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event. My thought was to put stickers on the back of the hat I was wearing in case I got a camera from the back. I did get a 6 second shot on Day 1D of ESPN's broadcast. Side profile and back of hat and front of shirt. In HD, it comes through just fine. ESPN Main Event 1D Time this out to 8:05 minutes and seconds.

8/23/09 Got a nice letter from Senator Robert Menendez


Dear Mr. Neuman:


Thank you for contacting me to express your support for establishing a legitimate online poker and games of skill industry.  Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this crucial matter.


You will be pleased to know that I introduced S. 1597, the Internet Poker and Games of Skill Regulation, Protection and Enforcement Act, which would allow federally-regulated online poker and other games of skill.  This legislation would establish new licensing requirements and strict regulations for the operation of internet skill gaming facilities.  This bill would require a thorough vetting process for potential licensees, utilize technology to protect against underage gambling and those with excessive gaming habits, regulate against money laundering and fraud, and establish a process to prevent tax avoidance.  This is particularly critical since Americans represent the largest percentage of Internet poker players around the world.


As you may know, Congress quietly passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006 as an amendment to a Port Security bill.  This legislation essentially prohibits online poker and other games of skill.  UIGEA was instituted to impose civil and criminal penalties for the acceptance of monetary compensation by players engaged in any unlawful Internet gambling.  In addition, this legislation prohibits financial institutions from processing payments made to gambling entities.  Despite these regulations put in place by the UIGEA, there are still approximately one million individuals participating in Internet poker or other games of skill at any one time and are using less than reputable companies.  This legislation has been ineffective in properly regulating online gaming and protecting Americans who participate in these activities.  Please rest assured that I will continue to work with my colleagues in the Senate to bring about clarity to our online gaming laws.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.  I appreciate your support.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of more assistance.  You may also visit my website to learn of other important issues in New Jersey.



8/14/09 - 6th out of 256 - Poker Stars PL Omaha H/L - Finally, another final table in Omaha. $11r game with a $5K guaranteed that went to a whoooping $7600.00. Decent game. I was leading most of the night till my flopped set lost to a turned straight and then it was down hill from there. Out in the next five hands.

8/5/09 - From Poker Players International: Lock Poker signs pros:
Lock Poker has announced the signing of seven pros, highlighted by Poker Pages blogger and WSOP bracelet winner Jason Young and 2007 Main Event final tabler Lee Childs. Online and live tournament veteran Eric 'Rizen' Lynch was also announced as VP of Product Development.

"One of the most exciting aspects and driving forces behind me joining Lock Poker was getting an opportunity to have an impact on the business direction of the company," said Lynch. "Accepting the position of VP of Product Development will allow me to really create the room for the player."

Joining the aformentioned trio in the Lock Poker stable are pros Mike 'GoLeafsGoEh' Leah, Matt 'AllInat420' Stout, Joe 'JoeytheB' Brooks, Kyle 'kwob20' Bowker and Jonathan Jaffe. Each of the new Lock Poker pros, as well as Lynch, are represented by Poker Players International (PPI), the world's largest poker agency.

Current Results as of March 2009

March 2009


3/25/09 - 1st out of 95 Full Tilt Poker's TheMookie/Riverchasers event. The game lasted 4 hours. Since I also work for Poker Players International, I've been playing the Riverchasers events to try and satellite into a Main event ticket. PPI sponsors one of the days. Most of the players seemed to be bloggers but I've seen Joey Brooks play these $10/$24 dollar events. Dr Pauly was playing tonight who is an extremely good blogger and player in his own right. In fact, most of the players there tonight would probably rate in the 7+ scale, so no easy pickings. I did get a nice run of cards though, plus some nice suck outs and my bluffs were working a lot. I was raising the blinds almost every orbit and then using continuation bets to take them down completely. I was getting little or no resistance. Early in the event, I was chip leader, then went all the way backwards to last with 20 players left and then rocketed back up. I've cashed or FT'ed these event twice so far out of 4 tries so winning one just is the icing on the cake. In addition to some cash, I also get a free roll for the main event ticket on FTP at the end of April. This event shouldn't have a lot of players so it will be interesting to see if I can be patient and take it down. This was also the night where I allowed 4 viewers or backers from to watch my game at the final table. We were using a software program called that allows you to share workspace on your computer or just allow people to view your desktop for presentations. I like the software and it's been getting better and better over the last two years. So, four of the stakers in my normal events got to watch me play this event. The reaction was very positive and I'll hope to use it again in the future for some select backers.

3/24/09 - 116 out of 2000 Poker Stars 70K Rebuy Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem Tournament. I was running well till my AQ ran into a raised Ak. I was probably a little two LAG on that hand but it had been working all night for me. No reason to change it plus I was 40% of average and 11 M's so I'm shoving.

3/15/09 - 135 out of 5100 Poker Stars 40K Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem Tournament. I'm just having a nice month of cashes. Nothing huge but I'm moving forward in my game and getting better and it's starting to show in my results.

3/15/09 - 450 out of 8001 Poker Stars $1.5 Million dollar guaranteed NL Texas Holdem tournament

3/13/09 - 15 out of 1386 Poker Stars $70K guaranteed NL Texas Holdem

3/13/09 = 58th out of 2088 Poker Stars $80K guaranteed NL Texas Holdem $11.00 Rebuy

3/8/09 - 1151 out of 8118 The Poker Stars Sunday Millions. The event guarantees the winner about 200K out of a total of $1.6 million dollars in prizes. I never got hands and was running around 4K in chips to 6k in chips for most of the game. I finally get QQ and watch a raise and reraise and I'm think, Stars is up to it's old tricks and I toss it. The very next hand, I'm two from the button and I get QQ again and I double on a shove. I steal the blinds and antes with a 22 3 from the button and then I get QQ again. With 18K in chips, I'm still not at chip average at 40K so I'm like, raise to 5 times the blind, set a trap and if someone shoves or calls, you still have outs or probably the best hand. I get what I want with a a/6 suited shove for 9K. I call of course, and watch a "A" hit the flop. Freak.... That was about the last good hand I had. Next orbit, I raise the blinds and have one person shoves after me and I toss it. I'm 150 from cashing for the backers from I count my remaining chips and I slow down a little and have some of the guys at my table play a few hands, I'll either bubble or just make it into the money. It will be ultra close either way. I catch some luck. I move twice during the game and land in the small blind or close each time missing blinds and antes. Then the guys at my table start slowing down during their play. I'm down to 283 chips and my next hand, I'll be out. My table slows down on more time at the bubble and watch player after player go out on the bubble. I cash 19 below the bubble. I win $3.25 for each share holder for a 50% increase in their outlay. Nothing to scream about but it does give the shareholders another shot at the Million next Sunday and a free roll for a $30K or $40K game if they want it. Most said, let it roll. The story continues.

3/2/09 - 8th out of 82 - Another final table finish and I only put this down because of the caliber of players. This was the Poker Players International / RiverChasers Tournament NL Texas Holdem. It's a weekly event and you've got some top game players here only playing because of PPI.

Feb 2009


2/28/09 - 36 out of 1385 Poker Stars 70K Guaranteed NL Holdem

2/22/09 - 129 out of 8800 Poker Stars Sunday Millions

2/8/09 - 132 out of 5600 Full Tilt Poker's FTOPS Event #10 NL Texas Holdem.

2/1/09 - 527 out of 26364 Poker Stars 200K Guaranteed. Tonight it went to $263K. Had a great game and my AA's ran into J's and lost on a set. Happens. That one pretty much killed me off. I cashed but nothing huge. Maybe next week.

January 2009


I never got to show you guys this but I hope you enjoy it. It's from my trip to Vegas for the Main Event. I was gifted with a great seat and had the pleasure of watching a work of art in poker

1/25/08 - 480 out of 1017 - Borgata Winter Poker Open Event 14 - Busted out. I played for a total of 17 hours. Had some nice hands early and ran it up to 80K, then lost a decent hand with a/q against k/q when the other player chased a cut shot straight on a mixed board to a turned flush possiblity and then hit the flush. He bet out 20K into a 20K pot and I'm looking at him going, you didn't hit your flush, did you??? You back doored a flush? He just smiles at me and tells me to lay my hand down. Ok, I'm going to lay it down only because we've been talking for 11 hours now at the same table but show me??? He says yes, I lay it down and turns over the flush.

Lost another few small pots and back down to 34K on the first day. Now, 34K in a deep stack with the blinds 600/1200 doesn't really get me worried. Day two, I'm at aggressive table but a true table. What I mean by that is when they are raising, they are raising premium hands. Syracuse is there and two more I know and we're off. I lose a/q to a/j on a chased flush again and I'm not betting light here folks. I check down a a/q on a rivered a with 4 limpers and lose to a/3, two pair. Guy was waiting for players to bet. I'm just not getting hands and move down below 10K when I get a/q and shove all in after one raiser. He thinks for a minute and calls with k/q and I double up. Then I get KK against a/q on a short stack myself and double up again. Lose two more hands that I was right to lay down, and then get a/k with 18K and the blinds 1000/2000 200 antes. One raiser under the gun and I'm like either toss it or shove it, so I shove it and he has qq and we're off to the races. But my horse came up short with a bad leg and I'm out of the 2009 Borgata Winter Open.

1/22/08 - 81 Out of 890 - Borgata Winter Poker Open Event 9 - Cashed

1/13/08 - 34 out of 360 - Poker Stars Pot Limit Omaha $5000 Guaranteed

1/11/08 - 767 out of 8268 - PokerStars Nightly 1.5 million Guaranteed. Lasted about 4 hours. Lost with A/K against QQ and A/K against JJ against A/Q. A/Q won that one. Had sponsors via This was also a Mystery Poker Box event. The box does get something put in it and it does not become an empty box.

1/8/08 - 74th out of 1493 - PokerStars Nightly 70K Guaranteed - Cashed - Had sponsors via

1/3/08 - 79th out of 1593 - PokerStars Nightly 70K Guaranteed. - Cashed. Had sponsors for this one.

December 2008


12/15/08 - 51st out of 589 - Cashed - Borgata Deep Stack. We started with 25K in chips and the blinds where 25/50 to start with 45 minute rounds. Lets play some poker. I lasted late into day two of this three day event. My final hand, I missed a race. I can't win all my races, I finished in the money at 51st place which just cashes me since the Borgata pays the top 54 players. This was a sponsored tournament. I never got big hands. All hands I tried to make plays on, the other players amazingly showed me their hands. Each time, I was right to lay it down. Getting down to 51st place was tough and I never had more then 100K in chips. I shoved with A/Q for 7 times the big blind and ran into the big blind with JJ and of course, he was also the chip leader. This time, no miracles and my tournament was at risk at least 7 times with all ins with the blinds 6K/12K and 1000 antes. I'm not an all in player. I really think most times, you don't need it and I never used it unless I was ahead in the hand or it was a flip and even then I'm putting pressure on the other player. One hand today that was just great is hitting a set on the turn (2's) because no one bet the flop and getting one other player to call me with a 6 only after I completely talked him into calling me by mentioning I didn't have a ace and I hit the 6 also. Why he called, I don't have a clue but the board was Ace, two, three, six and I had limped in the small blind. He just talked himself into it and it really was funny. Went all in QQ at one point also and got called by JJ to double up. All in all, I was happy with my play. Other then A/K twice, Aces on the first day that I got paid off on, 10's and the Q's that I doubled on. I had no monster hands to play.

I was sponsored as I mentioned and paid all sponsors off.

12/10/08 - 23rd out of 1971 - Pokerstars 80K guaranteed NL Texas Holdem. This was a rebuy with 7400 buy ins. I was just getting some great cards tonight. Finally had to shove into Jcamby33 (James Campbell) when I had the Button and ran into A/J against my A/3. Flopped a straight draw, turn paired the board and I've got a lot of outs but miss. Another very deep finish.

12/8/08 -

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

The WBCOOP is an online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers.

Registration code: 834643

November 2008


11/28/08 - Another great night on Stars. Stayed at Level 2 of the steps twice in a row coming in 3rd place. I love Stars sense of humor. A/7 for one player, I get 44 and the other player gets 44. They work me down to zero on that one. I get knocked out of the rebuy event with KK against 10/10 when the other player rivers the 10. On to better things.

On Dec 7th, 2008, I'll be playing in the Borgata Winter Open Super Satellite in Atlantic City. The cost of this tournament is $1100.00. If I "PLACE" in this event, (I don't have to win it), I'll receive a free entry to play in the Jan 2009 Borgata Winter Open. First prize in that event is $300,000 give or take. In addition, if I place in the Super Satellite, I also win $16800 in cash. The deal is that you will join me down at the tournament to watch me play if you want to come. The cost for this to you is $1100.00. If I place in this tournament (and I've done it many times) you'll receive back $8400.00 plus you'll free roll with me in to the 2009 Borgata Winter Open Championship on Jan 25th - 29th, 2009. Anything I win in the Borgata Winter Open will also be split with you 50/50. The Borgata is a guaranteed $1 million dollar prize pool for the main event. If you pay the $1100.00 entry fee, you are my partner for the entire time of the event. 50/50. You can also get a few friends together and each kick in $220.00. How you get to the $1100.00 is up to you.

Payment can be made via to (You must put "Domain name Purchase" as the reason for the deposit) or you can send me cash, check or money order to Scott Neuman at the address below. First person to confirm will get to stake me. Call me at 848-333-8899 and then confirm via email.

All prizes will be after taxes.

11/23/08 - 720th out of 7600 players - PokerStars $1,000,000 Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem - Had a nice run. This is a deep stack tournament with $10K in chips and starting blinds at 25/50 and 15 minute rounds. For the first part of the tournament, I could pretty much raise at well and take blinds and antes. After two hours, I got moved to a more aggressive table and had to tighten down a little bit. I was chip average at that level and then took two big hits to my stacks and got knocked back down. Three all ins later close to the button each time let me win each hand. Lost two more big hands and finally got knocked out with Q/4 suited on a shove against 5/4 suited and of course, here comes that 5 on the flop...

11/17/08 - 18th out of 2304 players - PokerStars 80K Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem. Three days in a row and I'm running deep in this event. 18th place isn't bad. Went card dead about 22nd place. Did a lot of bluffing in this game and a lot of raising. Got some nice lay downs since the stories made sense. Got paid off on the hands that didn't make sense if you know what I mean. I'm probably going to take a rest tonight. These 5:00am mornings are starting to get to me.

11/16/08 - 5th place out of 2421 players - PokerStars 80K Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem. Made it down to 5th place and went card dead. Another nice run this week to my 79th final table finish.

11/14/08 - 11th out of 1359 - PokerStars 70K guaranteed Event - My 10/10 ran into J/J one to my left. Way it goes. Still, I had a hell of a run.

11/14/08 - I'm back. I mean it. I'm back from Las Vegas and the Main Event. It's been a long time since I blogged on my site and I felt I needed a little reason to blog and getting rivered every night just wasn't making it for me and for those of you that do watch me play, you know what I mean. Well, by a strange quirk of fate and the push of a good friend, I decided to go to Las Vegas for the Main Event and try to make something happen in my life via one of the domain names I own and one of my customers. I have this one customer that gave me a domain name to sell for him. It's called DENS.COM. My thought was to get a player to wear that patch or one of my other domain names and if just one player picked it up, the site would get a lot of hits and a decent amount of money would roll in for the customer that owns that name or from my own domain name based on past results on those same names. Alas, it was not to be. I came very close to getting a patch on a Main Event player but the timing just wasn't right. But when one has lemons, one should make lemonade. I got to make a huge pitcher of lemonade. Day one, a tool of God gives me a pass to watch the first day of one of the most exciting main events in decades as far as I'm concerned. Dennis Philips brings hundreds of friends and customers to see him play. They filled half the theater. Ylon Schwartz's friends start screaming out "No Rest till Brooklyn" and "Ship the Cheese" every time Ylon takes a hand. Kelly Kim comes in 8th place and picks up an additional $400K in prize money by just surviving. Darus plays a little too tight and just never becomes a factor. Dennis Philips almost becomes the first player to get knocked out as his aggressiveness comes back to bite him. Chino makes a horrible fast call and walks into Philips's pocket Q's against Chino's Pocket J's. Really, ESPN caught most of Day one very well. That night I got to play Chris Moneymaker and some other friends in a game of $1/$3 NL holdem that became PL Omaha every 9 hands. Chris is a decent guy and we had a great time playing low limit poker.

Day two comes along and God/Friend/Some one I met/ puts into motion a free pass into the pit area of the heads up play of Peter Westgate and Ivan Demidov. Basically, I asked, I was heard and I received. What a gift. I have to admit, I was feeling down about the trip but having a chance to see the heads up tournament play really turned me around in my outlook. The guys played their hearts out. It was the longest tournament in World Series of Poker history. It was the first time the tournament had reached the 1 million blinds mark. It crowned the youngest champion in Peter Eastgate which means we won't hear from Phil Helmuth anymore about Phil being the youngest winner.

Watching Day Two was even better. I got to relate and discuss poker with and to players that play this game at the highest levels. I met or see Jamie Gold, Chris Moneymaker as I mentioned, Barry Greenstein, Daniel N, Darus, Haved Kahn who just took down a million dollar event, Dennis Philips, Jeff Madsen, Stu Ungers wife and daughter and finally Harry Weiss. You'll have to look up what Harry is famous for but it's not poker and but it is what Vegas can be all about. As for the players, neither player talked much trying to not give any tells away but the card play easily outweighed that. What was terrible for the fans was to see ESPN edit the hours down to just the two last hands. The 2nd to last hand, Ivan tried a bluff that Peter Eastgate picked off leaving Ivan short stacked and you could just see the look on Ivans face. He looked tired and on tilt. The second hand was the trapper being coming the trapped as Ivan hits two pair and Peter hits a straight. It's all over as all the money goes into the middle and Peter is crowned the champ. I've got pictures and video. I'll probably post the pictures since everyone was taking pictures. The Videos will stay on my lap top for now.

After Ivan loses, he walks away from the Table and you can see me in the ESPN footage in the top bleachers behind Darus and Chris MoneyMaker.

The trip also gave me a fresh view on what my future might hold, both in poker and my future business interests and as I move forward, I'll talk more about it. It looks to be pretty exciting and I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing about it. I just have to line my ducks up for now. Feel free to watch me play and discuss my and other players games. Ask any questions you'd like. Thanks for the emails and interest. Keep in touch. Scott "Kickyourace" Neuman

September 2008


9/16/08 20th out of 899 - The Poker Stars Nightly Hundred Grand - Well, I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone. After the WPT, I was pretty wasted and just needed a rest. It was an interesting weekend for the World Poker Tour. I sold most of the shares for the Super Satellite. I lasted about 3 hours in the Satellite but finally had to push with A/J and ran into KK (again).

I did get to play Steve Dannamen. He was very drunk and lasted one level. I'm assuming he is sober now because he is doing well at the Borgata Open.

I then went up to my room in the Water Club to relax and watch the Plasma screen. At midnight, I play the $77.00 to enter $20K guarantee on Stars. I get done at 4:30 in the morning and make my 78th final table finish in 8th place.

Since I finished so deep in the 20K, I decided to play the $1000 to enter Event 14, Texas Holdem, No Limit. There were 202 players. I never got a lot of hands or connected on anything. None the less, I had two interesting hands and one that shot me to 46K when the chip average was 22K with 100 players left. I also told the wife that if I cashed this event, all the sponsors got an override on that event also. It just seemed fair.

I get 10/Q in the big blind suited to spades. The button likes to raise and the small blind likes to play pots and run to the river and take the hand away. I'm finding that he is out playing me and the only way to take that away is to catch a decent flop and shove and have him make a major decision for his chips. In this hand, the button does raise to 2200 with the blinds 400/800. We both call. The flop is 2/7/10 with two spades and I'm hitting top pair with the free roll on the flush. The small blind raises to 7000 in an aggressive manner. Really? You want me to go away that bad? I'm all in for 18K. He thinks for about 5 minute and calls me. He turns over 8/9 suited but not to the spades. He has a straight draw and I'm still ahead and having the flush draw. I hit the flush on the turn and take the hand.

I have to fold A/J, A/J and A/Q losing about 10K in chips. I get KK, raise and get one caller. A strong player that I know named Wayne. I'm first to act and he is on the button. The flop is Q/Q/J. I check to see if he has anything or to bet the Q and call. Check Check. Turn is the K. I'm not losing this hand. I check, he checks. Not normal for this guy and I'm sure I'm not getting paid off. The turn is a Ace. I bet out 7000. He folds turning over 9's.

That was the last hand I'll have for the night. I went totally card dead. Nothing I'll shove will hold up. I try to steal the blinds 3 times in a row. I have to fold each and every time and correctly might I add as the small blind and the big blind go all in each time. Back and forth, not knocking each other out as they swap chips.

I made it down to about 42nd place. They start paying at 27.

I want to thank all my sponsors for allowing me to play for them at the World Poker Tour Borgata Open. The US Poker Championships will be coming up next month and hopefully I'll be playing in this event again.

9/10/08 The Borgata Open events: Anyone down at the Borgata? Saw two people I knew but didn't get a chance to talk. I played in the $300 game the first day but just couldn't connect on anything. I then played the $250 super satellite yesterday for the $5000 game on Friday and just got no breathing room and all my good cards were in the first 5 minutes. Aces, no pay off on a light raise, K's, no pay off and then went card dead on a donkey table where laying down ones cards means killing your mother first it seems, so bluffing goes out the window.

I played the $200 second chance last night with about 220 players and had a great run and this time with no cards to speak off. I called a lot of raises to see flops and then took a lot of hands away. I love my Brimz glasses. For those of you that have seen them, they clip to my hat and I can see my cards perfectly below them but the flashing of the lenses stops anyone from seeing my face or eyes. It's a great cover job.

My read on the table(table 1) was great and for the most part, it was a tight table. A few players were over playing their hands for really odd reasons. One player said he wanted to steal the blinds so he shoves for 25 big blinds and gets two callers. One with A/K and the other with JJ. The original shover had a monster with A/3 off and of course, lost all his chips. He was only looking to steal 1200 chips. I never got AA, KK or QQ the entire game. But by playing position and watch my villains, I felt I was able to get decent reads and move ahead without cards or missed flops. Not a real donkey table and they can lay down hands to bluffs. My nice hand was a JJ hand where the flop was K/J/9 with two callers after I raise 1200 with the blinds 400/200. My raise did knock out a guy that had Q/10 but I'm last to act. I check the flop and a meaningless 3 hits the board. I bet out 2200 and everyone folds. I like that.

My worst hand or worst mistake, that took a lot of my chips was K/Q and I'm 3 off the big blind, one off limps for 2000 with the blinds 1000/2000. I probably should have raised here to 9000 but I call to see a flop. The limper by the way has been ultra aggressive and I'm worried he is playing a big pair and waiting for action. The flop is 3/10/J with two diamonds. He bets 3000 on the flop. I call for the straight draw with 22K behind. The turn brings another J and he checks and I bet 10K hoping to take the pot right now. I thinks for a minute and calls. The river makes the flush. He checks, I go to shove my last 12K in and as I do, he starts to reach for chips. Normally, I don't let that stop me but he has called down two other all ins on the river with weak holdings each time. I'm think low pair now, or he hit the flop. I check and he turns over Q/10 and tells me "You were going to shove weren't you?, I was calling". I completely believe him based on his previous play. This leaves me with 12K and the blinds move to 3000, 1500, 500 with 36 players left and the money at 27. I get 99 with three ahead of me(small big) and the button. I've got a limper to my right for 3000. I shove for the 12K thinking the 3000 will lay it down and get called by the button.(shit). KK again and I go down in flames 5 from the money.

Looking back, I probably should have raised my K/Q just because he limped with the Q/10 and if he comes over the top, I can decide to toss or not, but ....of course, If I made my straight or hit my K, I'll look like a genius for wanting to play small pot poker. Next time, I'm raising to 10 or 9K and I'll run it from there.

Best wishes, remember, play your cards, play your villain.

August 2008


8/20/08 51st out of 1765 - Poker Stars $80K guaranteed NL Holdem.

8/16/08 10th out of 1876 - Poker Stars $80K guaranteed NL Holdem - This could have been my 78th final table finish but Stars only seats 9 players at a time, so I missed by one.

8/8/08 31st out of 2400 - Poker Stars $80K guaranteed NL Holdem. For a guy that never got AA,KK,QQ or JJ or AK all night, I made it very far in this donkey fest tournament.

8/1/08 11th out of 389 - Borgata Friday $75000 Guaranteed Tournament. Well, I had a decent run in the Borgata Friday $75K guaranteed tournament. Went out 11th and one from the final table of course out of about 389 players. I got AA and KK once the entire night but both paid me big time. Had A/10 and got a straight against a set of 9's the other guy slow played and allowed me to catch up.

Big lay down of the night. A/Q on a flop of Q/J/10. I had raised and got one caller. He is small blind and gets to act first. He puts out 40K in chips and I'd have 75K remaining but I'm way behind, I can feel it. I tell him, nice flop on that two pair and fold my cards face up. He turns over his Q/10 suited for two pair.

With 4 tables to go, we're in the money and I'm shoving the small and big blind each time it comes around to me on the button. I was playing a lot more aggressively, One because I had the chips, and two, I had position. With 13 players, left, I went seriously chip dead and stole the blinds twice around for $50K each time by shoving for my remaining 80K, but the final round, 2/4 became my best friend 4 times in a row and I just don't have enough chips to hurt an all in, so I suck it up and cash for $1500 but yes, I wanted more. The final hand, I had 9/7 against AA. Nothing to do but wish everyone the best and see you next week. Top was $33,000 but I needed a lot more love for that to happen.

I'll be in the $500K guaranteed at the Borgata next week. This is a three day tournament. 30K in chips and 50 minute rounds. We'll probably see $1,000,000 in the pot.

July 2008


7/30/08 - 101 out of 4400 players - Pokerstars $50,000 Tournament - Nice rebuy tournament. About midway through the event, I went on a rush and was top 2 out of 200 at one point. Final hand was QQ against XX at about 100 players. I'm on the button and player to my right raises to 24000 with the blinds 4000/8000. I reraise to 64K. He moves all in for 200000 putting me all in. I still like my hand and call. He turns over A/K and hits an Ace on the flop. I'm out, he is on and moving.

7/28/08 - 53rd out of 2200 - Pokerstars $80,000 Nightly tournament. - Well, I got A/K 5 times in a row. Won three all ins, lost number 4, won number 5. And then lost A/J to 10/10. What a nice run and very deep into the event.

June 2008


6/29/08 - I want to welcome my newest sponsor. Find the top casino reviews only at

6/29/08 - 1st place - Poker Stars Super Step Satellite - World Series of Poker Main Event.

Well, I played in the Friday Big Game at the Borgata and made the final 5 tables out of 263 players but no cash. With the blinds 3000/1500 and 500 antes, I shoved on the button with A/Q after one limper and the Big blind called with 10/10. No ace, No queen and out I went.

For the last month, I've been trying to satellite into the Main Event. I've been a bridesmaid but never a bride the last 2 years as I came in 2nd at least 18 times trying to win a Main Event seat. I was using the steps on Poker Stars to try and move up. I started at the first level. Rolled into level 3. Won level 4. Last night, I played level 5 and came in 3rd. You need to be top 2. I played again and won. One to level 6. This level is the hardest. We had 9 players at this level that were very strong world class players. I knew 5 of them and all play ultra aggressive, ultra strong poker. Most of them had won in the six figures this year in tournaments. Some have already made final tables at the World Series of Poker this year. One user had a new id, so I'm assuming he didn't want anyone to know who he was. The other 2 probably walked their way up to level 6 also and were about average players. You still need to get cards to play and I got them. KK 4 times, AA three times, QQ twice. A/X a bunch of times and I made them all pay off. I put one huge bad beat on a player when we got down to three players and I have 22 on the button and go all in. I get called with QQ in the small blind and I river a flush. Next hand, I have AsKs suited and call an all in that has 10c/Js off suit. He hits his J but we both make a flush on a board of all hearts. I'm a 3 to 1 chip leader right now. I finally call another of his all ins when we are heads up with a/10 suited to his 2/9 suited. We both blank the board and I win my free entry to the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event.

I'm still now sure if I'm going or not. It's a lot of time away from my house. I've got a few jobs I need to complete at the same time and lets be honest, there will probably be 7000 to 9000 players there. Unless someone wants to cover all my expenses and lost wages for two weeks, I think I'll stay home and play the Borgata events.

Anyway, best wishes to everyone. Some of you already know I won this and thanks for your support. My daughter, Alexa turns 3 in a week. I think I want to be here for her birthday.

6/2/08 - 8th place out of 1664 Pokerstars 55K Texas NL Holdem Rebuy tournament. Well, tonight was my night to suck out all the way to the final table and to my 77th final table finish. The first hour, I was getting sucked out left and right and I was all set to call it a night. I rebuy for $20.00 dollars, do the $10.00 add on for the 8000 total chips and off I go to the races. At one point, I was in 2nd place in the event. I just picked my times to come in with decent cards. Tossed a few. Probably got bluffed a few and did my own bluffing fairly well. One key hand was when I had KK against another caller. I slow play my full house on the turn against his flush. He calls my all in on the river and I'm way ahead in the game. This is just how I'd like a game to run. I'd be behind and get a full house on the river, Runner runner a flush that was cheap to see. Get guys with A/K and A/Q against my 7/4 off suit in the big blind and make a straight. It was that way all night. I'll be sponsored for the Stars Nightly Big Game on Thursday.

May 2008


5/18/08 - 36th out of 280 Full Tilt Poker $30,000 guaranteed NL Texas Holdem. For a game that lasted 5 hours, I never got strong hands other then QQ when I doubled against someone with JJ. This was a six seat tournament. I was bluffing and raising a lot in this event. Two A/K hands, some small pocket pairs and two strong calls from big bluffers got me to 36th and into the money but lets be honest, I wasn't looking to cash. I was looking to win. Funny but once I got into the money, I got A/2 and shoved and got hit by a/8. Hit my 2 and moved up. Got 7/7 on the next hand. Shove for 50% of one guys stack and he calls with A/8. How you think you are ahead??? He hit his ace on the turn and I was out.

5/7/08 - Hi Guys, I had a sponsor pay for a satellite into the $750K Full Tilt Poker event tonight at 9:00pm. I was top 10 in the event for most of the 3 hours we played and went card dead for the last half hour. With only 5 places to go, I'm in 89th place and the player to my right goes all in and I dump my A/K suited into the pot. I'm assuming, if I don't bet, I'll have enough chips remaining to satellite into the $750K event. I was right as I ended at 88th place and a ticket for tonights game. I didn't need to win the satellite, only place which I did. So this event tonight will be for a sponsor.

I did get to play in the Borgata $500K event. First prize was $400K because the pot went to $1.4 million. The Borgata expected about 400 players. They got 775 players and then shut down the reg desk because there were still a huge line of people waiting to sign up and play. They just didn't have the space but they did a great job of opening another 30 tables, and they ran a great event again.

I played for about 8 hours. I had both my AA's cracked and I had to correctly fold them both times when heads up with other players. One player flopped a flush, the other hit two pair on the flop. Two A/K's held up, My QQ held up against 10/10 and then I was card dead again so when I finally had to push my A/Q with 6 big blinds and only the small and big blind, I took my shot and the small blind says, I'll take a shot at you with K/5 off suit. LOL. He hit his five on the flop. All low cards and I was out. I had a lot of friends in the event but none of us made it till the end of day one.

The Borgata will be running a nice event in the middle of June and I might set up a nice sponsorship package for the event that will include 5 different events under one sponsorship. And one sponsorship for the $5000K event.

April 2008


4/21/08 10th out of 1740 Pokerstars $55K Guaranteed tournament. Prize pool was $65K. Came in tenth place when my JJ ran into AA.

4/6/08 9th out of 144 The Pokerstars Weekly Omaha Hi Low game. $215 to enter. Nice to hit my 75th final table finish and I was chip leader for most of the event. Then I run into 4 hands in a row were I'm a monster favorite only to lose on the river each and everytime. My last hand was AA and ran into a big straight on the river. Nothing to do here. Just the way the game plays out. I had a few of you on chat and I want to thank you for your support.
4/5/08 20th out of 123 The Borgata Saturday Big Game - Live event that I bubbled on. Lots of errors by the dealers that cost me twice. Once when I lost my pocket aces to a flipped Ace in front of me. Once when the dealer mucked my cards right in front of me,(I was in seat one) and once when a guy raises across the table from me, and the dealer just about whispers "call" and I muck my 5/6 suited from the big blind that I'd love to see a flop. Dealer looks at me and says, why did you fold? I said call.... How about so the entire table hears it LOL. Small blind missed it also.

I got a huge hand when I flop a set with the blinds 50/100 and the first to act goes all in for 9000 chips with a/K on a flop of a/8/3 and of course I go all in because there was a flush draw on the table. 3rd guy to act folds but he had to think about it for a long time and tells me he had a straight draw and a flush draw. He would have hit the flush on the river. Later in the event, I get K/K back to back and take down both hands. Then I go card dead and it's over. Nothing to push that wouldn't have gotten called and nothing that wouldn't win. I finally push with a/9 and run into a/10 and pocket 9's.

March 2008


Current Results:
3/20/08 14th out of 189 Poker Stars PL Omaha 8 or better - Cashed
3/19/08 115 out of 994 Poker Stars NL Texas Hold'em 9:00pm Nightly Big Game - Cashed
3/18/08 12th out of 897 Poker Stars NL Texas Hold'em 9:00pm Nightly Big Game - Cashed
3/20/08 My apologies. I have not been writing a lot. I've just been too tired with all that is going on. Business is increasing, my son is doing great in school. Wife and son just had birthdays and I've been cashing in tournaments left and right. My online games have been great. Today I went to 14th out of 189 in a PL Omaha 8 or better event on Stars, Yesterday I just cashed in the Stars 9:00pm Big Game and then the day before I cashed in 12th place out of 900 players in the Stars Big Game again and almost made my 75th final table in a tournament. I did get to play in 4 WSOP Circuit event games but only came in top 70 out of 600 in one of the events and that one I rolled into AA with A/K suited. I'll try to get down to the Borgata for some of the Big Events. I missed the nice $50K event at the Taj just because I want to spend time with my family. I'll miss the Mega Satellite at the Borgata on Sunday for the same reason. But personally, I like playing online. The kids are asleep, I can grab a bite anytime I want, read some email, catch up on news and so forth. I'm still offering Sponsorship ebay auctions so visit them. I will be seeking an advertiser or sponsor for the $50000 to enter Horse Event unless I satellite in between June and now. The benefit to the HORSE event is less people, it's a limit game, I'm good at all the events and I've made final tables in all the events, and it starts on a day I can play and finish. I don't have time to play the Main event this year. I wish I did but sure business is still sure business and contracts have to be applied and processed.

February 2008


2/12/08 230 out of 1841 Poker Stars 55000 Guaranteed - Got a great start and was top 50 early into the game and then went completely card dead. I was able to bluff a few hands with about 50K in chips but stone cold dead after that.

2/9/08 13th out of 149 Borgata Saturday Big Game. $300 to enter. Nice prize pool. Made it down to 13th and just ran out of luck and cards. Almost made another final table.

2/5/08 15th out of 986 Pokerstars Nightly Big Game. Total Pot was $147000 dollars. In the beginning, I never got much to play with and decided to just tighten up and wait it out. Finally got KK to double up and then bluffed two pots after the flop and moved up to about 70K after 4 hours. Finally ran out of cards and pushed over the top of a raiser that took it to $12K for an additional $30K. He calls with 88 against my A/K. I flop the K. He turns the 8 for a set and I'm out. I almost made final table number 75!!.

January 2008


1/22/08 Ok, I've had probably my worst time playing at the Borgata. I think I banked about $4000 in tournament play to be used for tournaments, $1000 events, super satellites and the like. I've always heard about card dead but I was card dead in the worst way or I got bad beats that just crushed the crap out of my chip stakes. A great example of this is early in the final super satellite to the $10K event. While I did make it down to 37th place out of 147 players, that wasn't enough to get in this event. Other then early in the event, I never got over my chip buy in for the most part. As an example, if I started with 10K, and you'll love this one, I get QQ early in the game. It's a $500 super satellite with the blinds moving up every 15 minutes. I limp to hide the QQ. The flop get 5 callers and it's J/9/2. Nothing scary. I check and get someone to bet 400. I call. The turn is a 3. He bets 1200. I raise to 3000. He calls. The river is a A and he is all in. I've got more chips and won't bust if I call but A/J sounds about right and I call just in case. A perfectly good trap killed......LOL. I battle back to 9K before running out of cards and push with A9 two before the button and run into A/Q. I do flop a gut shot straight draw but I'm out.

In a $1000 satellite, about 20 from the money, I'm down to 5 big blinds or about 24 hands and push on the button with K/8 suited. More then enough to make the big and small lay down their hands unless they have a big pair which the small blind does with rockets AA.

10/10 is my next downfall when I push in another $1000.00 satellite with 7 big blinds and have a caller with Q/J unsuited that had a lot of chips. He hits the J on the flop. On the other hand, I did a super loose call against A/Q that was short and I called 4K with 5/4 clubs and hit a straight on the river.

My final event and one I played for a sponsor was the $1000.00 event(yes, it was you as I knew I wasn't playing Monday, I was going to be just too tired and too many jobs came in on Friday which is why you got the email, but as fate would have it, my Comcast connection failed and I found out this morning when I got home and it never went out until I reset my connection and watched it flow out). This one, I played a total of 6 hands in 6 hours. I never got anything to play that I wouldn't have had to lay down. I was at an ultra aggressive table which makes for a great trapping table if you get a hand but other then 6 hands, which I did make chips on, I couldn't move forward enough to overcome the blinds issue. I popped a raiser with AA and got a bunch of chips as he folds QQ. KK was a blind steal for 2200 in chips. A/K missed completely. 10/10 gets reraised as the other player flips QQ to me. JJ against QQ that got shown was another lay down. A/K hits the K and makes a few chips for me against a/q on a flop of K/Q/5. and finally, I have to push on the big blind against my favorite blind button stealer on my right and since I got a decent hand, I push back with K/10 and run into KK. Great timing Mater as they say in the move "Cars", (go rent it if you haven't seen it)

I'm heading back down tomorrow if I'm not too tired and I'm going to play in a $300.00 event which is the final event for the Borgata Tour on my own money. (I busted out after 4 1/2 hours.) I'm still playing my basic game but you need cards to win anything in the long run.

I'm back down to the planned visit to the Borgata on Friday to play in the $50K event for a sponsor that got my last ebay auction at the last minute. That event is actually closer to $100K and $30K to the winner. My best finish is 11th.

Other items of note is I'm working with the company to get some sponsorships and promote their BRIMZ Sunglasses. Call Brimz and ask for the owner, Jeff Morton at 866 526 6467 and tell him to sponsor me for WPT and WSOP $10K events and at the same time, buy a pair. I had 50 players try out my Brimz lens on their caps asking me where I got them. Without fail, for those poker players that like sunglasses but have glasses, the BRIMZ sun glasses are the best thing in the world. I haven't seen anything close to them yet and it really is amazing how you can get people to fold when you wear these things. I can see my cards fine under the glasses but the players just can't see through them to my eyes when I'm looking at a flop. My favorite quote because of the glasses were, "Those freaking glasses, I'm laying this down because they are just freaking me out" and I had him on a stone cold bluff. LOL

1/16/08 Day one and Day two of the 2008 World Poker Tour's Borgata Winter Poker Open. Can't say I didn't try. Event one was a world record for a World Poker Tour event. There were a total of 1649 players in this event. It will probably go on for 20 to 25 hours today. I lasted 10 hours. Up down up down. Finally pushed my last 3000 chips against another raiser that likes to steal too many pots. He calls my A/K suited with 8/9 suited to the heart, and says "I probably stuck my hand in the cookie chair one too many times" Live cards are still live cards . Suit won't matter as the Flop is 3/4/5 rainbow. A 10 hits the turn and a 8 hits the river and I'm out. My best hand was K/Q against A/10 all in and I hit K/K/J. A Q on the river gives him a straight and I get my full house but hey, who needs a full house with a K on the river for Quads.

Two day was wild. This was the event I played for my sponsor in Israel. $500 plus $60 NL. Wish I could have cashed but fate demanded I lose with a monster. Played well for four hours. Folded correctly when I was behind. Made chips when I was ahead and this table was decently tight. So tight that if no one bet the flop, any bet took that pot down. I took a lot of unanswered pots. The table was made up of mostly 40/50/60 year olds and one 25 year old. He went on tilt quickly and donked off all his chips from a few bad beats on the river. With 8000 in chips and the blinds only 100/200(and this is sick), I limp with 2/2 to see a flop. We get the flop of a life time. 2/6/6. I check. Guy raises to 400 in a 600 pot. I reraise to 800. He goes all in for 10000. I'm stunned because since I didn't raise, I don't know if he dropped into 6/2 in the hole. I have to call and of course I do and he turns over 8/6 suited. Best flop for me but he still has outs and you know where I'm going with this. Seven on the turn gives him more outs and a seven on the river ends my day as he gets a bigger full house. I forget who said it but a better player said, in any event, you are probably all in at least 15 times during the match. You have to probably win all 15 to move ahead.

I really wanted this one for the sponsor. All my sponsors are important to me and I want to come through for each one.

Other sick hands at my table would be one guy that in 4 hours got AA 8 times only because he showed each one as he got them.

I'm in for Event 7 and Event 8 which will be a $300 Limit game on Sunday and a $300 NL Shoot out which is you play one table and get down to three players. When all tables have three players, we then redraw for tables and play it down to final cashes. I'm very good and sit and go events and I expect to do well in this type of structure.

I also plan to play on Thursday in Event 11 which is a $500 NL game for another sponsor.

I'll probably take one shot at a $1000 super satellite into the Main event and a $500 Super Satellite also. If anyone wants to pick them up, feel free. >P> I keep winning double shoot outs on Poker Stars. I've won three in a row so far this week. I'll get back to everyone on Sunday or Monday with updates. Best wishes and hug the one you love.

1/12/08 - 33 out of 1942 players - Poker Stars $55000 guaranteed tournament. Ok, so it's not 7000 players but rather 7000 add ons, buy ins and rebuys in the $55K 10:00pm tournament on Stars tonight. I came in 33rd and lost with AA against KK when the other guy spiked the K on the river. Knew he had the K/K and I wanted the call and hoped he wouldn't suck out. I had a super run tonight. I only got AA twice and once was my monster when it held up. Stole a lot of pots tonight. Just got done reading T.J. Coulters book about making it to the final tables and it helps a lot. I do recommend it. I'm still planning on playing in about 7 events at the Borgata this coming week. I've still got a $2500 and $5000 event open for sponsorship and same deal as always. If I cash, you get your money back plus 50% of anything I win after taxes if I have to pay taxes.

Here is the link to the Borgata games.

December 2007


12/31/07 - 35th out of 1147 Poker Stars $45000 guaranteed poker tournament. This was a rebuy and add on event. I got a quick start in the event and was chip leader when I went all in against A/Q with my AA and some guy with 7/8 offsuit calls both of us and hits a straight on the river. Final had to push with about 27K in chips with the blinds 4000/8000 and 800 antes. Guy raises and I'm maybe behind but I push all in with a/3 suited. I hit my 3 on the turn and he rivers a flush. I love stars. Anyway. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Best wishes again. See you next year.

12/30/07 - 70th out of 1527 Poker Stars $50000 guaranteed poker tournament. Total prize pool of $76000.00 dollars. I had a great run of cards with my K/K not holding up against A/Q on the flop. Sucked out with A/Q against A/K on an all in. Other then that, my cards held up. Did bluff alot of hands to steal blinds. I've adjusted my play slightly and it seems to be making a difference. I'm playing more hands on a raise and willing to toss them if I get a lot of push back from the other player. The only one I didn't fold was when I raised A/K and a very tight/passive player pushed all in and I put him on A/K also, which he had and we split the pot. Finally had 10/J suited in the small blind and called a limp and the flop was 5/9/Q and one limper put me all in. I called the Straight draw and missed.

On a side note, I'm running Ebay auctions for the World Poker Tours Borgata Winter Poker Open on Ebay. My sponsorships start at $300.00 and run up to $10,000. If you have any interest in sponsoring me for these events, email me first before buying the auction and we'll work it out.

I hope you all had a decent christmas and pray for a better 2008. Pray for our troops and pray our elected officials pull their heads out of their, well you get the idea.

12/25/07 - 19th out of 1300 Full Tilt Poker's $28K guaranteed tournament - Gave myself an early xmas present and birthday present. One of my better finishes in online events. No big suckouts here. Just solid poker. Took a beating when I called an all in with KK against A/Q but he flopping A/Q didn't seem quite right. Anyhow, best wishes to everyone and to all a goodnight. Then took another hard hit when someone went all in for 30K and I had 90K, another caller calls him with A/7 and I go all in with 120K and the A/7 calls me for his final 30K against my A/Q suited. The original raiser had Q/9 and hits a 9 on the turn to take the side pot.

12/4/07 - 11th out of 500 - Pokerstars Nightly $15000 guaranteed tournament

November 2007


11/16/07 12th out of 385 - Borgata Casino $50000 guaranteed Friday Noon tournament - Almost made the final table. My best finish in this event so far and I've only played it about 6 times.

11/9/07 18th out of 445 - Borgata Casino $50000 guaranteed Friday Noon tournament

Oct 2007


10/16/07 1st place out of 55 - PokerStars - Double Shoot out to the Million dollar guarantee event.

10/5/07 27th out of 172 - US Poker Championships at the Trump Taj Mahal. Nice link for the USPC playing at the Taj.
News Link for the tournament.

First off, the USPC is trying to shop the touranment that they are filming at the USPC. There was talk of no filming and I think a lot of players didn't want to come or went to Aruba just because of the filming. There is talk from the crew that Fox Sports or GSN will pick the event. Tons of great players.

I made it 4 days in the USPC after winning a super satellite that Monday morning and finishing at 4:30am. I'm tired but happy but I also can hardly stand. It's just too long of a day for me. I played a super super satellite. My game plan was to play premium hands or ultra cheap flops which worked for the satellite. In the main, Gavin Smith and I mixed it up about 10 times with me as I kept getting hands that paid off and Gavin called almost every time as I win 9 of them. Just a nice run on day one. I was able to reach 70K in chips by day 2 and then I went card dead for most of day 3 playing very few hands. Figured if I had a hand, I'll raise 3 times the blind and I had Jeff Madson at my table with a huge stack so I had to mind my p's and q's since he and another player where just reraising everyone. Noticed that Jeff liked to just toss 3 times the blind when he was stealing, (the table was tight other then the other player) he'd just sort of toss the chips in a loose way of the wrist.

I pushed all in for 17K in chips with K/10. Jeff goes, "at least I've got live cards",. No he doesn't as he turns over 10/3 suited. But he has hope as he flops a flush draw. He bricks out and I double up. Cliff (JohnnyBax) Josephy asks me how I knew he didn't have anything.... I pay attention to other players in the event.

I really go card dead and finally hit AA with only 4100 and I go all in. I get 4 callers that check the flop on a board of K, 6, 2 rainbow and I mumble under my breath that I'm dead to the guy to my right. On the turn, a 10 comes out, and the guy to my right, assuming that I'm out and he is ahead of everyone else because he hit the K, bets 20K and everyone folds. God, I'm glad he did hear me. He has only a pair and I take down the pot. Thanks for the bet buddy.

2007 United States Poker Championship - Trump Taj Mahal - Scott Neuman with his BRIMZ sun glasses for Poker.I move to another table and it's no card day again as I watch the rest of the table get big pocket pairs on almost every hand. I get 4/5 suited in the small blind and the big has been tight so I push all in for 20K. He calls with A/2. The flop was 3/5/7 rainbow. The turn is a 10 to my suit and he bricks on the ace and I double again. I get AA on the button later and move all in for 20K again and get no takers. We finally get down to 27 around 6:00pm and they call it a day. Everyone is pissed because they want to play down to 18 players but it was a good thing because getting to the final 18 would take 10 hours the next day.

I tell myself that if I get A/K, A/Q or A/J, or big pocket pairs on day 4, I'm pushing which I do on hand 3 of day 4. Pocket q's calls me and it's over. Out in 27th place, 9 from the money.

I never really talked about the Borgata Open in the newsletter because I was very disappointed when I got knocked out on Day 3 with A/8 against A/6 and the other player got a 6 on the river. Either I wasn't feeling well or just couldn't feel the game right. I didn't have a real feel for the players other then 3 at my table which isn't enough. Those three I could bully and got them to fold many times on my reraises. For both events, I got my best results in a $10000 event. About 70th out of 560 at the Borgata Open and 27th at the USPC. Amazingly, no one sponsored me for USPC and I did get television time and mentioned my own company "Corporate Laser". I got a lot of letters from everyone asking how I did and I want to thank you for your support. I'll be playing some daily events down at the Taj and the Borgata in the coming weeks leading up to the WSOP Circuit Event at Harrahs. There is a $2500 event coming up at the Taj that is supposed to offer TV time is anyone wants to pick it up.

Best wishes and remember to play your game.

10/1/07 - Top 13th out of 130 - $1000.00 Super Satellite - Trump Taj Mahal - US Poker Championships. This game took forever. It ended at 4:30am in the morning and I had to go to work at 10:00am and get back to the Taj by 3:15 after finishing all my calls. By the end of the first day of the USPC, I was the walking wounded and could barely keep my eyes open. I basically played the first day of the event with 3 1/2 hours of sleep.

Sept 2007


9/24/07 56th out of 906 Nightly Big Game.

9/23/07 19th out 400 WCOOP-23 Round 1 Step to Round 2 and main event. Top 19 move on. Was chip leader for awhile but blinds move up quickly and once you have a lot of chips, you don't have to bet as other players drop out. Chip average was 19000 at the end and I had 30000 when I stopped betting with 27 players left. It went quickly to the final 19.

9/20/07 78th out of 560 - $10,000 to enter 2007 Borgata Poker Open - My best $10,000 tournament finish yet. I should have gone farther but made some major reads and some minor mistakes and one huge suckout to get knocked out by Victor Ramdin on the third day of play. I'll tell you more shortly. I'm still wiped out from 3 days of playing and not getting to eat properly.

9/9/07 18th out of 123 - $500.00 NL Texas Holdem - Borgata Super Satellite. Just got back from playing in the $500.00 Super Satellite at the Borgata. Winners get three entries in the coming tournaments at the Borgata Poker Open. Only the top 3 make it. Made it down to top 18. Didn't make any huge mistakes, and did make a nice triple up when I needed it. I did have John Gale at my table and hand some nice hands with him. Small raise ahead of me, three callers and myself with pocket 7's. Flop was 8/6/4 rainbow. Everyone checks. Turn is another 4. Everyone checks. River is another 4 and I'm starting to think I'm best. I'm short stacked and prepared to go all in and I move all in. I get one caller with 7/6 and up I go. Next hand, I get an aggresive player who, when the blinds are 600/300 raises to 1200. I call with AQ and the flop is A/10/2 with the 10/2 hearts. He bets out 2500. Just the way he laided the chips makes me want to reraise him and I pop him to 8000. I'm pot commited with about 1800 left in chips. He puts me all in and I call. He has A/3 and misses the 3.

Near the end and the final 2 tables. I raise close to the button and a guy goes all in for about 12000 chips. Take my 4000 raise out on a 800/1600 blinds and I call with A/10. I had about 28000 in chips. He turns over 8/8 and I miss the overs. I go card dead as the blinds are 1000/2000 and 300 antes. I get down to 12000 in chips myself and move all in late in the hand with A/Q and get called by A/K. No help and I'm out. I'll be playing in the $500 NL game on Thursday and the $10000 on Sunday. I still have room for another backer. Cost is $1000 to $5000 with only 5 shares left at $1000.00 each. Call me at 848-333-8899 if you're interested.

August 2007


8/30/07 7th out of 498 - The $50000 Guarantee - Friday Night - Borgata Casino.

Guys, just two weeks to go to the Borgata. I've got 5 $1000.00 sponsorship spots left. I'm playing regardless if I let these 5 spots go or not. I'm in and looking forward to playing and possibly winning $1.7 million dollars for first place in the Borgata Poker Open. A World Poker Tour event.

As most of you know, I'm a ranked player and in the top 100 give or take depending on how many tournaments online I play in for New Jersey players. I'm running down to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City weekly at this point to play in as many live "Sit and Go" tournaments, which if you haven't played before would be a table of 10 players, each putting up either $100.00, $250, $500, or $1000.00 at a shot with the top two or three people cashing in the event. For someone that loves tournaments, this is a fast way to pickup thousands of dollars per day if you have a good run. Normally what happens is when you get to three, everyone just looks at their chips and chops up the prize money per chip levels, give or take. I've had great success in this format and it gives me time to play in a more formatted game. The only issue is that I don't get to play against better players but this is a money issue and at this level, I'm just looking to make a $1000.00 here, a $1000.00 there per day.

Now to the best part and one you'll remember for a long time. I went down to the Borgata for the $50,000 guarantee. This event normally pays at least $15000K to the winner with the top 36 cashing in the event. Tonight, the winner gets $30000.00. When players get down to around 5 to 15 players left, they normally chop the $50K with everyone getting a piece for 9 hours worth of work or around $5000.00 each give or take. I'm playing a decent game, I'm at chip average all day. I didn't have any huge suckouts winning most of the hands I enter and took two huge blows to my chips early in the hand when I put pocket tens against A/K and the villain hits a K on the flop or when I called an all in with A/J suited against 10/10 and I hit a J on the flop only to watch a 10 fall on the turn. I battled back up and finally make the top 36. This particular $50000 event was actually $98K with almost 400 players in the tournament at $250.00 to enter each, so getting down to 36 players worked for me. When we get down to 30 players, one player that loves to chop up the pot stands up and starting working the room to chop it up with everyone getting $3000.00 each. $3000.00 represents a 7th place finish in the event and if you go out at this point, you only get $450.00 so 90 percent of players that understand that you could out on the next hand move to end it there but there are two or three hold outs that "CAME TO PLAY", don't want to chop anything, no matter what that number is. One guy in particular wouldn't discuss it all. He had chip average but not much better which at that point was 70000 in chips. At this point, I've got 60000 in chips. We play on and watch one of the guys that didn't want to chop up the pot go all in with pocket 10's and run into pocket kings. Now he is down to 20000 in chips and on tilt. He goes all in with pocket jacks on the next hand and gets called with A/K only to see a K hit the flop. He's out in 29th place and made $450.00. We still can't agree to everyone chopping and we play down. I lose 15K on a A/K suited against pocket 6's and 10/K when a 10 hits the flop. I lose another 12K on K/10 against a short stack that has pocket 9's that goes all in for 12K in chips also. We're down to 22 players and now I'm getting short stacked. The blinds are 3000/6000 with 1000 chip antes. I'm down at this point to 18000K in chips and I'll be blinded out shortly. I'm mindful that we might chop the pot if we get down to 20 or 15 players. At 20 players, we'll probably chop $3000/4000 give or take with the higher chip stacks taking more of the pot. I'm down to my final 8000 in chips and I'm five away from the Big blind. I've got a huge problem. I'm going to be blinded out. If I toss my final 8000 in the pot and lose, I win $450.00 and if I win the hand, I'm not winning that much unless I get cards. If I can manipulate the game a little, I might cash for $3000/$4000.00 depending on how everyone agrees to end it but why anyone would want to chop at 22 is just not going to happen. One of the players is Joey "Joey the B" Brooks who is ranked in the top 20 of online players and a very strong live tournament player who gets knocked out in 24th position. Joe has won around $500K so far in tournament play. He was two to my left and we had a decent conversation about his sponsorship by Absolute Poker and his best online year to boot. I left Joey alone not getting into any pots with him.

Here is where the fun starts. I stop playing. I just sit there. I stall. I'm going to try a hail mary shot. I stall. and stall and stall until I get a clock called on me. That means I've got one minute to act and then my hand is dead. I can deal with that and let it happening. I would have lost the hand.

The big blind is four away. In goes another 1000 chip and I'm down to 7000. I stall again and get another three minutes out of the table before a clock is called on me. Down to 6000 in chips and the blinds are three away. Another stall round and another clock called. I'm going down with my best hand if I get one. In goes another 1000 chip and I'm down to 5000 in chips and we lose one more player. 21 players left. I stall on the next one with the blind two away. I amazingly get another 5 minutes out of the table before my hand is dead. On one hand, the blinds are increasing but people are getting knocked out. On the other hand, the table is rightly complaining who stalling hurts the rest of the table. Honestly, this isn't friendship and I'm trying to win money here. We all have our game plans, Folks, this is mine. With one big blind left, I'm getting the feeling what I wanted to happen isn't going to happen. I get K/10 unsuited and push my last 4000 in chips in the middle. I get Three callers that check the hand down to get rid of me. (Same thing I would have done). The flop is a J/9/8 and get a gutshot straight draw and an over card. No one bets. The turn is a 2 of clubs and probably didn't help anyone. I'm yelling Q Q Q at the board and out pops a Q of spades to give me a straight. This wins the hand and I get 170000 in chips. We're still at 21 players. And the blinds and antes raise to 5000/10000 with 2000 ante. I need a hand and need it now! I've got a decent chip stake to my right that offers me some protection from raises. I get 2/7 and get two callers. The board is all over cards and I lose to a pair of k's. One more person gets knocked out. I'm out on this hand or close enough to worry and I stand up and say loudly, "Who wants to chop?". We'll each get $4000.00 which is a 7th place or 6th place finish. Amazingly all but four of the players want to chop. The two biggest stacks don't want to chop and two medium stacks don't want to chop. The floor says, deal the cards and I watch my last remaining chips at risk. I stand up again before anyone acts and say to the two biggest stacks, "What do you want to chop?". They both say $7000.00. With 90000 in the pot, 20 players at $4000.00 comes out to $80,000. I'm doing the numbers in my head quickly. Another $6000 added to that leaves $4000.00 for the dealers. Reasonable as far as I'm concerned and I don't have much power here to argue so I say, "We're chopping, $4000.00 for each player and $7000.00 for the big chip stacks for two players. The floor says there are two hold outs. They want $500.00 more each. I look at both of them and say, done! I'll take it out of my pocket if I have two. Hard decision. $450.00 or $3000.00. No big deal. I go ok, we've got a CHOP and everyone says, "YEAH". $7000 to two players, $4500 to two players. 18 players get $4000.00 and I'll get $3000 after I pay the two schnooks off. IT WORKED!!!!!! I'm stunned. I'm also almost in diabetes shock since I haven't eaten for 8 hours. We never had a dinner break.

Now the fun begins and I don't have a clue where it comes from. Everyone agrees to go to the cage and come back with their money. The last group to get paid with be the $7000 stacks. Everyone gets $4000.00. I hand over $1000.00 to the two schnooks. We then hand out $3000.00 more to the two players I agreed to give $3000.00 more to. Then two more players start to count out $3000.00 each but with only the tip money left, there is a shortage. I look at the two players asking for another $3000.00 each who agreed to give them another $3000.00 each? I don't remember them in the agreement, I pointed and repeated who was going to get the $7000.00 which was only two players and both players said to me, "We were only chopping the pot if we got $3000.00 each more". I said, when did I agree to that? When did I point to you or mention your seat number at the that table. I didn't want any mistakes and I needed this to work right the first time. The both say again that that was the deal they agreed to. Guys the money isn't there, I didn't agree to it, and I brokered the deal. I did just what I said I'd do. The both agree to take $1000.00 more from the pot, most of the players had dumped $100.00 into the tip box and for the remaining players that were left, and the remaining players agreed to kicking in $100.00 each to the two players and everyone would be happy. I'm left with $2800.00 for about 9 hours of work. So my remaining 6000 in chips cashed big for me in what would be 7th place at the table. This is the 2nd time in a month that I chopped the pot for a decent win making decisions short stacked. Both in the final 20 players. I'm really really amazed this happened but of course, glad I got 19 other players to see the benefit of chopping since at least 11 of them weren't going to get more then $2000.00 at best. For you tournament players that are short stacked, if you can make this happen, this might be a shot for you also. I came to win the event. That wasn't going to happen this particular time, I got the next best result.

So it goes. I'll probably play some $500.00 or $1000.00 dollar events know at the Borgata Poker Open plus the $10000.00 to enter. If anyone wants to sponsor me to any events, let me know now and I'll see if my schedule permits the time. The 5 $1000.00 slots are still open. Each slot is worth 5% of anything I win or a max of around $80,000.00. Just call me at 848-333-8899 and we'll work out the details.

8/10/07 48th out of 480 - I went down for the Borgata $50K guaranteed tournament that starts at 12:00pm. I had a great start taking out two players in the first round when my lying, bullshitting hope they fall for this crap talk actually worked. Things like, I've got a set but you don't have anything and you missed your straight draw, all in, BABY! with a 4 four card flush draw on the table. Of course, I've got the nut flush on the river but when my all in gets called by a 10 high flush, I'm just dying under the table. Happened again when I get a nut straight against a lower straight. They just can't believe the all in bet wasn't meant as anything other then a bluff! This would never work against better players but early in the tournament, the fish are still in. So right off the bat, I'm up about 15K in chips. My image at the table is sealed. But the table breaks after two rounds and I go card dead. We get down to 60 players after 9 hours of play and I'm running low on chips and I start to slow the game down a little trying to just cash. I get down to 3 from the money and get A/10 with two players in front of me. I push all in for about 3 times the blinds and hit A/J and QQ. Damn, makes up for the beating I gave people last week in the same position. I hit my 10 but the Q's hold. Total cost for the tournament was $280.00. At most, I would have probably just cashed for $320.00 I walk out to my favorite $5.00 slot machine and hit for $1600.00 and then another $400.00 on the machine next to it. Screw poker. I come back inside and play three sit and goes. A $60.00 game, a $100.00 game and a $250.00 game. I get out of the $60.00 quickly with Q/J suited against a 4/4 all in. The $100.00 lasted just one hand when I get 10/10 and the flop is 2/4/8. The initial raise was $400.00 which I had called. $400.00 is just a scared bet so I'm putting him on A/K or 9/9. I move all in trusting my feelings on this one and I get called after some thought by 7/7. The turn brings out a 7 and he gets a set on me. Ok, bad luck on the one. Moving to the $250.00 game. I bluff this one guy early in the game with me holding 2/5 against a board of A/Q/9 rainbow. I'm on the button and everyone checks to me and I bet out and get one caller. He checks the turn and I raise the pot, asking myself if he is slow playing or not and I really don't think so from the look on his face. The river is a nothing and you can just see it on his face. I look at him and move a huge stack of chips in and say, "Come on, Sir, you're pot committed, toss'em in". He sits for a few moments and tosses the hand away and I turn over the garbage I have. What a look from the guy and the rest of the table couldn't stop talking about the Maniac in seat 4. That just drove the table nutz and within two rounds, I took out 6 people. Finally got down to heads up with a decent chip lead (2 to 3) and the other guy says, want to chop it, $900 to $1200. Normally no, but so far, this guy has sucked me out twice and there was a side pot for a last longer of $160.00 that he wasn't part of. So I say, ok and chop it. All told, not a bad week at the Borgata for me. I place in the Super Satellite, I win the better SNG game. I hit a few slots and I'm looking forward to a $300K guaranteed event in two weeks at the Borgata. My live game is on.....

8/5/07 top 20 out of 430 - I'm counting this as a final table since we all cashed in the Super Satellite. Borgata Casino and Spa Super-Satellite $1100.00 to enter - Missed by 3 places last time I took a shot to get into the Borgata Poker Open. This time, I took a shot at the Borgata Super Satellite. This gives you 3 entries to three east coast wpt events and $10K in cash to be used in Canada.

Played a total of 5 sit and goes on Friday and cashed in 3 of them. More then enough to play in the Super Satellite for $1100.00 to enter.

We played for 15 hours. Went from 11:00am to 2:00pm. We got down to 20 players and only 10 players will win something and finally chopped it up after much discussion with the bigger stacks getting 40K in winnings, midsizes getting 30K, chip average and less getting 17k each Chip average was at 220K so getting $17K with me holding 140K in chips and blinds at 16K/8K and 3K antes works for me. Just 4 hands earlier I was at 50K and hoping a miracle happens soon. We're at 22 players and no one wants to chop. I get 5/6 suited in the small blind. Big checks, Big chip stack limps in and I call. I flop a top straight draw and a flush draw. Best of all worlds. I get ready to push all in(and I'm going to get called by the big chip stack no matter what) and I ask myself, can I get a free card? I check and big chip stack puts me all in. Now I can make a decision. I'm left with around 35K in chips and about 10 hands left. If we get below 20, the guys that are working hard for a chop might make it happen. I think for about 2 minutes and toss the hand. I'll wait. My next hand on the button I get KK.

Big stack limps in again and I look at him and go, A/K any good here? and push all in. Everyone gets out of the way and he calls with 8/8. He did have a hand. He flops a monster with 9/7/6, Q then .... a 2 and I'm safe. I double up with the blinds also. Puts me around 90K but still well below the average. Next hand I get JJ and he limps again. Another low pair and I push all in hoping he'll lay it down. Button, small and big lay theirs down and BS turns over 9/9. I'm a head again and it holds up. Another double. We play about 20 more hand with no one getting knocked out when finally three guys go all in and big chip stack on the table takes out two players with Q/3 and gets two pair. We're down to 20, we redraw for tables.

Now the talk to chop starts in earnest. I've never seen so many people motherfuck each other at 1:00am in the morning about who gets what. After about 1 hour of talking, we finally agree to the chop and I'm in for the two Borgata Opens in the Fall and Winter. I have a partial sponsor for the Fall Open and will still accept one more sponsor. Please contact me if you are interested.

Hell of a night and game. Nice to finally get one right. I lost almost half my stack (5K) just playing way to loose in the first 3 rounds and finally settled down and played great poker. Best call of the night. A/Q and I have a raiser in front of me that I call with the blinds 400/800. I've got around 30K in chips. The flop is 2/4/Q and I hit my Q with a rainbow board. First to act bets to put me all in. He'll be left with about 15K in chips if he misses. I just can't figure why bet over 30K in chips to shut the hand down. Just feels wrong. I ask him if he has a set or two pair. Say to myself, the bet makes no sense and call. He has K/3 unsuited. Massive bluff on his part to double me up.

Best hand of the night with around 60K now. I'm small blind. Button to my right goes all in for 9K in chips. I go all with Pocket Aces and big blind calls me with A/K. I felt bad for the guy. I'd played him for about 2 hours and he was building his stack nicely. AA held up and I've got a massive amount of chips moving forward. Then I go card dead for an hour. Getting near the end, I'm about 1/2 off chip average and just waiting my time. Miss another hand with A/K against a raise and down to the 60K range. I lay it down after the flop and raiser turns over KK.

July 2007


7/17/07 - 3rd out of 50 - Ultimate Bet Pot Limit Omaha - Made my 71st final table in a tournament. This time on Ultimate Bets Pot Limit Omaha tournament. there were 50 players and I made it all the way down to number 3 for a decent cash. If you'll remember, this all started from the $10.00 free roll that UB gave me last week. I'm going to try and run it up to $10,000.00 by the end of the month.

7/13/07 - I'm looking forward to playing in the Borgata Open in Sept, 2007. I have a sponsor for 25% and if someone wants to pick up the other 25%, if I win anything up to the $1,000,000 first prize, you'll get 25% of anything I win plus your $5200.00 back. I'll be playing the event either way but I'll make the offer in case someone has some spending change laying around and wants to take the shot with me. I can't offer the advertising since the original 25% sponsor has a casino and already locked up the advertising portion of the deal.

I was done playing at Ultimate Bet and am focusing on live games at the Borgata and on Poker Stars. Stars will take prepaid credit cards like the All Access Visa Card and they have no problems send checks to pay off your account. I've been cashing well for the last 3 weeks in tournaments and then Ultimate Bet sent me a whole $10.00 to start my account back up. OOOHHHHYEAAAA. I'm rich. So just for laughs, I'm playing $5.00 sit and goes. I'm up to $250.00 in 5 days. Then I play the Aruba free roll and come in 61st out of 3000 players. I had around 45K in chips with 200 players left and I figured, I'd coast in to the top 50 players,(and if I didn't, I really didn't care since they run these every couple of hours) so I went to sleep. Woke up in the morning and found I missed it by 11. They just love to shove chips at you on UB.

Anyway, on a side note, my business is taking off again now that I've trimmed my expenses and reduced the overhead of my business by 80%. (And that took some serious cutting). I'd like to think the diabetes thing is starting to get under control with my sugar numbers coming down from 300/500 to 90/140. (Side note to get yourself tested for Diabetes. There are no hard and fast rules and it hides very well as I found out). I also had an MRI down and damn, now I know why my back has been bothering me for the last 3 years or more. Bulging discs in my lower back from an auto accident 10 years ago. Take care of yourselves guys. You only get one shot at the ring.

I hope you're following the Main Event World Series of Poker. There was a tough call on cell phones with David Singer, a pro for FTP. He is in the middle of a hand and his opponents phone rings. The opponent picks up the phone, looks at it, hits one button and puts the phone back in his pocket. That alone should have been enough to kill the opponents hand. You can't touch your phone in the middle of a hand. David complained and the dealer and the floor person allowed the hand to continue. David should have stopped right there and asked for a senior judge. But he didn't since he was told that the floor person was the final word, (I've been told that also in hands, but forget about it, complain loudly, it's for money). Now David is looking for his $10,000 to be refunded because he took a major hit on that hand and was sure the hand was going to be declared dead for the opponent. I'll be following up on it. It sets a precedent in future games.

NJ Poker Pro and attorney Randy Kasper has written a super nice e-book about playing live and online and mostly in tournaments. Randy is sort of sharing the wealth and his expertise with his e-book and if you are a beginner or about in the middle of your tournament game, the book makes for nice reading with great advice. Randy is currently up to about $1,000,000 in cashes in tournaments and is ranked top 50 on Pocketfives for players in New Jersey. I'm happy to call him a friend and enjoy playing him in tournaments at the Borgata. He is selling the e-book on Ebay and I've enclosed the link below. If you only learn one thing from his e-book, it will probably pay for itself. Best wishes to everyone this summer. Enjoy your life, enjoy your game, enjoy your family. Scott.

June 2007


6/21/07 - Made my final table number 70 with a 7th place win on Poker Stars in a 55K guaranteed event last week. Then I cashed twice more in another 55K and a $150K event. I've been playing a lot of live events down at the Borgata also and cashed in a $15K event and missed in two more events later in the week for the Borgata Open. I'll take another shot, today or tomorrow and I might still play in the $5200 event if time permits. I will miss the Main Event in Vegas this year. I just don't have the time with the changes in my business.

May 2007


5/26/07 Check out the map on my website. You can list where you are and see other people that have stopped by my website. It's pretty cool watching people mark where they live. I also got lucky last night and caught another Double Shoot Out on Poker Stars, winning another entry into the WSOP Main Event Satellite. I also played one of the $80.00 satellite entries making the final table but not cashing in the top 2. Between the two of them, it brings my final table finishes to 69. There is a strong chance I won't be able to go to the Main Event this year. My business is about to triple or better from different deals that are out there. Instead, I might take a shot at the HORSE tournaments that cost either $5000.00 or the $50,000 game is I can pick up a sponsor or satellite into it.

I'm still planning on heading down to the Borgata on Monday to enter the $1000.00 Memorial Day Game. There should be around 500 players for a $500,000 pot and a $150K first prize. I played well last time and lasted well into after the dinner break. Anyone that wants to sponsor me should reach out to me at 848-333-8899. If I cash, you get your $1000.00 back plus half of anything I win after taxes.

On a side note, I still haven't got the Diabetes thing licked, (and I know I'm expecting too much). I'm lowering my carb intake to below 25 grams per day and I getting my numbers down from the high twos to the mid to high ones in the middle and late day but I'm getting a bounce later in the evening and I'm eating lower carbs. I'm eating more veggies and meats, drinking diet drinks and water and I'm looking for my body to go into ketosis. Since I am seeing results with the lower numbers, I think I'm on the right track plus I'm taking Duetact which is a diabetes type drug in the morning. Doctors visit in the morning on Thursday, more tests next Friday. If you have Diabetes and want to talk to me about it and your reactions with diet, I'd like to hear it. As a former Atkins loyalist, I see Atkins and exercise as the way to attack this problem. Do you agree?

5/20/07 I had an interesting week. I'm all set to play in the $250K guaranteed at the Borgata. Turns out on Friday, I found out I've got Diabetes. I had been drinking fluids a lot the last six months and my last office visit to my doctor, they missed it. Friday, my back was bothering me and I walk in and complain and for some reason, they do a blood test and my blood sugars are 3 times higher then they should be. Different warning signs were there, my eyes were hurting, (and I assumed it was from the energy drinks I was drinking) I was getting muscle cramps and the fluid intake was high. So I check into the hospital, watched my sugars go to 500 and then got insulin to drop it down into the 200 range, (still too high), got some pills to take this week and try to change my diet, exercise more and stop eating so many carbs per day, got a testing kit and checked myself out in time to play poker at the Borgata. I get into the $250K event for my sponsors and I played a super strong game. I've got a few donkeys at the table and I run my starting chips of 10000 up to about 17000 before the 3rd round. One hand wacked me when I had above average chip stakes in the 5th round. I'm in the small blind and I'm playing someone that likes to see a ton of flops and has the chips to do it. With 9/5 off suit, I get to see a cheap flop. The flop is A/9/5 and I'm putting my villain on A/K or A/Q since he's been aggressive when he has almost nothing and very reserved when he has strong hands. I check the flop waiting for him to bet. Big blind checks and villain raised to 1500 chips as a test. I know he has hit the ace. I reraise to 5000 and hope he comes over the top which he does for 15000 chips all in. He'd done this two times before and I really think I'm ahead. I call his all in and he does have A/Q. He rivers another Ace to get a set on me and knocks me down to about 2000 chips. I went all in with A/5 against K/Q and won that race and A/10 against K/J and won that race. I get as high as 8000 chips in later rounds but I never did recover and finally got knocked out in round 9 after the dinner break.

The Borgata gives 10000 chips for the tournament and 40 minute rounds so you get to play a lot of poker and have some fun. Got to play with Dan Shak to my right who took 4th place in the US Poker Championships in 2006. While I didn't hit for my sponsors, you can't say it wasn't for lack of trying. First prize was over $200K and there about 700 players in the event. The blood sugar thing didn't seem to affect my game and I kept running into other players that had seen my test kit on my hip and about one out of every ten players had diabetes.

I'm hoping to playing in the World Series of Poker HORSE event in Las Vegas. The cost is $2500.00 plus plane fare. I've had excellent luck at HORSE on Poker Stars. This is a three day weekend event and I'm looking forward to it. I'm better at Razz which I think is a weak game for a lot of players. Anyone that wants to pick up the entry and the plane fare will get half of anything I win plus their $2500 back in addition.

5/12/07 Hi guys, haven't written in a while but I did get to play in three events this week at the Borgata. I did ok and made the final three and two tables in two of the events. I also just got done playing on Poker Stars in the Guaranteed $100K and came in 72nd out of 900 and I did cash. Lost with A/K against pocket twos. I had 8000 in chips, and was called by the chip leader. This left me with 4000 in chips with the blinds 500/1000 and antes. I had to call the all in after a straight draw and two over cards against a pair of 2's. I'm planning on playing in the $250K Guaranteed event at the Borgata in two weeks. Cost is $1100.00. I have two sponsors I'm letting cover me for a super satellite into this event. That plays on the 19th at the Borgata and the main event on the 20th. If my play holds up like it has been, I'll satellite in without an issue. Here is a freebee. If anyone wants to send me a hat for the event, first one that gets to me will be the one I wear.

Remember your mother on mothers day. You wouldn't be the person you are without her.....

On the interesting side. I was on this road about 10 minutes earlier. Stopped at a customer, got back on the road a few minutes later and was in eye sight of this crash. Another few minutes either way and maybe but hey, you never know when its your time.

And hey, did you hear about the Bees. No more honey bees means no more fruit. No more fruit means possible famine. Consider that it might be time to get your house in order.

5/3/07 - 6th out of 32 - Poker Stars HORSE Tournament - I'm starting to love this game. I'm looking to play the $50000.00 Horse tournament in Vegas. At the least, they have a $2500.00 game on a weekend I can break away and play.

April 2007


4/30/07 - 2nd out of 40 - Another final table. Poker Stars HORSE tournament. I'm starting to love HORSE. While some people are good at stud and others are good at Limit Holdem, very few people have the patience to play all games well and I do play all games fairly well.

4/25/07 - 45th out of 1497 - Poker Stars $55000 Guaranteed Tournament - There were almost 6000 rebuys in this tournament. Made it pretty far and missed a straight and didn't recover. Otherwise a decent game and down to 45th place.

4/22/07 250th out of 6731 - Poker Stars $1,000,000 Guaranteed Tournament - Had a great game and it was a sponsored event for me. I let someone go ahead and sponsor this one. Pretty much was ahead on most of my hands in this game and other then a A/K vs A/7 with me hitting my 7, no huge suckouts. I just played a very tight and aggressive game and had two strong reads that moved me well into the game when I lost with KK against AA.

4/3/07 - Came in 1st in a double shoot out on Poker Stars out of about 75 people for the entry to the Sunday Million. Top two move on. I had a sponsor that had given me some money to try and hit the entry fees for the bigger events. Took me four tries but did it tonight. Long game lasting about 3 hours. Had A/A against A/Q at the end and the guy just refused to lay it down. Low cards on the flop and I thought he might call me if I went all after the flop which he did. I had raised and reraised him preflop. Got him to put in almost 2/3 of his chips in before the flop.
I also wanted to thank all of you that wrote back to me with your condolences for my wife and her family in the passing of her mother, Marion. Nice lady, raised two children in Astoria, Queens, NY. She lived on a 4th floor walk up and she carted her kids up those flights for 20 years. She was in the Garment workers union and she put both her children through school or gave them all the support she had. She was in some pain and she is now released from that. Thanks again for your concern and prayers.

4/3/07 - This was a rough week. My 87 year old mother in law had gone into the hospital two to three weeks ago and was recovering from an illness. She was all set to go home this week and last Thursday, she was feeling hot and she got moved back into the hospital. At 6:00am on Friday morning, she passed away. Her son is a funeral director and the funeral was held at Fredericks Funeral Home in Flushing, NJ on Sunday. The burial was on Monday in a family plot at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Marion Carlino leaves behind her Son Robert and her daughter Debra Ann. Also a sister, cousins and many many friends. She was a pisser and she'll be missed.

March 2007


3/29/07 - 13th out of 700 - Poker Stars $10.00 NL Texas Holdem Tournament

3/28/07 - First off, for those of you that have sponsored me in the past, thank you for the support. I've got one sponsor I'm working for right now. That event will pay either $75K or $250K if I win it and I've been winning on Sit and Go tables all week and at the Borgata.

Here is my rant: I'm at the Showboat to play in one of their tournaments. I miss on a bluff and I'm short stacked enough that if I get an ace, I'm pushing all in. I get A/8 with 4 to act. One to the right of the Big blind calls the big blind. I push all in for about 4 times the blinds. I get one caller and then the original caller asks the guy to my left, Can I ask you a question? to the guy that called me. Everyone says, he has to act before he ask any questions. I know what that question is going to be and I can't believe he is going to ask it. I'm about to light up. So he makes his call and I've got 3 to one on my money here. He then turns to his right and says, "Would you like to check this down? I knew it. I could see it coming. I stop the game and ask for a floor person for a ruling. I want the guy that turned his cards over to be declared dead because it has the affect of making the other player fold his hand and gives him too much info. He has an ace so he's not going anywhere though. But I also want the crazy dude that asked that question to have his hand declared dead because it's collusion when you ask it. He mumbles something about not knowing the rules but this game if for some decent cash and I'm not going anywhere till I get a ruling. Floor comes over and says the first guy made a mistake and the 2nd guy isn't getting a penalty. Horrible ruling and I'm out of the Showboat till the WSOP stops by again. I didn't need a miserable ruling but I'm pissed I can't talk at least one of those hands dead. The guy that turned his cards over could get a warning or be declared dead. Either works. He got neither. The Collusion guy, all day long but neither gets a penalty and I think I'm rightly pissed off.

The flop come out like 5/10/Q. Damn.... Guy flops two pair and I'm dead on the turn. I say nice game and ask for the poker room manager. he listens to my story. He turns around and says that one hand should have been dead and the other guy should have gotten a warning. He calls the floor guy over and asks what happened. He gets told his side of the story and poker room manager says it was the wrong decision, he apologies to me and gives both guys 20 minute penalties which is too strong for the guy that turned his hand over but the collusion guy....right on. but the blinds are up there and its going to hurt enough.

I run back to the Borgata and play two sit and goes and come in 3rd in a $2500 pot game and took a beat that knocked me out. Flop was 2/9/K. I have A/9 and the other guy limped in. On the flop he goes all in but I can't put him on a K so I take a shot since I hit the 9 and lookie lookie, he had 9/6 suited and hits the 6 on the turn. But I cash.

And that brings us to tonight's game. I played a sit and go and win that one on Stars.

My deal on sponsorships is that you get an email or a phone call before I play for you. No IM, No email, no phone call, then I'm not playing for you tonight. You get my best. I play not always my best for myself. I play most nights for myself if I'm tired and if I'm wide awake, for my sponsors. Tonight, I'm tired but I'm sitting here, drinking down water and Tab energy drinks fist over fist trying to stay awake.

I decide to play a $160.00 Double shoot out on Stars for the WSOP Main event. one winner, 7 cashes if you miss. 81 players. I crushed on the first shoot out. It was a work of art. I had such a read on the table pushing everyone around with raises and reraises and I also have a read on the 2nd place guy. I take him out after about 40 minutes of play heads up and I win.

The 2nd table had some of the best internet players in the world. I'm as low as 300 chips at one point and battle back to about 2000 and 4000 with two strong bluffs and then down to 4 players and 5000 in chips and I can see Vegas in front of me. But it wasn't my night and I missed with A/2 against J/3 all in preflop and he hits the J on the flop and turn and I hit the ace on the river. It was still an exciting game as I come in 3rd place. The event had T Soprano, Slammedfire and Thay3r. All are excellent players in their own right and top 20 on the online leaderboards.

I missed Foxwoods. I had some sales of my new computer software and I have to show my customers how the program works. Each training takes about 5 hours. I might still try to win my way into the WPT championships in Vegas for $25000.00. Wish me luck. I don't expect any of you to sponsor me for this amount of money but there will be major TV time there if anyone wants to take the chance.

On to Daniel Negreanu and his blog.
Daniel Negreanu has a blog on Cardplayer magazine. Normally, I read it and move on but sometimes, you have to read it twice and make sure he isn't joking. Tonight he's complaining about how you can sku the rankings on American Idol. My first thought is, its entertainment and who cares but Daniel seems to, which is pretty funny in itself. But then he compares how Sanjaya is holding on because of his fan base and how a site that wants the worst singer to win might be helping Sanjaya to win. I don't think they can get enough votes to make a difference and those votes aren't free. But Daniel then compares that possibility to Terrorists. WHOOOOO Daniel, wake up and smell the poker room. You are so overboard, it hurt to read it. I appreciate his opinion but I own a record company. I listen to music all the time. I worked on a sound board. I worked in radio for years. Daniel, almost all these people can sing. Sanjaya has a great voice and if he lets it out, just a little bit more and goes for it, he might win. He's reserved in his singing but it's clean and easy to listen to. Some of the other singers were worse but Daniel can't see it or hear it. I find the show boring but there isn't much on at that time of the night and my children enjoy the music, so I sit there and play with the kids before they get too big to play with.

Quoting Daniel; Frankly, it's not all that much different from what terrorists are trying to accomplish. They want to take your liberties and your freedom away from you. They've accomplished a lot, and anyone who's ever been to an airport since 9/11 should understand that.

Terrorists don't want you to be happy. They don't want you to enjoy things and if they can find a way to destroy something you enjoy, they'll try.

This was a little too strong for me and if you read it, you might agree but I get right through airports without a problem. I'd like your input. Tell me what you think, I'll put it out on the mailing list.

3/14/07 - 13th out of 325 - Full Tilt Poker - Omaha Hi - Horrible was how it started as I went for a nut flush and a nut low in this Omaha Hi game and missed both because... Hope you noticed it was just Hi and not Omaha 8 or better. Lost half my chips in this double stack tournament and had to watch my 1500 chips dip again to 800. From there it was all uphill as I grinded my way back, waiting for hands, walking the hands to the river and watching them hold up and then milking the river for what I could get. One of my better games once I realized what I was playing. In addition, thanks to Aztec Mining for mentioning in their latest press release that they'll be sponsoring me for some WSOP/WPT events.
February 2007


2/28/07 - I recently had a potential sponsor ask me if I'd accept 30% of the winnings and he'd keep 70% if he'd pay the $10,000 for an event. His reason was that he was putting up most of the money and had the most to loss. My answer was, it depends. That "depends" is based on a number of factors. The norm in the industry is if someone sponsors you, then you get 50% of the winnings and he gets 50% of the winnings. Another version would be that he gets his $10,000 back first, and then the 50% split comes in to play and I've done that in the past also. I'll sometimes consider different split amounts for the amount of time I'm away from home since I'm basically working for someone when they give me sponsorship/stake/advertising money to play for them. When I'm playing in Atlantic City, I have a little more flexability in my agreements. When I'm flying out to Vegas or if I have to go outside New Jersey, my time becomes more valuable and my expenses go up because I'm paying for my own room and board, food and airfare. I've had other "True" poker players tell me that someone is out of their mind to give me a 50/50% split but it's a standard in the industry and an article from Willie Tan, another professional poker player, backs me up. Please take a moment to read his reasoning also. I'll be playing in the Wednesday 8:00pm game World Series of Poker Circuit Event for a sponsor and I'll also be playing in the Poker Stars Million at 4:30pm for a sponsor on 3/11/07 if anyone wants to watch. If I win the Poker Stars Million, that sponsor picks up $90,000 give or take.

2/27/07 - Another long night. Played a few tournaments on Bodog. I got knocked out of the $50K event after two hours when I flopped A/4 against the other guy flopping A/9 and both of us had all the money in. Played the $12K afterwards and was chip leader for about 3 hours and then had three wicked beats starting with my Aces getting cracked, then my K/Q losing to K/J and pocket 10's all in against a limper that limped with A/A. Started playing in the Satellite for a WPT event and after 4 hours of play, won that event out of 40 players, so now I've got a free roll for a WPT/WSOP event. Of course, one in 50 move on so it's a litte more work. I also played a cheap sit and go and won that table so at least I'm up for the night. I'm still playing on playing down at Caesars next week in the World Series of Poker Circuit event. If you're down, give me a call. With the Super Satellite for the WPT event, it brings me to 63 final table finishes.

2/25/07 - Stage two for the Ultimate Bet Aruba Free Roll and I'm top 100 (77) and I move on to the final stage of the Aruba Free Roll. Game is on the 4th of March at 8:00pm est if you want to come by and watch. This will be the toughest because only one in 300 moves on.

2/20/07 - Ultimate Bet Again. I played in the Aruba Free Roll. 3000 players and you have to be top 50. It took me three tries but I finally did it. We're down to 53 people and I'm the short stack and in the small blind. If I dump the small blind, I'll still have enough chips to last about 8 more hands before I'm blinded out. There is a small leak in my game and that's, I like to play, I like to see hands and flops and I like to win because I play a decent amount of hands. This time, I'm thinking, does it make sense to play this hand if I wake up with a good hand. If I get knocked out with three to go, I'll feel pretty silly, playing for 4 hours straight to get here. Any high pair, A/K, A/Q. Do I go for it and guess what I turn over but pocket rockets, A/A. Now I really do have a problem. I'm really betting that if I toss them away, I'll still mouse in. We're losing one person per hand but the other short stacks might get lucky as they seem to sometimes, little help from the other players and such, so I pull the trigger and go all in for my remaining chips. If I hit this hand, I'm in with no problem. If I miss, I'm out. Big Blind calls and big chip stack at my table calls just for odds. I know they are checking to the river. The flop is 2/8/Q rainbow. It's a great looking flop and I'm sure I'm ahead. The turn is a Q and now I'm not so sure. Big Stack pauses for a moment and gives that little tell that he has a Q but no reason to bet since two against one works for him. I river the Ace for a full house. Big blind missed completely but Big Stack had 10/Q for a set. I move on and the next hand, all the other shortstacks get blinded and out. What a finish. I'll be playing in the next Aruba step on Saturday the 24th at 8:00pm, EST. Come by and say hi. Top 100 move on to the next step.

2/17/07 - UB again. 11th out of 443 in a $1500 Guaranteed tournament. It was a rebuy and we went way over the Guaranteed part. But I missed the final table by one so I'm still at 62...

2/14/07 - UltimateBet tonight. I forgot I still had money there and it went well. Got involved in some limit poker and took money back both times while waiting for tournaments to start. Played one game and made another final table for 62 and then played a cheapie tournament that was a bounty and took out 5 people and went out 25th out of 382. I'd been pretty aggressive tonight raising more then I normally do. If anyone limped, I just pumped it up. Stole a ton of hands I had no business stealing and flopped monsters like quads 4 times tonight. Must have been a record for me. I was playing a weaker buy in so coming in 25th doesn't pay any huge bills but it's interesting to step down once and a while for a cheapie. Even worse is going all in with A/K and getting called by someone with a slightly higher chip stack with A/Q and he flops the Q. So it goes. Poker.

I'll be playing for the World Poker Tour LA event on UltimateBet tomorrow also. It's that one in 50 thing again. It is sponsored by one of you so good luck.

2/11/07 And another final table finish on Bodog while playing in one of their multiwinner games. I came in 3rd place out of about 62 players but this was a rebuy game and there were a lot of rebuys. I only bought the rebuy and addon so it was a profitable night. I also placed in a MTT game last night for Bodogs $100K game tonight. I came in 111 out of 976 players in the 100K. Just out of the money. I really didn't need to play the hand but with K/Q suited, I gave the old 3 times the big blind raise and got put all in by another player with 2/2. I'm pot committed and like I said, if I didn't play the hand, I'll cash but that looked like all it would be and I'm not playing to just cash, I'm playing to win. Missed the flop, turn and river and time to put the kids to bed.

In other news, I've got a new sponsor. The company is called out of California. They saw me on Ebay and should be sponsoring me for some World Series of Poker Events and World Poker Tour events. In the meantime, visit their site, say you know me and order some water. The price is reasonable, it's pure spring water that been infused with more oxygen then normal and since it's pure artesian water, it's like Fuji at less cost and a better taste but that's just my opinion. I will be appearing for them at special events around the country. I really love the product. You'll start to see the water appearing around the country in the next few months in your local stores.

Jan 2007

1/21/07 - I made another final table finish in an event at the Borgata Winter Poker Classic. I played in the $500.00 Super Satellite on Sunday and made it to 8th place. I also took a top 17 out of 220 in another Super Satellite. I'm still trying to find a sponsor for the 2007 Borgata Winter Poker Classic. I also played in the FTP $750K but got knocked out when I flopped a set of K's against a set of 6's and watched a 6 fall on the river to get knocked out. I'll probably try some sit and go's for the open this week and see if I can satellite into the event.

1/17/07 - I made two more final tables on Mansion Poker. One for the $100,000 tournament and for the Mansion Poker Dome tournament but missed placing by 4 spaces. Needed to make up some ground, tried to take some chips away preflop against the big and small blind and got raised by the small blind. Saw the flop, but tossed it as the small blind shows pocket aces and I wiffed the board that showed nothing of value in a bluff. But the fun begins now as our elected officals start targeting Neteller, which is what must online players use to pay for events. They've been shut down. So I guess I'm off to Atlantic City for the World Poker Tours Borgata Poker Open. I'll be playing in two satellites on Saturday and I'll get back to you how I did.

1/15/07 - Took a shot at the Mansion Poker Tournament again tonight. Lost with QQ against 99. Happens. On the other hand, I won the super satellite to the $750K game on Sunday on Full Tilt Poker. Top three moved on out of 70 which means I cashed again and I made another final table. I'm starting to appreciate the ZEN in this game. You can just see it flowing and ebbing.

1/14/07 - Rivered, Rivered, Rivered. I made it about half way in all the tournaments except one. Mansion's tournaments and Poker Stars Million. On the other hand, I entered a satellite tournament on Full Tilt Poker after these events and came in 4th place for my 57th final table finish and cash.

1/13/07 - Had an interesting day. I've been playing in the Mansion $100,000 Guaranteed tournaments all week and I've broken into the top 100 each time I've played it. Today I'm playing in super satellites on Poker Stars and Mansion and made final tables on all of the events I entered. All bring me to either $100,000 games, $1,000,000 or the Mansion TV show. I'll be playing the Million tomorrow on Poker Stars and the Mansion games on Sunday also. This now gives me 56 Final Table finishes in tournaments. All these events had at least 100 to 200 people I had to beat.

1/7/07 - 2nd place out of 32 - Razz Tournament - Poker Stars. Well, I played in the Poker Stars Million Guaranteed tournament and made it about half pack before I got knocked out. I then played a sponsored tournament in the Full Tilt Poker's $400,000 guaranteed tournament and came in around 450 out of 2500. I got much further in the tournament but lost all in on a K/Q all in when I was down to about 5 times the big blind against 10/10. 10's held up and I was out but only 100 from the money. Then I got bored and I've been playing more and more of Razz. So I finished at the final table for that tournament in 2nd place.

1/1/07 - Welcome to 2007. I'm up to 52 final tables. I'm cashing in a lot of Full Tilt Poker tournaments. I cashed for another sponsor and I'm in the Full Tilt Poker $400K on Sunday for a Sponsor. Wish me luck.

December 2006

12/31/06 - I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I played in tonights Full Tilt Poker $250,000 Guaranteed tournament. I did wind up cashing for a sponsor in 147th place. Not a huge number but it beats losing and not winning anything. My next sponsored match should be in one of the Poker Star Nightly Big Games. I'll email everyone if they want to watch. I've still got some Borgata Winter Open Sponsorships available if anyone wants to take a shot.

12/29/06 - And I take down final table number 50 in a Full Tilt Poker Satellite Tournament. I did play another tournament today, have 8/6 in the big blind with two callers and hit an 8 on 8/8/4. I bet and one drops out. I get overbet on the river when a 7 comes out and I'm thinking, "Of course he's got 8/A" but I call anyway and lose a chunk of my chips. Lasted another hour before I got knocked out with a/a against 7/7 all in.

12/27/06 - I've got five events at the Borgata Winter Poker Open that I'll allow people to sponsor me and partner with me for. We'll split anything I win 50/50 at these events. You can see the entire list by clicking on Ebay Sponsorship Auctions and picking the Borgata Events.

12/27/06 - I'm hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday. I know I did. I got together with family and friends, hung out, had some drinks, shares some stories, played some poker, got to see my children playing with other children(which they don't get to do a lot), and just everyone enjoying themselves. I've been playing a lot on Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars lately and making a ton of final tables in smaller events. I should be playing in the $500 NL game at the Borgata Winter Open on the 21st of Jan. I might play the $1500 NL game also. You can sponsor me for either if you want. Other then that, I hope everyone is well.

12/18/06 - Made two more final tables playing tournaments on Full Tilt Poker and UltimateBet. I did get to play in the 200K on UB this weekend but got knocked out around 350 out of 950. I've been also playing HORSE on FTP and UB. If you haven't played HORSE before, take a cheap game and give it a try.

12/10/06 - 25th out of 131 - Trump Classic $500 to enter - NL Texas Holdem

12/9/06 - 17th out of 288 - H.O.R.S.E UltimateBet's $100,000 Guaranteed tournament - Well, I'd like to say I had a nice game playing in the UltimateBet's $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Tournament. I made it to 17th place out of 288. I played for 4 1/2 hours and lost when playing Limit Holdem. I raise with A/J and get the big blind to call me with A/9. Flop was 8/9/A. I bet, and he calls. Q comes out and I bet and he raises me to all in. I'm pot committed and if I get a J or a 10, I 'll suck him out. I miss both and I'm out. This was a sponsored tournament and two people will be getting paid.

None the less, it was a decent game for me but as always, I'm playing for #1, not for #17.

I'll be down at the Trump Classic Tomorrow for the $500 NL Texas Holdem event. Stop by and say hi or call me at 848-333-8899 if you're in the area.

12/8/06 - Ok, it happens. I'm in the NL Game on UltimateBet and I flop bottom two pair against a Q/10. He hits the Q. I check and he bets and my wife walks in and wants to talk about something on TV. I'd be reraising three times his bet, he'll lay the hand down and we'll move on but no, I call. The turn is garbage and I know it. He bets and damn if my wife won't leave and I call. He rivers a 10 and gives a bigger bet and I call and watch my two pair go away and I lose half my chips. My wife is such a cooler. Rules: don't come in the office while I'm working at trying to make $40K in one night in a tournament. Ok, so I enter a satellite for event #9. I'm chip leader with 12 to go. Guy raises and I move all in with A/A. I know he's calling. My wife says before a card gets laid down, "He's going to hit a Q, you know he is". Turn is a Q and I lose 9000 chips of my 32000. I still win the tournament but it's amazing what a cooler she is. Ok, so I did win the satellite for Event #9. Two sponsors tomorrow night. It's a H.O.R.S.E. Tournament. I've done well in the past in them. Hopefully tomorrow will be bright and sunny and I'll win. Who wants to go out with my wife tomorrow night. Drinks on me.

12/3/06 - Played in a Super Satellite for the Borgata Winter Classic. I never really got going in this game and got knocked out about 3 hours into the game. Played a SNG and came in 5th. Not much there and decided to play in a super satellite for the Trump Classic on the 10th. I was going out in 7th place with only 2 to move on when I got a huge stroke of luck as 3-6 got knocked out by the two high chip stakes in 10 minutes. I'm about a 7 to 1 underdog against these guys and then I started to get hands and started Jamming the hands and they started just laying down their hands. Each time they did, I picked up another 1200 in chips. They did it three times in a row or never raised my blinds and I drew within 2 to 1 with both of them. Finally, I go all in with A/K and get called with 8/8 and I hit a K on the river to move ahead. The other two guys go heads up and all in and one loses and I win!. Then last night I'm on Ultimatebet for the $5000 Guaranteed tournament and I come in 8th for my 45th final table finish and I also entered the $12000 Main Event game and was top 15 for most of the night and then got nailed on two hands and out. But for $30.00, it's a great event. They are normally only 250 people in the event, so there is a huge overlay.


November 2006

11/17/06 - 14th out of 360 - NL Texas Holdem - Full Tilt Poker

11/16/06 - How do you play the 2004 World Poker Tour Champ? With respect! But when you're playing Erick Lindgren, do you change your style? Erick has a list of wins like almost no one. 2 WPT championships, 2004 player of the year and few others. Erick and I were at the same table for the Full Tilt Poker Championships Pot Limit Holdem last night. Do you not play him? Toss your cards away or get great cards and go at him. He nailed me the first time but I only lost about 20% of my stack. He got me with A/A against my having K/K but I got away light. Neither of us went all in. I got him to lay down two hands after the flop when I missed both times but I'm guessing he did also. He was actually playing tight and I finally got him out with K/K against A/5 suited. He goes all in short stacked and I'm the only caller. He flops the Ace and also a flush draw. This will be a complete suckout if I win and I'll still have a decent amount of chips if I miss. I turn a K for a set and an Ace on the River gives me a full house as Erick misses the flush.

I got knocked later in the tournament when I had J/J against 8/8. I raise three times the big blind and got the small blind to call me. Raised about 2/3's the pot on the flop and made a mistake on the turn by not betting. I gave my opponent a free card(never again) and I (rightly deserved it also) got rivered!....The other player hit an eight and went all in. I didn't put them on the 8 so bam, I'm out. I could have folded but this player has shown bluffs before. Not this time.

I get an email this morning from Full Tilt Poker saying that because I took a PRO out on their system, that I get a nice bonus. I didn't know about the bonus so it was a nice touch plus I playing for a sponsor this week, so we get to enter another 10 tournaments for them.

In addition, I was on the bubble last night in Full Tilt Pokers HORSE tournament with about 200 players. Top 24 get paid and I was in the 7 card stud part of the game and with the blinds huge at this point, I got brought into the game at least 7 out of 10 times which keeps taking 10% to 20% of my chips from me. I went all in with 4/4/2 and got hit with A/A/5 and the other player getting another 5 to finish me off. I went out two from the money in 26th place.

11/12/06 - I'll be playing in the Poker Stars One Million Dollar tournament today. Game starts at 4:30pm est on Poker Stars. They pay down to about 800 players. This will be a sponsered tournament from one of my Mystery Box Ebay auctions. So far, we've had 5 poker mystery box winners that I've cashed for in tournaments. One was excellent. The rest were better then average.
Other then that, nothing going on other then work work work. Kids were sick last week.
Worst news, I had to put my 11 year old Golden Retriever Max down today. His legs were giving out over the last 6 months and he started nipping when you got close to him and the kids were starting to jump on him and laying on him because he is a big ball of fur. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. I have two friends with children who got bit pretty bad from senior dogs in the same situations. Max was a Gold Rush Golden Retriever. He was very smart. A little too smart if you know what I mean. One time he was attached to my jet skis in the garage. He decided to make a run for it. Hit the 30 ft of line and his legs just shot out from under him but he was going so fast he pulled the skis about 10 feet out of the garage. Another time, he dove out the door and right into a snow bank. He disappeared and all we saw was snow raising and falling as he tunneled around the yard. He finally got himself turned around and shot back into house. He didn't like snow after that. He hated swimming. Imagine a Golden that didn't like water.
He was a good friend and family member and he'll be missed.


October 2006

10/25/06 - 20th out of 648 - NL Texas Holdem - Poker Stars Big Game - Prize pool of $97000 - I should change my name to suck out king. 6's held up, J's held up, A/K against 4/4 held up. Finally got nailed with A/Q suited to 4/4. The 4's held up. Still top 20 twice in one week is pretty strong.

Sponsor Poker Professional Scott Neuman and win a pile of money.10/19/06 - I cashed in two million dollar tournaments but nothing huge but then on the 19th, I came in 3rd place in the Thursday night game out of over 650 people. Nice to make another final table against some serious poker talent. This was a sponsored event and I was playing for someone that bought a mystery box on Ebay from me for $500.00. He is going to get some big box in the mail.

10/2/06 - Got back early this morning from the Taj in Atlantic City. I played in the Super Satellite for the US Poker Championships and came in 14th place, just 3 out of the money. I should have gone out around 22 but I doubled up 3 times in a row with A/K A/K and A/A. I hung around near the end when I had Q/3 against 8/8 and rivered a straight on the Q. Luckly, earlier in the game, we all agreed that places 12 thru 15 would get a $1000.00 chit to use for future tournaments at the Taj. I'll be using mine for this Saturdays tournament in the $1000.00 NL Texas Hold'em event.

With the passing of the Port act and the back door poker act being included in the port act, Senator Frist has seen clear to show his true colors in relation to what Americans want and what their favorite past time is. Below is a list from the poker area on's site in relation to what the various poker sites are saying about the law. Some are shutting out American customers now, some are going to fight for the right to poker. Since I'm close to Atlantic City, it doesn't affect me that much but for those of you that like to play online, just remember Frist in the 2008 elections.

September 2006
9/28/06 - 19th out of 120 - Texas Hold'em $109.00. Party

9/27/06 - Final Table Finish - Top 10 Finish in the US Poker Championships Satellite at the Trump Taj Mahal. This steps me to either the super Satellite for the $10,000 event OR I can just play in the $1000.00 NL Game on Oct 7th. Also, take a look at this link at It's an amazing piece of work from Zoom Info that looks up professional people. Almost anyone can be found in it. Amazing stuff.

9/27/06 - I played at the US Poker Championships this weekend. I was doing well in the Saturday $500.00 to enter NL game and made it within 12 places of the money. I'm getting close to being blinded out at this point and I have a big chip stack on the button. He raises me from my 1200 big blind to 2500. I don't have much more then that left after my blind and I want to go all in and try to double up with my K/4 before I get blinded out, but this player and I had just moved to this table. I played him for about 30 minutes on the last table and I can just feel him taking a shot at me. He showed a few raises with marginal cards. I ask him what he has, tell him I have a K trying to get a reaction. From the toss of his chips in the pot and from his expressions, I just feel he's not holding much and I've got an over card. I reraise and go all in. He has to call and turns over 5/6 unsuited. The flop is a K/5/2 and I'm ahead. The turn is a 5 and the river is 6 and I'm out of the tournament.

Sunday was a nightmare. I'm sponsored for the tournament from a nice person in Hawaii. I've cashed in two tournaments so far this week for her. I've got enough from the two tournaments to buy the entry and have a lot left over. It's $500.00 to enter. It's limit Omaha Hi Low. I love Omaha. But today, it didn't love me. We started with 173 players with a first prize of $66000.00. I lasted about 5 hours and while I had strong hands, in Omaha, it can go a million ways and this time, almost none of them did. It was just one of those days with my last hand giving me a straight on the flop and I watch it go away to a flush on the turn.

I'm planning on playing in the $2500.00 Seven Card Stud game this weekend. Anyone that wants to play it gets 25% of the Ongame Networks $5,000,000 that I'm entered into.

9/19/06 - I've had three or four people bid on Mystery Box auctions on Ebay. Finally cashed in the Super Tuesday game on Party Poker. This was a sponsored event. My next game will probably be on Sunday at the Taj for the US Poker Championships Omaha Hi Low Game.

8/31/06 - I've been waiting weeks for there to be enough people to play on's Poker site for the Ongame Network Poker Classic. . I had started at a $6.00 table and moved up to the next step of around $60 and won that table also. I know had a $600.00 entry fee for's $5,000,000 game. If I win this table, I win the $5000 entry fee for the Ongame Poker Classic. Well, at 1:00am EST in the morning, I finally got to play it. This was after coming in 20th and 16th in regular tournaments for the Poker Stars Million earlier. Missed their entries by 4 and 5 both times. So finally, I get to play this game, it takes two hours. I'm playing super tight players and just stealing 3 out of 4 blinds each round. It takes one hour for anyone to get knocked out. It took another hour to finish the game. Final hand was 5/5 to 7/8 suited and I river the flush to win the $5000.00 entry free. Now, let me say something, no one sponsored me for this and no one gets a piece of it. I'll be playing for $5,000,000 on November 4th and if I get down to the final 45, I'm off to Spain to finish in a live game. I also win a $50,000 free roll for winning this entry. I still have sponsorships to the Borgata Open in two weeks starting at $750.00 and up to $10,000. I invite you to sponsor me. Think about it and best wishes.

8/27/06 - Played in the Borgata Super Satellite this weekend. Spent about 6 hours going back and forth. Finally got into a hand that I thought I'd double up on with 10/10. Guy raises and I go all in and I get called. He turns over a/6 suited to the diamonds. I'm ahead. The flop is 2/6/9 and I'm still ahead but he's got a diamond flush draw. Turns a J of diamonds and it's over. That's the 4th time in a month that's happened to me. I've decided, I'm not playing any hands anymore. I'm just going to wait till they blind me out. I'll be playing on the 10th and 17th for two sponsors on Poker Stars or Party Poker in their Million dollar game.

8/22/06 - 3rd place out of 64 - Poker Stars - $50.00 NL Texas Holdem Double ShootOut - This is Poker Stars Double Shoot Out with 64 players. You have to beat the first table to move on to the final table. I came in 3rd tonight and made a mistake. The player I was up against is a solid player that does bluff but when he reraised me, I should have stopped and looked a little hard at what I was betting. I did have some outs, but not enough to call but it was hard to lay it down.
PokerStars Game #6019779930: Tournament #30264597, $50+$5 Hold'em No Limit - Match Round II, Level V (75/150) - 2006/08/23 - 02:10:13 (ET) Table '30264597 1' 9-max Seat #1 is the button Seat 1: kickyourace1 (3260 in chips) Seat 8: bejan96 (3905 in chips) Seat 9: Deteto4udo (6335 in chips) is sitting out
bejan96: posts small blind 75
Deteto4udo: posts big blind 150
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to kickyourace1 [Th Qs]
Deteto4udo has returned
kickyourace1: raises 350 to 500
bejan96: folds
Deteto4udo: calls 350
*** FLOP *** [3h Jc Qh]
Deteto4udo: checks
kickyourace1: bets 500
Deteto4udo: raises 500 to 1000
kickyourace1: raises 1760 to 2760 and is all-in
Deteto4udo: calls 1760
kickyourace1 said, "nh"
*** TURN *** [3h Jc Qh] [Ad]
Deteto4udo said, "gg"
*** RIVER *** [3h Jc Qh Ad] [Qc]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Deteto4udo: shows [Qd Js] (a full house, Queens full of Jacks)
kickyourace1: shows [Th Qs] (three of a kind, Queens) Deteto4udo collected 6595 from pot
kickyourace1 [observer] said, "gg"
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 6595 | Rake 0
Board [3h Jc Qh Ad Qc]
Seat 1: kickyourace1 (button) showed [Th Qs] and lost with three of a kind, Queens Seat 8: bejan96 (small blind) folded before Flop Seat 9: Deteto4udo (big blind) showed [Qd Js] and won (6595) with a full house, Queens full of Jacks
I had played for about 3 hours in this game. I hit top pair and he hit two pair. Way ahead but I did have a straight draw on the turn. Really, Deteto4udo had played a solid game up to know and his raise should have thrown up red flags that I ignored. With only $1150 after the flop in the pot, I could have called or folded the hand rather then go all in. Hand was a toss up and hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Other then this hand, I was raising and bluffing. My first table, I was just super aggresive and never gave the other guy a chance. He went all at one point with A/Q against my 5/5 when he had 2500 chips and rivered the ace on me. We were back to even in chips and every single hand I raised and bet the flop. I won 5 out of 6 hands and he finally went all with 5/5 against my 9/9 and those held up for me. Nice game tonight but sometimes one mistake is all it takes.
Hope to see some of you at the Borgata on Sunday for the Super Satellite. I'll be going with or without a sponsor.

8/18/06 - Tough week for me as I'm get rivered or runner runnered on almost everything I play. I flop a full house against Quad 5's or watching my set of 5's get runner runnered to lose to a higher full house. Pokerstars was the worst for me. I took 2nd 3 times in a row in their shootouts on the first level, all three times with the best hand. I know it's just poker and it happens but I'd like it to stop in a perfect world. I'm looking forward to playing some of the Borgata tournaments. If you're going, email me.

Player Chip from the 2006 World Series of Poker 8/10/06 Well, I lost at the Main Event. While I lost and won a lot of hands, it finally came down to my pocket Aces not holding up against pocket 10's when the other person flopped a 10/J/Q. Preflop, the person raised to 1200. I went all in over the top for about 8000. I figured him for pocket pairs from earlier in the tournament when he made the same type of bet on pocket j's. He asked if I had a high pair. I said, "I'm all in for all my chips and I've got tight table image. What do you think?" He said, even if you got a high pair, I might still be able to take you out. I'm at least 20%. He was right as he flopped the 10 on me. I didn't suck him out and I pretty much stuffed the Aces in front of him before he decided to call my all saying, "I just feels lucky". That man needs to trust his feelings. I didn't get the Ace or a King on the turn or river to take the hand. The primary sponsor for the main event was and also and I want to thank the other sponsors that kicked in for my shot at the Main Event. Thanks for your support. To tell you that I'm disappointed doesn't do it justice but I did play my best hand and if I doubled up on that hand, we would have moved that much further in the game. I'll hopefully be playing in the Borgata Open in 3 weeks. It's an amazing piece of work from Zoom Info that looks up professional people. Almost anyone can be found in it. Amazing stuff.

9/27/06 - I played at the US Poker Championships this weekend. I was doing well in the Saturday $500.00 to enter NL game and made it within 12 places of the money. I'm getting close to being blinded out at this point and I have a big chip stack on the button. He raises me from my 1200 big blind to 2500. I don't have much more then that left after my blind and I want to go all in and try to double up with my K/4 before I get blinded out, but this player and I had just moved to this table. I played him for about 30 minutes on the last table and I can just feel him taking a shot at me. He showed a few raises with marginal cards. I ask him what he has, tell him I have a K trying to get a reaction. From the toss of his chips in the pot and from his expressions, I just feel he's not holding much and I've got an over card. I reraise and go all in. He has to call and turns over 5/6 unsuited. The flop is a K/5/2 and I'm ahead. The turn is a 5 and the river is 6 and I'm out of the tournament.

Sunday was a nightmare. I'm sponsored for the tournament from a nice person in Hawaii. I've cashed in two tournaments so far this week for her. I've got enough from the two tournaments to buy the entry and have a lot left over. It's $500.00 to enter. It's limit Omaha Hi Low. I love Omaha. But today, it didn't love me. We started with 173 players with a first prize of $66000.00. I lasted about 5 hours and while I had strong hands, in Omaha, it can go a million ways and this time, almost none of them did. It was just one of those days with my last hand giving me a straight on the flop and I watch it go away to a flush on the turn.

I'm planning on playing in the $2500.00 Seven Card Stud game this weekend. Anyone that wants to play it gets 25% of the Ongame Networks $5,000,000 that I'm entered into.

9/19/06 - I've had three or four people bid on Mystery Box auctions on Ebay. Finally cashed in the Super Tuesday game on Party Poker. This was a sponsored event. My next game will probably be on Sunday at the Taj for the US Poker Championships Omaha Hi Low Game.

I played in Event 41, the $1500.00 event right after the main for and I played in another $1500.00 event for someone that purchased one of my mystery boxes on Ebay for Event 43. I wound up playing event 42 instead since I got knocked out of event 41. I did have Raymer on the next table to my right but he only played one hand and went out after going all in. I also had Ira Bodog and Doyle Brunson, the old man of poker at my table. One hand I got into with Doyle was a person in the big blind going all in after a flop of 2/6/K and I'm holding 7/K. His bet was only $300 (we get 1500 in chips) and since I still had 1300 in chips, I took a shot at him hoping no one would come over the top. Doyle does just that as he was last to act. Now, Doyle hasn't bluffed the pot yet since we've played and I'm think he flopped two pair or a set to come over that hard. I lay my hand down and Doyle turns over 2/6 for bottom two pair. The turn is a 5 and the river was a 7. The all in had 8/K. It was a nice bet by Doyle and I did read it right that he two pair but I would have sucked him out if I stayed in. Event 42 was played for a customer out on the west coast that is in the service fighting for us and had just come back from Iraq after an extended tour. I was really hoping to pull this one off for him and send him a nice check but I finally got short stacked and with about 300 chips, I finally hit a hand and go all in with 10/10 and get called by two players, they check it to the river and one of them flopped a K to knock me out. It's an amazing piece of work from Zoom Info that looks up professional people. Almost anyone can be found in it. Amazing stuff.

9/27/06 - I played at the US Poker Championships this weekend. I was doing well in the Saturday $500.00 to enter NL game and made it within 12 places of the money. I'm getting close to being blinded out at this point and I have a big chip stack on the button. He raises me from my 1200 big blind to 2500. I don't have much more then that left after my blind and I want to go all in and try to double up with my K/4 before I get blinded out, but this player and I had just moved to this table. I played him for about 30 minutes on the last table and I can just feel him taking a shot at me. He showed a few raises with marginal cards. I ask him what he has, tell him I have a K trying to get a reaction. From the toss of his chips in the pot and from his expressions, I just feel he's not holding much and I've got an over card. I reraise and go all in. He has to call and turns over 5/6 unsuited. The flop is a K/5/2 and I'm ahead. The turn is a 5 and the river is 6 and I'm out of the tournament.

Sunday was a nightmare. I'm sponsored for the tournament from a nice person in Hawaii. I've cashed in two tournaments so far this week for her. I've got enough from the two tournaments to buy the entry and have a lot left over. It's $500.00 to enter. It's limit Omaha Hi Low. I love Omaha. But today, it didn't love me. We started with 173 players with a first prize of $66000.00. I lasted about 5 hours and while I had strong hands, in Omaha, it can go a million ways and this time, almost none of them did. It was just one of those days with my last hand giving me a straight on the flop and I watch it go away to a flush on the turn.

I'm planning on playing in the $2500.00 Seven Card Stud game this weekend. Anyone that wants to play it gets 25% of the Ongame Networks $5,000,000 that I'm entered into.

9/19/06 - I've had three or four people bid on Mystery Box auctions on Ebay. Finally cashed in the Super Tuesday game on Party Poker. This was a sponsored event. My next game will probably be on Sunday at the Taj for the US Poker Championships Omaha Hi Low Game.

I took a shot at the Caesars nightly tournaments. You get 4500 in chips for $220.00 and the rounds are 30 minutes. We average between 135 and 250 players on a good night. I made a final table on my last night there and picked up some bucks. Nice to cash once and while. It's like I say. It's not a question of how I'll make a final table, it's a question of when.... It's an amazing piece of work from Zoom Info that looks up professional people. Almost anyone can be found in it. Amazing stuff.

9/27/06 - I played at the US Poker Championships this weekend. I was doing well in the Saturday $500.00 to enter NL game and made it within 12 places of the money. I'm getting close to being blinded out at this point and I have a big chip stack on the button. He raises me from my 1200 big blind to 2500. I don't have much more then that left after my blind and I want to go all in and try to double up with my K/4 before I get blinded out, but this player and I had just moved to this table. I played him for about 30 minutes on the last table and I can just feel him taking a shot at me. He showed a few raises with marginal cards. I ask him what he has, tell him I have a K trying to get a reaction. From the toss of his chips in the pot and from his expressions, I just feel he's not holding much and I've got an over card. I reraise and go all in. He has to call and turns over 5/6 unsuited. The flop is a K/5/2 and I'm ahead. The turn is a 5 and the river is 6 and I'm out of the tournament.

Sunday was a nightmare. I'm sponsored for the tournament from a nice person in Hawaii. I've cashed in two tournaments so far this week for her. I've got enough from the two tournaments to buy the entry and have a lot left over. It's $500.00 to enter. It's limit Omaha Hi Low. I love Omaha. But today, it didn't love me. We started with 173 players with a first prize of $66000.00. I lasted about 5 hours and while I had strong hands, in Omaha, it can go a million ways and this time, almost none of them did. It was just one of those days with my last hand giving me a straight on the flop and I watch it go away to a flush on the turn.

I'm planning on playing in the $2500.00 Seven Card Stud game this weekend. Anyone that wants to play it gets 25% of the Ongame Networks $5,000,000 that I'm entered into.

9/19/06 - I've had three or four people bid on Mystery Box auctions on Ebay. Finally cashed in the Super Tuesday game on Party Poker. This was a sponsored event. My next game will probably be on Sunday at the Taj for the US Poker Championships Omaha Hi Low Game.

8/4/06 Ok, here are the updates from the Vegas Trip. I'm out of the WSOP ME. Had a guy raise me to 1200. I reraised all in to 8K with pocket aces. He thinks for about 2 minutes and calls me with pocket 10's. I'm thinking, 80% to win and don't let me get sucked out. If I double, I'll be in decent shape after 10 hours of play. He flops 10/J/Q and I'm out. Best I did was 16K in chips. Worst was 1K on another bad beat. Battled back to my 8K when I got the aces. It's an amazing piece of work from Zoom Info that looks up professional people. Almost anyone can be found in it. Amazing stuff.

9/27/06 - I played at the US Poker Championships this weekend. I was doing well in the Saturday $500.00 to enter NL game and made it within 12 places of the money. I'm getting close to being blinded out at this point and I have a big chip stack on the button. He raises me from my 1200 big blind to 2500. I don't have much more then that left after my blind and I want to go all in and try to double up with my K/4 before I get blinded out, but this player and I had just moved to this table. I played him for about 30 minutes on the last table and I can just feel him taking a shot at me. He showed a few raises with marginal cards. I ask him what he has, tell him I have a K trying to get a reaction. From the toss of his chips in the pot and from his expressions, I just feel he's not holding much and I've got an over card. I reraise and go all in. He has to call and turns over 5/6 unsuited. The flop is a K/5/2 and I'm ahead. The turn is a 5 and the river is 6 and I'm out of the tournament.

Sunday was a nightmare. I'm sponsored for the tournament from a nice person in Hawaii. I've cashed in two tournaments so far this week for her. I've got enough from the two tournaments to buy the entry and have a lot left over. It's $500.00 to enter. It's limit Omaha Hi Low. I love Omaha. But today, it didn't love me. We started with 173 players with a first prize of $66000.00. I lasted about 5 hours and while I had strong hands, in Omaha, it can go a million ways and this time, almost none of them did. It was just one of those days with my last hand giving me a straight on the flop and I watch it go away to a flush on the turn.

I'm planning on playing in the $2500.00 Seven Card Stud game this weekend. Anyone that wants to play it gets 25% of the Ongame Networks $5,000,000 that I'm entered into.

9/19/06 - I've had three or four people bid on Mystery Box auctions on Ebay. Finally cashed in the Super Tuesday game on Party Poker. This was a sponsored event. My next game will probably be on Sunday at the Taj for the US Poker Championships Omaha Hi Low Game.

I'll be in the Sunday $1500NL event and then back home. It's an amazing piece of work from Zoom Info that looks up professional people. Almost anyone can be found in it. Amazing stuff.

9/27/06 - I played at the US Poker Championships this weekend. I was doing well in the Saturday $500.00 to enter NL game and made it within 12 places of the money. I'm getting close to being blinded out at this point and I have a big chip stack on the button. He raises me from my 1200 big blind to 2500. I don't have much more then that left after my blind and I want to go all in and try to double up with my K/4 before I get blinded out, but this player and I had just moved to this table. I played him for about 30 minutes on the last table and I can just feel him taking a shot at me. He showed a few raises with marginal cards. I ask him what he has, tell him I have a K trying to get a reaction. From the toss of his chips in the pot and from his expressions, I just feel he's not holding much and I've got an over card. I reraise and go all in. He has to call and turns over 5/6 unsuited. The flop is a K/5/2 and I'm ahead. The turn is a 5 and the river is 6 and I'm out of the tournament.

Sunday was a nightmare. I'm sponsored for the tournament from a nice person in Hawaii. I've cashed in two tournaments so far this week for her. I've got enough from the two tournaments to buy the entry and have a lot left over. It's $500.00 to enter. It's limit Omaha Hi Low. I love Omaha. But today, it didn't love me. We started with 173 players with a first prize of $66000.00. I lasted about 5 hours and while I had strong hands, in Omaha, it can go a million ways and this time, almost none of them did. It was just one of those days with my last hand giving me a straight on the flop and I watch it go away to a flush on the turn.

I'm planning on playing in the $2500.00 Seven Card Stud game this weekend. Anyone that wants to play it gets 25% of the Ongame Networks $5,000,000 that I'm entered into.

9/19/06 - I've had three or four people bid on Mystery Box auctions on Ebay. Finally cashed in the Super Tuesday game on Party Poker. This was a sponsored event. My next game will probably be on Sunday at the Taj for the US Poker Championships Omaha Hi Low Game.

July 2006
7/29/06 We're out in Vegas. I'm playing Sunday rather then Monday. The WSOP totally screwed up the date I was supposed to play. I'm glad I got in early or the WSOP would have played my chips, I walk in on Monday and say, "I'm ready, where is my chips?". They did this to 5 players that I know of. I did meet up with and they might sponsor me for events 41-45. We'll see if I'm available and I hope I'm not. Haven't seen the people yet but if they are reading this, call me as soon as possible or get in touch with me at the MGM Grand. I need to talk to you. It's an amazing piece of work from Zoom Info that looks up professional people. Almost anyone can be found in it. Amazing stuff.

9/27/06 - I played at the US Poker Championships this weekend. I was doing well in the Saturday $500.00 to enter NL game and made it within 12 places of the money. I'm getting close to being blinded out at this point and I have a big chip stack on the button. He raises me from my 1200 big blind to 2500. I don't have much more then that left after my blind and I want to go all in and try to double up with my K/4 before I get blinded out, but this player and I had just moved to this table. I played him for about 30 minutes on the last table and I can just feel him taking a shot at me. He showed a few raises with marginal cards. I ask him what he has, tell him I have a K trying to get a reaction. From the toss of his chips in the pot and from his expressions, I just feel he's not holding much and I've got an over card. I reraise and go all in. He has to call and turns over 5/6 unsuited. The flop is a K/5/2 and I'm ahead. The turn is a 5 and the river is 6 and I'm out of the tournament.

Sunday was a nightmare. I'm sponsored for the tournament from a nice person in Hawaii. I've cashed in two tournaments so far this week for her. I've got enough from the two tournaments to buy the entry and have a lot left over. It's $500.00 to enter. It's limit Omaha Hi Low. I love Omaha. But today, it didn't love me. We started with 173 players with a first prize of $66000.00. I lasted about 5 hours and while I had strong hands, in Omaha, it can go a million ways and this time, almost none of them did. It was just one of those days with my last hand giving me a straight on the flop and I watch it go away to a flush on the turn.

I'm planning on playing in the $2500.00 Seven Card Stud game this weekend. Anyone that wants to play it gets 25% of the Ongame Networks $5,000,000 that I'm entered into.

9/19/06 - I've had three or four people bid on Mystery Box auctions on Ebay. Finally cashed in the Super Tuesday game on Party Poker. This was a sponsored event. My next game will probably be on Sunday at the Taj for the US Poker Championships Omaha Hi Low Game.

Luke Neely is in the top 20 of chip counts on the first day. If I can get to around 30K in chips by the end of the day, I'll be happy. Good luck to the shareholders.

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6/7/06 - 45th out of 1014 NL Texas Holdem - - Interesting night. Played Party and Pokerstars at the same time and finished in the money in both. I'm really starting to like Poker Stars. Much better level of players.

6/7/06 - 25th out of 2200 NL Texas Holdem - Party

6/6/06 - 25th out 1065 - Tuesday Night Special On Party Poker - Played a nice tight game with blind stealing every chance I got. The money was at 120 and I took a nasty hit at 150 and went down to 8000 chips. Came all the back up in 4 all ins to 100K and moved around there for awhile. Took at shot when I had 225K against a 110K guy. He goes all in a lot with middle pairs and he did it again. I called with A/Q and missed 22 outs. Went down to 80K. Had big stack pushing the table around, going all in like crazy. I get Q/K and call an all in. He's got A/K. Damn...At least I was in the money

6/5/06 - 2nd out of 350 - Took a shot at Poker Stars WSOP Rebuy tournament tonight. Only one moves on. We missed two moving on by just a few rebuys. I had to rebuy twice but then I tighten up. I came in 2nd. First place wins $11000 and the trip to Vegas. Second gets another chance to try again....SHIT

6/4/06 - Took shots at They have a $40,000 game at 6:00pm. We had about 400 people at $100.00 each. I went out around 113 with Q/Q against K/K. Also took at a shot at Titan poker. had a free roll for the WSOP. 500 people in it and one gets a package. I get A/A in the first hand and move all in hoping someone calls. I get one caller with 9/J suited. Frreeeekk, he gets a flush. Also played on Pokerstars for the first time in their one million dollar game. They had about 5000 people in the game. I went in the middle. Had a short stack go all in with 6/6 against my K/K and got hit with A/A all in.

6/1/06 I'm pissed. I'm in three games on Party Poker and one on and the power goes out. Last about 3 minutes and it didn't hurt me too much. We were having a lighting storm and I figure a transformer got hit. About 30 minutes later, power goes off again. Now this time, it's a little more important. I'm close to being in the money in all the games and they aren't cheap games. Power doesn't come up for 2 hours. Damn. I get up later that night and play some sit and goes. Just miss the money in one of them. Take a bad beat in another and come in 2nd in the third one.

6/1/06 3rd out of 77 NL Texas Holdem - Played another step tournament on 3rd one I've placed in out of four. You have to give this site a shot. Fairly loose players. I mean it


May 2006

5/31/06 12th out of 3500 I made another Party Poker WSOP Free Roll. top 12 out of 3500 and I move on to Saturday.

5/28/06 2nd out of 417 I make the
final table again. This was a $33.00 to enter NL Texas Holdem game on Party Poker. We decided to deal the 1st/2nd place since we were within 4% of chips for each other. We could have played for another 2 hours.

5/22/06 15th out of 3500 Couple of things. I just finished 5 hours of playing on Party Poker for their free roll for the WSOP. I'm going to Vegas in July either way from but one aspect of the Party Pokers prizes makes me want to play this. First prize or 10th through 20th pays different. So, I'm either looking for 1st or looking for 10th through 20th.

This will be my 4th time taking a shot at it. One time, I made the final 4 tables. It's just a matter of time.

There was an amazing amount of collusion in this game. Players just openly handing chips to each other to keep each other in the game. Only 50 out of 3500 move on. I played a great game and made the 50. The finals are on Saturday at 4:30pm est. Stop by on IM and say hi to kickyouracepoker.

In addition, at 4:30pm est on Saturday, I'll be playing in the Million game and I'm again sponsored by They are publicly traded under the Symbol AZTM. Aztec Mining is correct. There was minor selling today on AZTM and it's thinly traded. Today is a great day to buy it. Call your broker for a bid and ask. It closed at .0001. It should go back up to .002 or .004 on Tuesday. If I hit the tournament on Saturday, I'm splitting the winnings with Aztec Mining. The stock could move to over .01 or higher if I hit it.

Yes, I own shares and tomorrow morning, I'm buying more.

One more thing, I'm starting my term next month as President of the Lakewood Rotary Club. We're going to have a casino night and I'm looking for donations. Cash of $100.00 or better. One person last year donated $5000.00 and a car dealership donated a new car. I'm looking for amazing gifts this year so if you can help out, call me at 848-333-8899 for more information. Please, nothing used. We're looking for new items. All items are tax deductable. We are a 501(c)3 non profit and you will get a full tax write-off.

Best wishes.

5/21/06 I didn't place in other of the UB million steps but I'm going to take a few more shots at it. I missed the first 45 minutes of the game and with starting chips at 1500 and the blinds at 40/80, I was a little behind when I finally sat down to play. I did finally get to play at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. They have a small but nice clean room. You can eat at the tables which is something the Borgata doesn't allow. Service was good. I'm looking to play more live games before Vegas in July. I sat down to a $125.00 to enter and one add on of $100.00 tournament. If we get 100 people or more, 1st prize is $10,000 which isn't a bad pay off. We only got 70 players, so first prize would be $3800 paying down to nine. My first hand, I got 9/9 and saw a cheap flop. Flop was 2/8/9 rainbow. The blinds start at 50/100 with 4000 in chips to start. I did raise preflop to 400 and got two callers. Check, check to me and I raise 400 again. I get one caller. Turn is an Ace and I get a bet from the first guy of 1000. I reraise to 2000 hoping he doesn't have a set. He goes all in for the 4000. I call and he's got 9/A for two pair. He misses the A on the river and I double up. But I did make some mistakes here and some good reads also. We had two aggresive players at the table. If everyone checked, they'ed bet the pot almost every time. One hand, this player raises the pot after everyone checks to her. Everyone fold and one of the players asks what she had. She says A/K and the other player says, show me. She goes, "sure whatever" and looks aways from the table going, "I'm not lying, I had A/K" and the dealer turns the hand over and shows K/7, and no match on the table. She still doesn't understand why we started laughing, since the dealer flipped them and reflipped them quickly before she saw it. So now we've got a good read on two aggresive players. This worked later when I checked a straight draw and got raised by one of the aggressive players to 800. I reraised to 2200. He folded the hand.

On a poor note, I wasn't being aggressive enough and missed some nice hands I could have seen with my chip stack. One time I would have flopped a straight, another quads. We finally get down to about 25 players and I have a player to my right in the small blind that limps in. I have Q/8 suited. The flop is 3/8/J with two of the cards being to my suit. Small blind checks, The blinds are 800/1600 and 100 antes. I feel a little weakness plus I've got the flush draw and go all in for 8000 chips. Small blinds calls with 3/8 for two pair.(NO MORE LETTING PEOPLE GET CHEAP LOOKS AT FLOPS). I miss the flush and get knocked out in the next hand since I had some chips left. Did I need to go all in?? 4000 or 3000 might have had the same effect of finding out where I stood. I almost never go all in. My point being, it was a lesson, I paid for it, and I won't do it again.

5/15/06 7th out of 2458 Final Table - This was the
40K Guaranteed at 10:20pm on Party Poker - Nice to make another final table.

5/13/06 Top 100 in step Million I played my free roll on's step to their million dollar game. Made the top 100 and we move on. Top 200 move on next on the 20th of May. I also played some sit and goes and steps. Came in 2nd a few times. Played the 200K on Party Poker. Just couldn't get anything going or I was getting called with horrible hands and then getting runner runnered. Happens. Wish your mother a happy day

5/7/06 Well, I'm back home. Went to the Borgata on Saturday hoping to play in the $340.00 tournament. I go to register and the girl behind the cage says, "This is a two day tournament". I say, it's supposed to finish in one day. She comes back and says it's a two day game and I won't get back my money back for the Sunday game I'm sponsored in from you guys. So I skip the Saturday game and wait till Sunday. The Saturday game ended in one day.

Sunday, we're suppose to start at 11:00am but we get pushed to 12:00pm. We start with around 325 people give or take. Top 6 will move on. After 4.5 hours, we're down to 210 people. This is going to be a long game. At my table, I've got 4 people that are just shoveling chips at us. After 2 hours, I'm probably up 50% in chips. Best hand I had was early in the tournament with the blinds 50/100. I get As/Ad against ?? I raise to 200. Two pros look at me and fold putting me on high pairs. I'm last to act, and I get 3 other callers for the extra hundred. At these blinds, I'm willing to slow play this hand a little. The flop is 6/9/10 with the 9/10 being suited to spades. Right off the bat, Someone raises to 1500. This one person has been raising all night. I call. The turn is a Qs. He checks. I check just in case he caught a straight or two pair plus I might catch the other spade I need. I'm still last to ace. The river is a 4 of spades. I catch my nut flush. The other guy leads out with 3000. I've got around 8000 and I'm hoping he is a little off the wall and if I value bet, it will send red flags all over the place. I go all in mumbling under my breath about 2 pair, worst hand of my life, horrible all in and yes, I know it's bush league but I'm taking a shot at someone that comes across as not playing very long and is very aggressive and hasn't laid many hands down. He didn't have a spade and lays the straight down he hit on the turn.

I missed a straight later in the game that hurt a little bit and then for 40 hands, I just stopped getting cards. I finally get K/K. I raise and get two callers. Flop is 6/4/4. Everyone checks to me, I get called when I bet by one person. He checks again on the turn when a 6 comes out and I let out with 2000 and get called. I'm thinking he's got the 6 for the set. He still checks on the River and I raise another 2000 and I only get called as he shows the full house, 6's over 4's. He actually hit the 6 and 4.... So now I'm getting very short stacked. We've got antes. Everyone is starting to get a little looser with their raises since we've got 4 big chip stacks that came from other tables. I'm waiting for a decent hand and I'm folding left and right with garbage and the antes are working their magic on my stack. Finally, I get K/K and move all in with 2200 chips. I get one called with J/J and while he flops a flush draw on me, my K/K's hold up. I get high pairs back to back and move all in before the big and small blind. I get called with A/A and I'm out of the game. I made it down to about 200 and got some bad beats during the game. That's poker. This tournament actually had some very strong players that I've played before. Missing my straight and the other guy hitting the full house on the flop didn't help. My K/K near the end gave me some hope but I just ran out of great cards in this game.

On another note, I'm now a contributing editor in the Pro section of "". You can check out and you'll see me in the July 2006 issue. This magazine is owned by Jill Ann Spaulding who is a excellent poker player in her own right and was a Playboy model in a past life.

May 27th is the next sponsored event for me by Aztec Mining in the Party Poker Million tournament. Anything I win, I'm splitting with Aztec Mining and their shareholders. If you'd like to invest in me, get a piece of an online casino and a real casino, Aztec Mining is publicly traded under the ticker AZTM. If I hit one of these tournaments, AZTM is going to fly. The stock only trades at .002 and if I hit something, in my opinion, this is going to move strongly. The news about Aztec buying a casino hasn't been PR'ed other then in a 10-K and when I read it, I put it in my Press release last month. You're going to see some strong revenue numbers from this company on it's own and if I hit, bang! to the moon.

If another tournament is coming up on other online sites and you'd like to sponsor me, let me know. I'll consider any offers if I'm available.

Vegas is only 3 months away...

5/4/06 3rd out of 220 I took a shot at the Million sub tournament again on Party Poker. Top two move on. I lost with J/J to a 2/6/7 flop. Blinds were 4000/8000. I raised to 25000 and got two callers. Small blind checks after the flop, Big blind lets out with 8000. I go all in. Small blind calls for a set of 7's. Typical PP. Didn't hit my J's and I'm out. One from the money....

5/03/06 54th out of 3500 This was the Freeroll for the WSOP Main Event from Party Poker. I was having a decent night and then got A/K in the small blind. Everyone folded, I raised 3 times the blinds and the other guy goes, I got A/A. Not what I wanted to hear and I certain he was telling the truth. I'd still have over 30K in chips if I was wrong but he was telling the truth. I was able to double up once after that but I finally had to bite the bullet with 4 left and took a shot at 3/4 suited against a/8. Didn't hit anything and I'm out. 4 from the money.


April 2006

4/23/06 2 out of 29 This was a step tournament on for an bigger tournament and I also came in first on a sit and go for a 2nd step up. Winning these events gives you tickets to use in other events that you get to decide on.

4/22/06 I didn't hit anything in the Million today. Party Poker just wasn't tossing me hands and when they were tossing me hands, they didn't hold up. Out of 300 hands, I hit 4 of them. My flop percentage was around 12% where it needs to be around 35% or better. On the other hand, I did come in the top 200 out of 3500 in the WSOP Free Roll. Still not in the money but a hell of a lot better then the Million. Thanks again to for sponsoring me to the Million. 11 more to go! Do you have any AZTM stock yet???

4/20/06 Aztec Mining and to sponsor Scott Neuman to 12 - One Million dollar tournaments, one per month for 12 months
Ok, I'm playing for Aztec Mining which is a publicly traded company in 12 - One Million dollar tournaments in the next 12 months on online poker rooms. Aztec is paying the entry fees. I just need to win. Considering that Aztec isn't showing a huge amount of revenues, if I hit anything in the top 10 final table players in these games, I could possibly push the value of the stock up from my revenues. The stock trades at .001. I'll play one per month for them plus anything else they want to sponsor me for. The first one is this Saturday at 4:30pm on Party Poker. The company and I will decide where and when the next one is but for now, Party seems to be the place for this deal. I'm hoping this will generate revenues for the company. The Stock ticker is AZTM. Do me a favor. I play just fine. Don't bet the house on AZTM. I have to beat around 2500 players each time I play. Can I do it? Best I've done against that amount of people on line was 4th place. I have won tournaments before but with less people. Do your own homework on this stock and on my play when deciding to invest in this stock. Wish me luck. You can follow my play at and I'll put out bulletins in the future. I do want to mention one thing. The float for this company is 100 million shares. If hit anything of value, I could push the company from .001 to .01 overnight. This is my opinion but any buying pressure should move it fast. Please understand, I have no inside information on this stock other then my homework I've done. I've been hired to advertise the company via my playing and being sponsored by them. But my deal is my standard deal of 50/50 on anything I win when sponsored by Aztec Mining and Can you feel the love? If you buy any shares of AZTM, let me know. Scott.

4/20/06 Borgata Ultimate Satellite Entry Closed!
It only took a few hours - One of you has paid the $1100.00 entry fee for me to play at the Borgata Ultimate Satellite. I only need to come in around top 10 to win free entries to 4 major tournaments worth over $100,000,000 in prize money. This person nows gets to split almost everything I might earn between now and the end of year in the major tournaments this prize represents. Keep following this site and for future writings.

4/19/06 56 out 1040 NL Texas Holdem - Party Poker - The Thursday Night Big Game - Over $156,000 in the pot. I had a decent run tonight. But you have to love Party Poker. When it wants to get rid of you and let the bigger stacks move on, it will take you out. I had k/k at the end, went all in and got called by 7/9 unsuited just for odds. Hits 7/7 on the flop. I felt the love.

4/16/06 32 out 1057 Limit Texas Holdem - Party Poker - I don't play limit much but for $6.00, I figured I'd take a shot. I did ok but when I got A/K, then A/K then A/A and lost on all three hands, my 2nd place position went away.

4/14/06 14th out of 222 Omaha PL Hi/Lo - Party Poker

4/9/06 - Top 2 out of 220 Semi for the One Million Dollar Guaranteed tournament on Party Poker that will be played on 4/22/06. This is the tournament I'll be playing for Aztec Mining and In this tournament, top 2 move on out of 220. So I had to beat at least 110 people on average. What a wild game. Told the wife today that the hardest part of playing poker was laying hands down. I made some the best lay downs of my life. With 3 people left on the table, I laid down J/J to an A/A(We were showing) and I laided down K/K to A/A with the board flopping A/K/2/A/J rainbow. When my meager bet got called, I knew I was in trouble. Guy hits quads on the turn and slow plays and I'm last to act. I got away cheap on this one. I was sucking out people all night, Calling A/K's and catching decent pairs(Yes I'm ahead) or calling high cards with suited connectors to see the flop and nailing the nuts. It was just an amazing night to play. So I've won two free entries tonight to other games. I've got 3 free rolls to play on Party. I'm going to start playing more on Goldenpalace, and just to move around. More and more people on Party are getting to know me. By the way, the other guy in tonight's million was my neighbor about 8 miles away in the next town. We were joking early in the game how it would be a one two punch for Ocean County, NJ. Amazing that we both made it.

4/9/06 - Top 6 out of 136 The 100K Party for Free qualifier on Party Poker Top 9 moved on to the April 23rd game for $100K. Played the WSOP Free Roll today. Got sucked out with A/A against J/J. Made it to about top 600. Flopped the J and that was all they wrote.

4/6/06 - top 50 out of 3500 Party Pokers WSOP Sub Event Free Roll again. I've played once each week and came in top 50 each week for the free roll on Saturday. I also won a spot for another way to hit the Vegas WSOP that I still have to play.

4/4/06 - 17th out of 209 PL Omaha - Party Poker - Bad beat hits again when I get a/a/2/k and lost to a runner runner back door flush. Still, I had a great game and made it to the final two tables.
4/2/06 - 221 out of 2839 500K Guaranteed on Party Poker - Had a decent night, considering I had my two wisdom teeth yanked out by the doctor yesterday and the happy pills make me feel no pain. I sucked everyone out when I went all in with A/K suited to the diamonds and flopped two of the diamonds against K/K and Q/Q and turned the other diamond to double up and get out of trouble.
Finally went out at 221th place with a 5/5. Raised 3 times the big blind and got called. Flop was 4/4/7. Had about half the pot left and went all in and hit 4/K suited. Guy flopped a set. I figured him for high cards at best. Lucky bastard :>. Anyway, I played a decent game all night.
4/1/06 - 192 out of 3444 This was the Free Roll Satellite for the WSOP. Top 20 win something. I'm stiffing it out for 5 hours. I've got around 18000 chips with the average around 40K. I get K/K and I'm last to act. One guy raises from 2000 to 5000. Another guy raises to 9000. My wife is funny and looks over my shoulder and asks what I'm going to do. I'm going all in and hope I get two callers but I know Party Poker and I can just feel the Q/Q K/K A/A but I'm praying for a A/K from the 2nd raiser. Since the two other players have more chips then I do, the both call my all in. The flop comes out looking really good, the turn is wonderful, and both players go all in. the river shouldn't hurt and Q/Q and K/K fall to A/A. Just bad luck but I got close this time and if it was a money game, I'd be in the money. I'm in the 500K on Party Poker tomorrow. See you there.


March 2006

4/2/06 - 221 out of 2839 500K Guaranteed on Party Poker - Had a decent night and sucked everyone out when I went all in with A/K suited to the diamonds and flopped two of the diamonds against K/K and Q/Q and turned the other diamond to double up and get out of trouble.
Finally went out at 221th place with a 5/5. Raised 3 times the big blind and got called. Flop was 4/4/7. Had about half the pot left and went all in and hit 4/K suited. Guy flopped a set. Lucky bastard :>. Anyway, I played a decent game all night. Below is the final hand.
4/1/06 - 192 out of 3444 This was the Free Roll Satellite for the WSOP. Top 20 win something. I'm stiffing it out for 5 hours. I've got around 18000 chips with the average around 40K. I get K/K and I'm last to act. One guy raises from 2000 to 5000. Another guy raises to 9000. My wife is funny and looks over my shoulder and asks what I'm going to do. I'm going all in and hope I get two callers but I know Party Poker and I can just feel the Q/Q K/K A/A but I'm praying for a A/K from the 2nd raiser. Since the two other players have more chips then I do, the both call my all in. The flop comes out looking really good, the turn is wonderful, and both players go all in. the river shouldn't hurt and Q/Q and K/K fall to A/A. Just bad luck but I got close this time and if it was a money game, I'd be in the money. I'm in the 500K on Party Poker tomorrow. See you there.

3/30/06 - 13 out of 3500 WSOP Free Roll on Party Poker. Nice that I made it down to 13th place. I can't wait to see what I do on Saturday.

3/27/06 - CEO Scott Tobia of Aztec Mining and Sportbookandpoker .com released a press release to his shareholders about my playing for the company. Here is the link.

3/26/06 - Sorry, I never updated the board from the Borgata SS. Here is my email to the fan club.
O' what fun. I started out well enough in the Borgata Super Satellites. We started at 11:00am with 5000 chips and the rounds were 40 minutes long. I'm at chip average for most of the night but after about 6 hours, I stopped getting cards. Nothing to bet on and any bets I might make will be called by 2 or 3 other people with much better cards. Finally, I go take a shot with two in front of me. I raise all in with K/J suited and 2 others call me. The flop is A/Q/9 and I've got a straight draw. One guy bets half the pot and the other guy folds. Better turns over 9/9 for a set. I don't hit the 10 and I'm out with about 170 left of 420 in the tournament.

I take a shot on Monday in the 7:00pm rebuy tournament. I don't have to do any rebuys and I'm having a great game. We get down to 6 tables, I go all in on a A/9 with 4 in front of me on a tight table. My table image is pretty tight and everyone folds except the chipleader. He calls my all in for about 3500 chips. He's got 10/9 suited. The flop is a A/K/Q and he needs a J to win. The Turn is a Q and I've got two pair but the river does bring out the J and I'm out.

I'm hoping to be sponsored for more tournaments. Sportbookandpoker .com sponsored me for the Borgata and since they are a publicly traded company, you can buy their stock under the ticker AZTM. I'm working on a deal that lets me play in 12 tournaments in 12 months worth $12 million dollars in prizes. AZTM shareholders will benefit if I place or win in these games.

Caesars is this weekend but I'm going to have to pass on it. I'm going to what is called PETS or a President Elect Training Session for Rotary International. It's training to the President of my local rotary club. It's a one year appointment. For those that bought shares in the Caesars event, this will roll over to the next major event I play in.

I'll try for Foxwoods in 3 weeks. I still need a full sponsor for the $7,000,000 Main event at Foxwoods. This is one of the bigger events so if I hit or get close, the publicity will be great plus the sponsor / advertiser gets half of what I win.

3/15/06 1st out of 149
500K Qualifier on Party Poker. Had a good and a bad night. Busted my tail to get to Step 5 on Party Pokers Step Tournament only to go out in number 6th place. Chased a Straight Flush draw on the flop and with a starting chips of only 1000, it was my shot to take. I didn't hit it and the other player flopped the straight. I would have been higher for either hand. But the 500K, I took first place out of 149 with only 6 moving on.

3/12/06 Top 50 out of 3500 Hit the WSOP Free Roll again on Party Poker. Check the image.I had 494748 chips. I was chip leader for most of the game. I hit a huge hand with A/K and one player went all in, then two more and I'm like someone has K/K or A/A but no one did and I hit the Ace on the flop and won with the kicker.

3/12/06 Just in case anyone is going to be at the Borgata on the 19th of March, I'll be playing in a $1100 Sub tournament for 4 different WSOP/WPT events. Prize is $60,000 in entry fees for 4 of the biggest tournaments of the year. I'll be sponsored and I'll announce the sponsorship on Tuesday.

3/11/06 170th out of 3500 This was the WSOP Freeroll , I won below. had a great game. Caught top pair on my last hand. Got slightly raised and I decided to reraise the pot. I got put all in with A/J against 8/K. Guy hits the J on the river, knocking me out of the game. That was a lot of fun though and playing these WSOP free rolls are great. I recommend it to everyone. They have free rolls every 3 hours.

3/6/06 48th Out of 3500 Played in a freeroll in Party Poker for the WSOP SEMI Freeroll. They take the top 50. I had a great game and would have gone further but I've got this rotten cold and I can't sleep from the cough syrup. Tonight was the best I've played in awhile. I won a SNG Step table on Party and moved to step 4 out of five.

3/6/06 6 out of 145 Final Table Result I won a free entry in the $100,000 Party for Free tournament on Party Poker. You have to be top 9 in the tournament. 145 started. I came in the money and a final table finish.

February 2006

2/26/06 169nd out of 2724 In the Money - Party Poker $750,000 Guaranteed Tournament. For almost 200 hands, I didn't have anything playable or would have won. Took shots at a lot of pots but nothing going on. I was down to 500 chips and finally started getting cards and doubled up a few times and worked my way back to 60,000 chips. Then I went back down to about 22000 chips with Blinds at 2000/4000 and 100 antes, I got K/K against A/K and the guy rivered the Ace knocking me out of the tournament. I was in the money, down about 3 or 4 levels in payoffs. Hope you enjoyed the game if you watched.

2/23/06 98th out of 2443 In the Money - Party Poker $40,000 Guaranteed Tournament. Went out with Q/Q against A/Q and the guy flops A/A/9. No queen and I'm done for the night.

2/20/06 45th out of 1240 Sub Tournament for the UltimateBet TV show. This was a little strange. You had to play $5.00 and if you were in the top 50% of the tournament, you won a free roll to the Sub Tournament for the Ultimatebet TV Show. I placed 45th and the final 5 tables when I got knocked out on a 10/A to a J/A with an Ace on the table. I was in the top chip count all night and was at chip average when I lost. Only the top 3 move on, so you had a 400 to one chance of winning.

2/18/06 THERE ARE NO MORE SHARES to Vegas!!! I'm going to Vegas for the Main Event, (I was going either way but now It's official). We've sold out all the shares. has agreed to sponsor me one more time and this time it's for the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event and they've bought the remaining shares. The Tournament will take place at the end of July at the Rio Casino and Hotel. No more shares are available for sale. I will be pulling the Ebay auction down shortly for Vegas. Atlantic City and Foxwoods are still up for sponsorships. Foxwoods will be hot. There will probably be over 700 players at Foxwoods and the first prize should be around $2,000,000. If you want me to play for you, let me know. Foxwoods is only 4 hours from my home and I'll make the drive. As for Vegas, for those of you that got in, good for you. For those of you that wanted to wait for what, I have no clue, I'm sorry but this deal is over and there are no more shares. I'm looking forward to the tournament and I'm really hoping I bring back the gold for everyone of you that put your faith in me and sponsored me. I'm still on tilt from the Borgata(I'll get over it). Keep checking back on my site for more info and updates. One more thing, I'm moving my offices from about a 5000 sq ft area to a 17000 sq ft area. Business just took off in the last 8 weeks. I need the room. The only reason I mention this is that for Feb and March, I'm focusing my energies on paying for the extra space and growing my company which means you'll see less postings of games. After March, when I'm sure everything is settled with my company, I'll start playing a lot more. Thanks again for your support. Scott One more thing, for those of you that haven't played at, take a look at the site, sign up and play some test games. They have games for almost any budget and the sign up bonuses might be one of the best in the industry. Here is the link: I've been working out and losing weight. I've cut out sugar, coffee and most pastas from my diet. Amazingly enough, from Sept 2005 to now, I've drop from 230 pounds to 199 pounds. I'm looking for another 10 to 15 pounds and I'll be happy. For those of you that saw my photos from the Borgata Open, I looked heavy. My gut is over my belt. Double chin and the imagine I'm setting in front of my opponents wasn't what I wanted. If my chin is bouncing, I think that is a tell.. So off came the weight and I look a hundred percent better (and no more headaches either). I'll suggest that if you're overweight or want to drop weight, this change in my eating habits made a huge difference. Now the only problem is, I have to buy new suits since I dropped a full size or two. Man, everything has a double chin. Not any more though.

2/18/06 top 25 Top 25 in the TV Show Qualifier. I move on to the Feb 20th Game to play for a seat at the Feb 25th Game live from Hollywood Park Casino. In other news, I've been playing Sit and Goes on Party Poker. I keep winning the $50.00 sit and goes. So far, I've won 5 out of 7. Not that this is a lot of money but Party Poker changed the amount of chips you start with and the amount of time you play hands now and also raised the starting blinds for some of the games. I like it and I look forward to the change. It does affect the way you play the tournaments.

2/11/06 107 out of 1550 Saturday Night 200K on Party Poker - In the Money - This was the game I won the entry fee for mentioned below. This game was too funny. I was never more then 2000 over average. At around 290 people in the game, I stopped getting cards. Nothing, no pairs, no high cards, no suited connectors, no unsuited connectors. I'm sitting here going, I've got to get moving, I've got chips to catch, hands to win but anytime I raise or bluff, I got reraised and other then one all in that I did win with K/J vs A/10 and I rivered the K, I had nothing to play with. I have around 2000 chips with the blinds 400/800 and I decide to just sit tight and if I get a great hand, I'll take a shot. I won just one blind all in with A/A when I was short stacked but like I said, not much was going on and everyone folded to me. I finally make it into the money at 180 people with 1800 chips. I go once around and as the blinds start to come to me, we break the table and I drop down behind the button. I roll into the blinds again and still don't get a hand. "Lets see how far I can go without making a bet" I say to myself. I'm down to 600 chips but I'm also down to 140 people and into the next level. I need to make it to 120 players for the next level. The blinds roll around again and I catch both blinds and move on and go below 120 for the next level. So far, I'm through 3 paying levels. I almost make it to the next level when I run out chips in the blinds. Out at 107 people. But what a rush. This was too much fun. I've seen people go all the way down to #4 in tournaments just winning the blinds and then actually start winning hands and moving back up. I did the same thing in the Aussie Million sub on Party Poker that I won. So I made some chip change(nothing huge), had some fun and got to promote my Lakewood Rotary Club's 50/50 drawing for $12500 in two weeks wink wink, hint hint, nudge nudge, know what I mean? There are only 300 tickets and there will be two prizes. Go to the site and download the order forms. It's for charity and it helps the school kids of Lakewood, NJ. Great kids but the school system is broke. We're buying a huge amount of books for the elementary school. First time in 5 years, they've had new books other then the ones we buy for them. If you're in NJ, plan on coming to the Woodlake Country Club in Lakewood, NJ on Feb 25th at 6:00pm. We're having casino night with great prizes(can you make a cash or item donation?) Buffet dinner and $150 in gambling money. We always have fun and a great turn out. Tickets are only $50.00 at the door or by pre-ordering from me. I can not accept They turned my account off because of my love for poker. So send your donations, items or your request for 50/50 tickets for $100.00 each to Scott Neuman C/O The Lakewood Rotary Club P.O. Box 526, Lakehurst, NJ 08733. You can call me at 848-333-8899 with any questions.

2/11/06 174 out of 3532 $7500 Free roll on Party Poker. If this is any indication of how I'll do in Vegas, I'm feeling pretty good. This was a free roll from Over 3532 people started this game. I was pretty strong for the entire game and then got nailed on two hands. For most of the game, I was 3 to 4 times chip average. Finally got K/Q and did get 2 more K's but the other guys A/K beat me. This was a fun game and I was also playing my $200K entry from earlier at the same time. We're down to 532 on a break and I'm above chip average. They start paying at 220 but I'm looking for a win tonight. I'm just feeling good. Party Poker

2/11/06 1st Place 1st place SitnGo for Party Pokers $200,000 guaranteed Saturday Night tournament. Nice to sit, take a beating and lose half your chips on a bluff and then come back to win the game. Final hand has me raising with J/K suited with 3800 chips and I get put all in with J/J and his 3200 chips. Lets gamble. I river the K and move on to tonights $200K on Party Poker. I'll post the results later.

2/07/06 7th Place Final Table Finish for the 750K Sub tournament on Party Poker. I was having a great game and over chip average and there come thoses 7's again. I get rivered all in with 10/10 vs 7/7 and lose almost 6000 chips. I'm starting to hate 7's. I'm down at 2300 chips and lose two bluffs and I'm down to 1200. I then double up on an A/10 vs A/2 and I hit the 10 on the Turn and then doubled up again on an A/K vs A/10. I'm up and down all night in this game and we finally get down to 8 people. 7 move on. I was short stacked at 900 with the blinds at 500 and 1000 and I have to bet and I get two callers. If I lose, I get $27.00. If I win, I get my entry paid for the $750K on Party Poker. I have A/9 which is looking pretty good at this point and I river an Ace to knock off a pair of Jacks. I also triple up. Two more rounds go by and the other short stack on the table is now behind and getting put all in by the blinds. I've only got 900 chips at this point, but the small blind has less and goes all in with 800 chips with K/10 and gets called with A/J by the big blind and the Ace holds up. Real nice bunch of guys and gals at that table. Everyone of them got bookmarked. It was a pleasure to play them. This was a tough night for me. I come back from the Borgata with a tooth ache and a fever from the stomach flu that is going around and the flu went away but the tooth ache got worse. I had an appointment to finally pull my wisdom teeth but the ache became an abscess. So now I'm fighting the dull thud of the abscess and wondering if I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday or not. Either way, I'm not going to play Harrah's $1500 or $2000 this weekend. Wish everyone the best and good luck with your game.

2/02/06 Some one told me I was added to Pokerwire's running totals list for the Borgata Classic. Since I didn't know where I stood, I looked it up and I was in 38th place on the listings at one point. Here is the link This was before dinner. The next link is after dinner.

January 2006

1/31/06 - This close. I was this close. I'm in the 1st Annual Borgata Winter Classic Poker main event. For 6 hours, I'm on fire. I'm above chip average. I'm picking up hands left and right. For some reason I've got this ultra tight image and I'm getting people to lay down monster hands when I've got nothing with meager raises. It was too funny. My best hand was having K/Q. The player to my right acts first and raises to 600. I call(I forgot her name but she just won an event at the Showboat and she's wearing her WSOP ring), The flop is a 10/Q/K. I'm feeling pretty good. The other player checks and I raise to 600 and get called. The turn is an J and now I'm wondering where I stand. (The blinds were 100/200). The other player raises to 1000. Now for a 1000, I'm getting a cheap look and I call. I river the Q for a full house. The other player checks. I think for moment, do I go all in and if she hit the straight, she might just fold. She's been pretty tight. So I decide to raise to 2500 and hope she either calls or goes all in and pray she didn't have K/K or A/A(but not from how she was betting I don't think so). She calls and she did hit the straight on the turn and I pick up a decent pot. Now this is a tight table. Most everyone is laying down hands after the flop and very few hands make it to the river. Finally someone gets knocked out, a table above us is broken up and Steve Dannenmann moves to our table. Steve is playing very tight and only playing good cards. Best kill hand at the table was Steve raises and gets called. The flop is 7/7/K. Steve raises and the other guy goes all in for 25000 chips. Steve instantly calls. The other guy has trip kings. Steve has quad 7's on the flop. WOW. What a time to get a set of Kings.

I was at table 27, so as we are breaking, I'm sitting on about 42000 chips. I'm having a great day. I'm above chip average. We finally break and I move to another table (7 I think), and I went from the tightest table to the loosest table. I'm sitting waiting for cards, everyone is raising and reraising and rereraising each other. I pick up a few pots and I move up about 55000 when I get A/A against someones A/K. We break for Dinner, I come back and toss a few garbage hands and I finally get K/K. Now, I lost K/K on the final table of the WSOP Circuit event at Harrah's last year, I lost them on the Ultimatebet million earlier this month and I'm on the loosest table with the craziest people I've ever played. I just can't get a strong read on 4 of the players. So the blinds are 400/800 with a 100 ante. I raise to 3000. I get reraised to 10000 from some older guy I've never seen before. Again, I'm on a super loose table and I feel the guy is just pushing me around, testing the waters. I was going to push all in but it's easier to see a flop and he's reraising me with something. The flop is a 6/8/8. I'm feeling pretty good about this flop. I'm first to act. I toss out this super weak bet of 5000 chips and I'm hoping he reraises me. He does to 15000 chips. At this point, I've got around 30000 chips and I'm done. I go all in because I don't want this hand to go any further, and if he doesn't have A/A (which I don't think he has), then he should just lay the hand down. He goes all in right away and I'm like, Damn he's got A/A but he doesn't. He called me with 7/7. He is 12% to win the hand with two cards to go. He rivers the 7 and knocks me out of the tournament. He turns to me and says, "sorry son, that's poker". He's right, and bad beats are part of the game. If I had hit that hand, I would have been in the top 10 for chips. send down 4 players this weekend. Myself, Luke Neely, Thomas Koral and Adam. I was chip leader of our group when I got knocked out and I'm sure from how I was playing that if I had won that hand, I would have been in the money. I might be playing in the Circuit events for Harrah's and Caesars if anyone wants to sponsor the events. seems pleased by my work this weekend and I'm hoping they'll be sending me to other events. None of the players from the Team made it to the money with Luke Neely getting the best of the tournament.

So I'm out of the tournament, I decide to piss my wife off and play in the $500 Event #10 since I won a sit and go for the $500.00 at the Borgata. I wake up that morning and my stomach is killing me and feeling a little chilling. I pass it off on the seafood I ate at the Met the night before(but hey, they were good), I'm playing well again and after about 7 hours, I get A/Q and the flop is a 10/J/K and I flop the nut straight. The Blinds were 400/800 and I raise to 2000 and I get called from a limper in the hand. The turn is a 3 and I raise to 4000. I get called. I'm like, he's either got two pair, a set or a straight. I can't imagine why he's in the hand but right now he's behind. The river is another 3 and I raise to 8000 which is close to all my chips. I get put all in and at that point, I'm tired, my stomach is aching, I'm starting to sweat pretty hard and I call the all in and he did flop a set of 10's. Nice hand for him, bad for me and I go up to my room and jump under the sheets chilled to the bone. My wife goes to Brigantine to Eckards and gets a thermometer and I'm reading 101. It wasn't the food. It was the flu. I played all day on Sunday sick and didn't know it.

Some other interesting things that happened was that I was quoted in some Borgata PR statements, I was also interviewed on for about 15 minutes and talked about my sponsors,, Rileybooks and I also talked about Rotary International and how anything I won, an override of my winnings goes back to my local Rotary Club and how I won the entry from my Ebay Auction. I had a great time other then being sick. I got to play a lot of great players and my game is still up to theirs at this level of poker. I will place in or win a major tournament shortly.

1/23/06 - I did play this weekend at the Borgata Winter Classic. Event 2 had around 1000 people. First prize was around $170,000. I played for about 9 hours but went out on J/J. The flop was 2/6/8. After the flop, I went all in and had 3 callers. K/K/ 10/10 and 9/9. Amazing. The kings held up or I would have tripled up. I did get close to the money and went out around 170th place. I was at table 4 so we never broke and I got to play the same people for hours. It was a very tight table and we lost maybe 4 people in the 9 hours. One guy at our table came in 3rd place.

I played Event #3 the next morning. Now Event 1 had 1100 people, Event 2 had over 1000. Event 3, 312 people give or take. I went from the tightest table to the loosest table. Everyone going all in almost after the flop. Lots of young kids getting caught in all sorts of garbage hands trying to muscle each other out of the hand. By the end of round 1, we'd lost 4 people. Round two, I get K/K, I give a mild raise since I don't want anyone to leave the hand with this monster. Blinds around 50/100. I raise to 400. I get two callers. The flop is 9/8/5 unsuited. I raise to 600 and get called by one person. I'm assuming he's got a 9 with a kicker. The turn brings out a 8 and I say to myself, time to take this hand down. Now we only get 5000 chips to start so I'm all in with my remaining chips. The other player to my left thinks for about 20 seconds and calls my all in putting himself pretty much all in. He turns over 9/7 suited and I'm leading. He needs a 9 or a 6 to win the hand. He hits a 6 on the river and knocks me out of the tournament. I call him a donkey and tell him he's got another hour in the tournament before he is out and I pick up my spinner. I tell everyone at the table good luck and walk away to play some SNG's. About an hour later, the guy comes up and says he misread the hand but that he was out of the tournament from another all in.

I play 3 SNG tournaments. Each one last about 2 hours. I come in 4th, 2nd and 1st. The SNG's pay $500.00 to win and $75.00 to come in 2nd or 3rd. Only $80.00 to play. I was a little short in one and the blinds move up every 20 minutes. We only get 1500 chips and with the blinds at 400/800, I held 700 chips, I get 3/3, ask the chip leader if he has a pair and he just nods his head, I take this to mean no, so I go all after a raise from the chip leader to 1800. He was beating up the table and I needed to take a shot and was praying he had high cards only and not a pair. It was better then that. He was just beating up the table. This time he had 2/J. One over card. The flop was 6/K/K/Q and look at that J coming out to knock me out of the SNG. Fate. It's my favorite expression. It was going to happen that way and there was nothing I could do to change it.

So I busted out of the main events and came in 2nd and 1st in two SNG's. I had no issue with how I played in the tournaments and I look forward to playing the Main Event next week.

I'll be back on Sunday to play the Main Event. We're getting 25000 chips and the rounds last 90 minutes. I'm sure I'll be there for the 2nd day unless I get another sicko that wants to go all in on a 9% chance to win.

Thanks for my sponsors in the last couple of weeks including Riley Books at, (heard from the reporter at the Borgata you were asking about me) and and of course,

My $10.00 Unit sale for the Las Vegas Main Event is still open but I can accept payments via mail with checks, money orders, cash sent registered mail and I'm looking into Citadel and Neteller as an alternative. You can also buy 90% of the sponsorship for $9000.00 up front. I've got my rooms books, I've got my plane tickets. I'm ready to go.

I'm told I'm going to be in this week so keep an eye out. Feel free to email me with any questions and thank you for your support.

1/19/06 - 31st out of 270 - Just one out of the money. Party Pokers PL Omaha game at 10:10pm. Pot was around $10,000. I had a decent game all night and held average till about 55. Missed two hand with high pairs and then just missed scooping 4000 chips when I hit a flush on the turn and the river brought out a 7 to give the person a low hand. Blinds took me down to the high 30's and just ran out of time. I even hit a set on the flop and missed the high and the low hand. In other news, it almost seems like Ebay is out to get me. While my ads for advertising sponsors reads the same as other peoples, mine are getting shut down left and right by Ebay for any number of made up reasons. The best one was I'm advertising to gamble online on my ebay auction. Nothing could be further from the truth and when I talked to a Ebay rep, she said it was a different department then hers. I was surprised to have Ebay call me at home but I did get some tips from her. I had to change my ads. Now you're buying spots on my World Series of Poker Jacket. I'm offering 1000 spots. You can buy as many spots as you want and it's like a Million Pixel website that seems to be popular. You buy as many or as little as you want and you get to put your name, idea, sponsor, company or just about anything that will fit in that spot. It should be very interesting when it's all said and done. I still can't use and's exact words to me was that I was completely violating their policy on gambling by allowing you to advertise with me. Who needs them. I've always accepted cash, checks and money orders. I'll continue to do so. Just mark which event you want your money to be for advertising.

1/18/06 - One of my sponsors called me and said they were wiring funds to my account. They were then told that the account is refusing the transfer. I call up and they stated to me that because I accepting sponsors and advertisers as it relates to "GAMBLING"(horror), that they were limiting my account and would not release any funds to me for 180 day and that I couldn't appeal this decision. HOW SCREWED UP IS THAT!!!!. I do have an email into explaining how I advertise companies for sponsorship fees and offer rebates for that sponsorship but no one is gambling with me. It's the reason we have an advertising sponsorship page. But for now, I'm not accepting any advertising/sponsorship funds via You can send check or money orders to Scott Neuman, but for the time being, stop using Feel free to call me at 848-333-8899 with any questions. All unit shares are still in place for this advertising promotion.

1/15/06 -
728 out of 2774 - Ultimatebet's Stone Cold Nuts Million Dollar game. I was sponsored by They (and I) were hoping that we'd hit the final table and receive the free pass to Vegas. There were 2774 players, I was hanging around 1500 and 2500 chips in the beginning. Caught a nice hand with A/10 and had two pair by the time it was done and moved to 4000 and then I finally get K/K. It was the first high pair I had all night. Blinds are 300/600. Guy limps in, I raise to 1200. I then get put all in to the guy on left. Everyone folds and I call the all in. Other guy turns over A/K like I thought he had. He didn't catch anything and I double up to 9000 chips with the blinds. The very next hand, I get K/K again. Guy raises, another guy raises, I reraise to 4000. Guy goes over the top and I call up to the 9000. I'm praying he doesn't have A/K or A/A. The flop is A/A/Q and he turns over Q/Q. I've only got 95 chips left when I go all in and he's ahead with a full house q's over a's. I just don't catch the other ace or K and I'm out. I'm very disappointment but I was trying to force the guy out of the hand and yes, I knew he had a good hand but I was hoping for a call. Hitting the full house was lucky for him and that's just poker. I had the better hand pre flop. Two hands later at my spot, K/K again. I was sponsored for this event by I've played on this network before and I really like it. Nice graphics, decent tournaments, lots of fish to fry. Give the site a try when you can. Top 200 got paid this time. I'll still be at the Borgata for the World Poker Tour Borgata Winter Classic for Event 2,3 and the Main Event care of

1/14/06 - 19th place out of 536 -'s Sub Tournament $100.00 NL Texas Hold'em. This was a sub for tomorrow's $1,000,000 Guaranteed tournament. Now already sponsored me for this event. But I'm bored, and I figured with one out five moving on, it shouldn't be that hard to get in. Winding up in 19th place felt good and I'm looking forward to winning the entry, but I am going to allow to still sponsor me for this event since I agreed to allow it.

1/10/06 - NEWS FLASH - For those of you that come to my site, you might have missed the banner above, has agreed to sponsor me for the Borgata Winter Classic Open and will pay the $10,000 entry fee. The tournament starts in 2 weeks. I'll be wearing my favorite outfit. Shirts, hats and of course, tattoo's across my back, with my boxing gloves on, sweating from a good hard workout.... wait a minute, wrong sport. This is for poker. So hat, shirt and tattoo on the hand and cheek again. Come by and say hi.

1/10/06 - 44th out of 1575 In the money - Pot was $31500. Went out on a coin toss with me holding a pair. Best hand, raised 5/5 and flopped 5/5/7. Tripled up on that one.Party Poker

1/10/06 - This one is good for a laugh. I was on and played a sub tournament for the WSOP event in Feb. I had J/J preflop and was raised and I called. The flop is Q/J/5, I raise and get reraised. Red flags going off all over the place. I'm sure he's got a set of q's but if it's a/q, I'll be pissed. Since it was only $24.00, I called and he had a set of q's. Out in three hands. Some Pro I turned out to be for - But see above. I came in the top 3%.

1/9/06 - 5th Place Final Table Out of 50. Sub tournament for the Party Poker Million. Only one was going to move on since every 32 players gets one place. With 50 in the game, the other three get a few dollars but not the free entry into the Million due to be played on the 21st of Jan 2006. I was having a great game and about half way, I held the two cards that I hate most. 10/Q. I'm in the big blind and no one raises with 5 limpers into the hand at 50/100 blinds. The flop comes out 9/10/10. What a nice flop for me. At this point in the game, High man has about 7000 chips. I've got about 5500. Average is 3200. I check the hand and guy to my left raises about 1200. He gets one caller and then to me to call. I'm assuming he hit the 10 but he's also an aggressive player and likes to test the hands a lot. Turn brings out the 3 and I raise 500 to test the waters also. He goes all in, the next guy goes all in and I'm like, Ok, we can't all have the 10 and yes someone can have the full house but right now, that's the only hand that will beat me. It's 3:30am, I'm tired, I say to myself, screw it, if he's got me, so be it, I'll crawl back in bed with the wife and kids and go back to sleep. I go for it and see I'm up against 8/10 and K/K. I'm leading!!. The river is a 4 and is a blank for everyone. I triple up and go into first place by a wide margin. By the end, I take a few bad beats and come in 5th place. I've been using IM under kickyouracepoker and I had a few people talking to me during the game. I enjoyed the conversations. I didn't find them the bother that I thought I would. I don't want to get into the conversations that much, but I'd just like to say it was fun. Party Poker

1/8/06 - 116th out of 1910. I'll rant. Yes, Going all in on Party Poker is luck when you go all in. But you ever notice how many times the worst hand wins? Anyway, over 1900 players in a $20.00 + $2.00 game brings the pot close to $40,000 and a $8,000 first prize. I made it to 116. Loose player ahead of me goes all in with 8/8. I call with J/J and he flops an 8. This was the only game I played today. Played a good game and came in the top 5%. Party Poker

1/4/06 - This must be national screw with the customer week. One of my vendors has moved their call center over to the Philippines. When they were in the USA or Canada, they were great but when they moved to the Philippines, I then had nothing but trouble. Examples are orders moving against my account that I didn't order, ($24,000 that took 3 months to remove from my account) Orders misshipped and items overshipped. Yesterday I come to work find a large amount of hard drives overnighted to me. The order taker increased my order by almost 700 percent. Created 3 separate invoices and fedex'ed everything from California to NJ. When you call for an RMA, I'm back in the Philippines and I have someone tell me that they can't give me an RMA without talking to the order taker. Think he'll cover his ass??? I do but I guess I'll find out in 3 days, which is what it takes before they'll create an RMA for me. They do have an online ordering system which is what I normally use but the system didn't allow part of my order so I had to call my friends in the Philippines. By the way, the order took 1.5 hours to place for what was supposed to be a few items or what should have taken 5 minutes online.

And for more fun, Ebay calls my house and complains to my wife about links in my pages back to He says that he's pulling all the ads if we don't remove and My wife gives him my cell number and then calls me to let me know I'm getting this call. It never comes. Two hours later, while I'm with customers, they pull all the poker ads. When I call to complain, I'm told nicely that they would never do that to a power seller without calling. And they were pretty friendly about it but they still pulled the ads. So score one for poor customer service for not getting the followup call. I did put the ads back up, but this time I just made sure that and didn't have direct links this time. BUT, it's ok to go to my ABOUT US page on Ebay and then have a link back to Now that one makes a lot of sense....

111 out of 194 - Didn't make the WSOP Choice Event on Full Tilt from below - Raised K/Q and the flop was 2/J/Q. Only one guy in the hand. He has about 3000 chips. I come back from having 230 chips to almost 1900 chips. He checks the hand. I go all in and try to steal the 900 that is there. He calls and shows J/K. So we both get a piece of it. The turn brings out 3 and He rivers the J for a set. Only 2 outs and he hits it. Right after that I played a step for the Cruise on Party Poker and won the table. I'm now on Step 2 with 2 to move up. Jan 3rd, 2006 - Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker

128 Out of 1311 - In the Money - $52000 Pot - NL Texas Hold'em - Would have liked to have gotten farther. Poor cards and good players. Lots of loose players going all in with 10/J unsuited, 8/7 suited. Wild night. Lost on a 3/3 all in to a J/J with the flop being A/2/2/A/K. Jan 1st, 2006 -
Party Poker


December 2005

This is the last post for the year and what an interesting year it was. I adopted my second child. I inked a relationship with based on my final table result at the WSOP circuit event in Atlantic City. I've made over 28 final tables in both online and live tournaments. I started offering shares for the WSOP main event in July 2006 and from the moment I started listing the shares, I started getting people that wanted a possible piece of the pie.

I did have something happened to me today and I probably overreacted but I had won the FTP sub event two night away. I really wanted to play in the $300NL New Years Eve event at the Borgata in Atlantic City. I felt it would be a great warm up for the Borgata Classic at the end of the month. I played well and finish not far from the money but at the same time, I couldn't get a response from FTP about moving my entry to the Tuesday event(I had thought it was for Jan 7th). I left a total of 5 emails on Friday and one on Saturday trying to get anyone to respond to me about moving my entry to Tuesday, the 3rd. At 10:30am this morning, I finally got someone to reply to me only to tell me that because I emailed them from my work address and not my home address, they would have to decline to look at my request. Since the message implied that they knew it was me but they would just ignore my message and simple request for an adjustment because of my return email address,(mind you that I have close to 50 email addresses because of my job and domain names that own) I felt this was grossly out of line. Now FTP has made adjustments for me in the past and I truly liked FTP up to this point. This was an example of how to kill a customer that does spend money on this site!! With all the poker rooms out there, pissing off a customer is the last thing any poker room should do. Finally at 11:00pm, I said screw it, and jumped in my car to play in the live event down at the Borgata. First prize was $19,000 and second was around $12,000 so the Borgata actually looked like the best bet. I get down there with 3 minutes to spare and play a decent game but boy, did I not get a lot of cards to play with. 2/7 became my middle name at the tables. And because it looked like I playing tighter then normally, any raise was meet with folds for the most part which made it hard to get ahead in the game. Sure I can pick up blinds but blinds won't keep you moving that much. Well, Debbie played my game in FTP since they never pulled (she actually did pretty well losing on the river to a person with two outs) my game but I still fired off a letter to them complaining on how it took 24 hours to get a reply and then not even helping on a simple request and you can't call them since they don't offer a phone number to call them at. (What is up with that?). I finally received a reply from Supervisior Chris G apologizing for the mistake, stating they were working on reducing the reply times to more normal levels and working with me on the tournament entry. FTP, what I'd like to see from your company. First, thanks. I appreciate the followup. As a business owner, I know how hard it is to retain customers. Yes, you do need to work response times. I'm not the only one that has stated this and it's been a complaint from more then one person in the last year. Two, add a phone number, even a message center, possibly a live message center. Someone has to sit there and run your site. Just a few people can answer messages in a timely fashion. I really think you'll pick up a ton of customers and it will be worth your while. I'm hoping to see a few of the FTP pros and I'll mention this to them at the Borgata Classic. As a last note. This has been a very stressful year. I'm glad it's over! I'm hoping that next year will be less stressful for my family and I wish all my fans and friends the best possible year. All I can say is, "Pay it forward". Make a difference in the world if you can. God bless you all.

1st Place Out of 39 - Won the Sub Tournament tonight from Full Tilt Poker for the Pick Your WSOP Event. I'll be playing this event on Dec 31st at 3:00pm and if I win, I move on to any number of WSOP events. On the other hand, I tanked on Party Poker in the 10:20pm Game. Just never got going and I was playing both games at the same time. 12/29/05 -
Full Tilt Poker

7th Place I was actually 7th twice tonight in sub tournaments for the Borgata Winter Classic on Full Tilt Poker and Bodog. Both are running sub tournaments where the top 3 or 4 move on. My luck finally ran out on me having the best hand in both tournaments but losing to the lesser hand. Both games had around 40 to 50 people playing but I did make the final table both times. 12/27/05

12-26-05 I wanted to wish everyone including the fan club(You know who you are) the best of holiday greetings and the best for you and your families for the coming year. All the best from the Neuman household and thanks to D.L. and Eddie at for making this a great year. Hopefully we'll have a better one in 2006. Best wishes to the Folks at Party Poker for letting me move my Aussie tournament win to the USA to help me out with the issues on my daughters adoption and last, best wishes to you. Make your dreams come true!! Don't let people tell you what you can and can not do with your life. - Goals for the 2006 year. I plan on playing in at least 5 WSOP/WPT Events this year in one form or another. I will play the 2006 WSOP Main Event in Vegas. I will play in the Harrah's and Caesars Events in AC. I will play both Borgata Events this year. I will play the Trump US Poker Championship Events. I might do Foxwoods this year. And I'm sure there will be other events. I'll keep updating you as the year goes by. Feel free to email me with any suggestions for the site or any questions about poker. I do have some students on board now and if you want lessons on tournament play, feel free to email me or look up my link for lessons.

1st Place Step Table for $200K Saturday night game on Party Poker - 899 people played the 200K. I played the two steps actually about three hours before the game. Got the free entry and did play on the 24th of Dec. Came in around 369th. I'm in the small blind and raised the big blind. Big has been super tight all night and I figure to take down his blinds since he's got just a little more then I do in chips and I can use the pot. Big calls my all in with a 4/4 against my Q/J suited. Flop came out 8/9/7/8/8 Wow, that was close. 12/24/05 -

7th Place out of 82 Final Table - CPC Qualifier 11 move on. I really like playing the cheap tables to get into the bigger tournamants. So far, I've won the cheap seats for the 200K on Saturday night that I placed in last night, I won the seat for the Million next week, I won the Aussie Million seat and then won the tournament to go to Aussie land(which I'm not, see below) and now I won the CPC qualifier. My motto, "why pay the full boat when you can have someone else buy your ticket for you" but really, I played a good game. My image was slightly tight this time and my raises were normally met with folds. 12-11-05 - Party Poker

61st out of 1228 In the Money - $200K Guaranteed Saturday - Had a decent game all night and a decent payoff. Finally got caught on a raise with Q/J and put most of my chips in against an all in with 10/10. Didn't hit the Q/J and it shorted me out a little bit. Still held out till the low 60's. One more and we would have split the table and I might have lasted longer - 12-10-05 - Party Poker

32nd out of 2427 Final Four Tables - In the Money - $40,000 Guaranteed NL Texas Hold'em - I hate getting down the final four tables. I'm this close to $10,000 and I just stopped getting anything that would have won. I bluffed 4 times mostly close to the button and still got put all in all 4 times and all 4 times, the other guy turns his cards over and shows a/a or k/k. Can't blame them for trying to put me all in, but a bluff once and while that worked would be nice. You also don't get a huge payoff at 32 but still, drinks and dinner at Chief Voila in AC is always nice on Party Poker. - 12/9/05 - Party Poker

2nd Place Final Table - Out of 201 - Qualifier for the Million Dollar Guaranteed Tournament on 17th of Dec. One out of three moved on. We were down to four and it basically came down to number 3 and 4 not betting and bigger chip stacks wearing us both down. I made it to number 3 with 4000 chips and the other guy got blinded out. Then I came back all in 4 times and went to over 100,000 chips, not that it really mattered since I moved up the Million game anyway. NL Texas Hold'em. 12/7/05 - Party Poker

220th out of 235 - 1000NL Texas Hold'em - WSOP Showboat Atlantic City 12-3-05 - Had the best hand. We both went all in after flop. He got runner runner for the flush with me holding top pair above his. Life goes on. In addition, I had an investor for the Aussie Million in Jan 2006. Since the adoption of my daughter isn't finished yet, I've declined to go and I've return half the fee to my investor who made 500% on his money. For those of you that don't know, the 2nd adoption almost exploded with the birthmother claiming fraud, duress and other amazing things from the agency that placed the baby with us. The case was dismissed last week by the courts(after 4 months and a lot of legal fees) but one thing the judge is doing is allow the birthmother the right to take another shot at the agency and us. The entire trial, the judge bent over backwards to try to return the child even though NJ state law is very clear about surrendering your baby to an agency. The law is its irrevocable after 3 days. The judge was trying to make new case law and just ignored NJ law. If she comes back for one more try, it will make the third attempt to overturn the placement. Mind you, she has no issues with my family. Everything is directed at this licensed adoption agency and it's the first time they've ever been sued for a placement. Anyway, cross your fingers, I've been playing some great games as of late and this does take a little of the load of my family, unless she sues again. I can't believe the judge didn't stop this!


Current Results as of November 2005

November 2005

2nd place out of 1537 - Final Table - $15000 NL Texas Holdem Tournament - 11/24/05 - In the money - Party Poker

128th out of 1116 $200,000 Saturday night Guaranteed - 11/19/05 - In the money - Party Poker

31st Place out of 2000 - NL Texas Hold'em Speed Tournament - In the Money. Speed Tournaments are just too much fun. Everyone rushes to gather points because the blinds move up every 3 minutes. Then when you get to around 350 players left, everyone slows down to get into the money. With the blinds at 30,000 and 60,000, luck starts entering in to it heavy. Strange things happen, you'll move tables quickly, you'll have the button jump right over you or stand still depending on who got knocked out. People go generally nutz in this game. Ultra loose play normally. Give it try if you get a chance. November 18th, 2005 - Party Poker

4th Place out of 163 - Final Table - Not in the Money. How come? There was only one prize of $13500. This was a sub tournament for the 2006 Party Boat on Party Poker. Had an A/10 and got put all in with a K/K with only 4 left at the table. Took me down to 9000 chips so I went for it. Chip leader had K/K. Didn't hit the A and I'm out. Only one moves on out of the 163. Normally three or four would move on but this was a party poker points entry. No cash in the kitty. Just 20,000 party poker points. Still if this was a money game, I would have won $5000.00. Game came down to Bucfan7 and Karpel. Final hand was 9/9 for Bucfan7 all in and got called with 10d/Ad. Flopped a 10 and it was over. Good luck to Karpal at the WPT event. November 13th, 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - Final Table - In the Money - $7000 Guaranteed 7 Card Stud - Nov 3rd, 2005 - Party Poker


October 2005

3rd Place out of 77 - Final Table - In the Money - Feeder to WPT Poker Finals - Oct 28th 2005 -

1st Place (15 of them) $50.00 NL Texas Holdem STT TURBO - What is a Turbo - has this game that you can play single, six or nine people and the blinds move up every 1 minute. I played about 20 of them in two hours. I won 15 of them. Not sure why so much, but I wasn't rivering hands a lot and I was playing the single player tables. You start finding that you play the same people and you get to learn how they play. As long as you keep changing up your play, you stay ahead of the game. Raise sometimes, fold other times, counter raise with nothing and then fold. It screws up the other person sense of feel for your play. Anyway, give and see for yourself the Turbo tables - Oct 22th 2005 - Golden Palace

3rd Place $100.00 PL Omaha Hi Low SST - Oct 20th 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place $50.00 PL Omaha Hi Low STT - Oct 19th 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place $50.00 NL Texas Holdem STT - Oct 19th 2005 - Golden Palace

28rd Place out of 1040 - NL Texas Hold'em MTT - $50,000 pot - In the money - Oct 18th, 2005 - Party

23rd Place out of 450 - PL Omaha MTT - $30,000 pot - In the money - Oct 18th, 2005 - Party

11th Place - Out of 435 - Semi-tournament for Party for Free $100,000 Main Event on Oct 23rd 2005. - Oct 16th, 2005 - Party

2rd Place - $50.00 NL Texas Holdem STT - Oct 14th, 2005 - Party

3rd Place - $100.00 NL Texas Holdem STT - Oct 14th, 2005 - Party

1st Place - Party Poker Million V Cruise STT - Entry to the Semi Tournament - Oct 13th, 2005 Party Poker

1st Place - $50 NL STT - Oct 10th, 2005 - Party

6th out of 270 - Final Table - PL Omaha Hi Low - $8000 in the pot - Oct 9th, 2005 - Party

56th out of 943 - In the Money - Friday Special with a pot of $188,000 - Played well. Final out with an A/J Suited and called with an A/K. I flopped a straight draw but didn't hit it. I was in the top 10 at one point early in the match - Oct 7th, 2005 - Party

4th place - Final Table - Out of 2300 - $40,000 NL Texas Hold'em - Oct 2005, Party

1st place - PPMV Sub Table STT - Oct 6th, 2005 - Party

1st Place - Step 1 - STT - Oct 6th, 2005 - Party Only played two games today at 4:30 am. Won them both. Both are step tournaments.

18th Place Out of 673 players - My first try at a tournament on This was a $3000 freeroll and I went out on a raise with an A/Q and got called on a A/K. The site takes some getting used to with how to raise and it's easy to raise 3 times the pot if all you want to do is just give a single raise but otherwise, the avatar feature is nice and the sound effects when the game started was also cool. I'll be playing more on KYA is my handle. Oct 4th, 2005

2nd Place - $50.00 NL Texas Hold'em - STT - Oct 3rd, 2005 - Party

2nd Place - $100 NL Texas Hold'em - STT - Oct 2nd, 2005 - Party

Scott Neuman playing at the US Poker Championships 200571st out of 314 - $1000NL Texas Hold'em - US Poker Championship - Trump Taj Mahal - Party Poker sponsored me for this tournament. You can see me wearing the Party Poker hat and jacket. Nice game with the game starting on time. Met a lot of people from out of state playing in the game. - Lost a big hand when I flopped a straight with a flush draw. Two called and the turn makes my flush also. I raise and I get reraised. I call with one person dropping out of the game and cursing when the river comes out which would have given him his full house but I still lost to a higher flush. This left me with 3000 chips down from 15000. I came back to about 10,000 chips with about 90 people left. Got called on a bluff and went back down to 5000. Went all in after I had a raiser to my left, and pushed everyone else out of the hand. I got called with A/Q unsuited to my K/K and he flops a ace to finish my day. Out at around #71. Money was at 27. Oct 1st, 2005 - Atlantic City


September 2005

1st Place - Foxwoods Step to Semi - Top two move on - Only out of 25 people but I was pretty dominate the entire game. Sept 15th, 2005 - Full Tilt Poker

171th place out of 515 $10,000 NL Texas Hold'em - Main Event - Borgata Poker Open 2005 - All the top players were there. I had the WSOP 2005 World Champ Joey Hachem(great guy), David Singer, and Carlos Mortenson at my table, plus I got to meet Robert King of King Products one seat to my left. Just an amazing amount of talent at my table. I made it just fine through the first day and in to the second day. Then, 2-7 and 3-8 became my best friends. I ran out of chips, cards and time and went all in on the button with a As/10s and got called by the big blind with Q/Q. I flopped a straight draw and a flush draw and with almost 18 outs, hit nothing. My best heads up game: David Singer and I with David in the small blind and I in the big blind. David raises 1000 and I call with Q/K suited to clubs. No one else was in the hand and this one taught me to toss hands sometimes. The flop gave me a Q and I stayed in to the bitter end with David having A/A. This one hurt me and took me from 35000 chips to 18000 chips. David went on to come in 6th place in the tournament. 2nd best heads up game was also with David when we were both again in the small and big blinds. This time, I had 2/3 suited to the diamonds but David just called the small blind. On the turn, I completed a flush and went all in with my remaing chips. David called and I doubled up. He turned over a pair of kings this time. To all the people I met, thanks for a great time. I outlasted Johnny World Hennigan, Mel Judah, Daniel Negreanu, Chris Bigler, Liz Lieu, T.J. Cloutier, Edward Moncada, David Williams, Freddy Deeb, Johnny Bax, Paul Darden, Andrew Black, John Myung, Miami John Cerruto, Antonio Esfandiari, Jennifer Tilly, Harry Demitriou, Mike Wattel, Phil Ivey, Toto Leonidas, Mimi Tran, Hoyt Corkins, Padraig Parkinson, Brad Kondracki, Dan Heimiller, Phil Unabomber Laak, Andy Bloch and Amnon Filippi. I was sponsored by and wore their Tshirt, Hat and a tattoo on my cheek that got me photographed on Fox News at 10:00pm for the Phila market. I became the focus of their 10:00pm newscast on Poker. got a huge amount of press from that one. Our press release for also is now seen on about 220 websites. I also was able to place myself into a shot with
WPT Host Courtney Friel that was featured on a few websites. You can see me in the back with my hat and shirt.

300th place - $2500 NL Texas Hold'em. Borgata Poker Open - Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Got rivered everytime. I lasted 3 hours at most.

210th place out of 1140 $500 NL Texas Hold'em - Borgata Poker Open - Lots of great players in this game. I was up to 5000 chips early in the game, then I went up against K/K with my 10/10's and lost a huge chunk after not accepting that I might be beat. Came back with high pairs twice to 5000 again and then stopped getting playable cards for at least 40 hands. If I took any shot, I was overloaded by three other players also taking shots and catching their hands on the flop. Any bluffs seemed to get called even if the player caught the lowest pair. No one was laying anything down. I was finally out just before dinner. I wasn't happy with my play and made four mistakes that while they didn't put me out of the tournament, I wasn't able to benefit from them either. I was a little too tight in the game but it's a 50/50 thing in hindsite. I play two subs that next day and was a little more aggressive and started winning hand after hand. Then I went blind on one hand and completely misread the cards and I was out of both subs for the same reason. I'm not sure if I was tired or the cough syrup(I was starting to nod out at the table) or I just need the new glasses I've got on order. I'll find out Friday when I try out the new glasses and stop drinking cough syrup. My final hand, all in on a K/8 and called by a J/10. Flop is a 4/Q/Q/Q/J and I'm out with the better hand. Hey, I had a great time. Everyone was coming up and asking to see my tattoo of Some wanted to take off my shirt and look on my back. A few wanted shirts to wear of I'm looking forward to wearing the shirt from and tattoo and Hat in the Main Event on the 19th.
As for the $500NL, The level of competition was great. Since I was at table four, everyone was funneling down to us. Two of the final table winners came and started at our table. I'm under the impression that the final six split the pot 6 ways and then played off for the bracelet. I'll be in the $2500 NL Texas Hold'em on Friday. Come over and say hi. I should be in the top 6 tables and I'll be at table #1 in the Main Event. - Sept 11th, 2005.
25th Place out of 236. Final three tables. This is the step to go to the Party Poker Million V Cruise in the spring. I won the entry by playing a $9.00 step tournament. I had a great hand with A/K suited and raised off the button with 1500. I get called and the flop is a 3/4/5. No flush happening here. I check and my opponent raises 1500. I figure him for A/K or K/Q and go all in. He calls after thinking about it for a good minute and turns over K/Q. The turn brings out the Q and the Ace doesn't follow on the river and I'm out. 3 outs and he hit it. He got lucky or I would have moved into 10th place. Two move on to the boat. When last I looked, with just six players left, Chrisknowz was in first place and looking to party on the board. Good Luck Chris and nice hand. Sept 9th, 2005. Party Poker

In January 2006, Melbourne will once again be the centre of all the poker action. The 'Australian Poker Championship' will be the biggest event in the southern hemisphere and is set to attract poker talent from all over the globe

1st Place and I'm going to Australia!!! - JACKPOT - I win!!!!!!! - $12500 AUD Entry Fee to the Aussie Million in Spring. Sept 2005 - Party Poker - I won the entry fee to this tournament with a sub tournament for $9.00. So far, that $9.00 is worth $12500. I stuck to my game plan and played a perfect game. At one point, I was low chip stake. With 6 people left, I was going to be happy just getting into the money. I went all in with a A/J and got burned with a K/K preflop but I rivered the A and double up, took out two more people with better cards, 2nd biggest chip count took out number 3 and we are heads up with myself having $55000 in chips and 2nd place with $28000.


Final Hand of the Aussie Million Sub: I've now got 52000 in chips and Sluggle has 30000. We're even for about three hands when I get 7/8 suited to the spades. Sluggle gives me a minor raise of 3500 from the big blind with the blinds at 500/1000. I call the 4500 and the flop is a 6/5/4 and I flop a straight. There is a possible flush with two diamonds on the table. I bet $1000.00 because my opponent likes to go all in on weakness. Instead of going all in, this time he raises $7000.00. I mention that I think I've got Sluggle out kicked. And I ask if he wants to take a shot and go all in and then I raise All In. Sluggle says, "Oh God, You setting me up"? (Maybe) Two other people chime in(Party Poker should stop this talk from other parties), "No Guts, No Glory" and "CALL!!!". I state one more time that I think I've got him out kicked and Sluggle says "I gotta call even though you are sleek" and moves all in. The turn is a A of hearts and the River is a K of hearts. No flush, no chance of a full house. There is no way for me to lose this hand as Sluggle turns over a pair of 9's and I win first prize of $12500, and I move on to the Aussie Million in Jan, 2006 and Sluggle picks up $3000. This is one of the biggest games in an online tournament I've won to date and what is really funny is,... I was sick as a dog, having this chest thing, coughing, wheezing, can't breath, but the codine in the cough syrup is working for me. But I did take out 83 other people and this is the important part... THIS GAME WAS SPONSORED AND THE SPONSOR HAS A SHOT AT $1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!
Note, thanks to Joseph Z jr for his thoughts on this last hand.

30th Place - In the Money -
Omaha Hi Low Tournament - Out of 300 - September 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - Sub Tournament for Borgata Open - Tilt Zero(Doyle Brunson) Sept 2005

20th Place - Semi Tournament for Borgata Open - Tilt Zero - Sept 2005 - Almost got there out of 130 people - K/K didn't hold up to an A/Q and the river brings out the Ace.

7th Place - Sub Tournament for Borgata Open - Top 5 move on - Sept 2005 - - Another heartbreaker and one that should have been on TV. - All in on a Q/Q for about 2500 chips. Chip average is 7000 and I'm short stack with two to go. I get called with A/Q from the chip leader and I also get called from 2nd place. (Why I have no idea, since if I go out, all get a piece of it but I guess they like to gamble). Q/Q holds up till the river when the Ace comes out again.

3rd Place - In the money - Qualifier to the $500,000 STT - Heck of a day between Tilt Zero and Bodog and this one finished out the night, I'm chip leader with 5400 points when 4 of us go all in on the first hand and I hit a Q to win,(total is 8000) and then I just stop getting cards. Didn't hit one hand for 50 rounds. I still came in the money but really should have one this one and moved on - Sept 2005 - Party Poker

  August 2005
30th Place - In the Money - Party Poker Shoot Out - Not bad, 30th out of 1632 - August 2005 - Party Poker

47th - In the Money - NL Texas Holdem Tournament $50.00NL Pot was $23000 - Out of 460 - August 2005 - Party Poker - Guy flopped a straight from the small blind and I flopped top pair. Party Poker at it's best. What a sense of humor and yes, he had more chips.
World Series of Poker Ranking
97th Place - In the Money - $200,000 Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem - I'm on tilt on this one. Party Poker has this way of taking out the lower chip holders from the game. I see it time and time again on average. I had A/A with about 11,000 chips. I raise 4000 chips before the big blind. Big Blind knows I play real hands, but goes all in with 17000 chips. Of course, I call him and he turns over Q/Q. He gets 3 of the suit on the flop and rivers the flush. Does it happen? Sure it does and it's happened to me more then once the other way, but on PP, it's just different, Out of 15 all ins, Party Poker gave the hand to the higher chip count 15 times. And I lost 5 hands in a row to higher chip counts with the better hand to me on the preflop(You'd think I'd stay away from higher chip counts and I might do that next time just as a test). Each time, the other guy showed the hand and yup, I was drawing dead on the flop. (It was friendly table and we'd all been there hours). I came in 97th which started paying at 140, which is very much in the money, but considering I was in 8th place at one point, I felt I had a real shot at the final two tables. Here is the
link for the table finish. August 2005 - Party Poker

Top 6 - Final Table - Aussie Saturday Qualifier NL Texas Holdem - August 2005 - Party Poker

9th Place - Final Table $3000 Guaranteed Rebuy tournament - August 2005 - Doyles Room. Haven't played a tournament in Doyles Room yet, but wanted to take a shot. Better then average players and during the entire session, I was never more then half stacked. I was able to outwait the other players to the final table. Went out with 3400 chips and the blinds 2000/4000. I had A/J suited to a 5/4 suited. Flop was a 8/5/4, then 3 then 5. Of course. But I did go all in with a A/9 in the small blind just before this and came up against A/K. I hit the 9 on the river.

1st Place - WPT/WSOP Sub Qualifer STT - August 2005 -

11th Place - In the Money - $12000 Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem - Final Two tables - out of 335 players - August 2005 -

1st Place - Million Dollar Sub STT - August 2005 - Party Poker

29th Place - In the Money - Out of 246 - $50.00 NL Texas Holdem Shootout . - August 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - Mini Step Level 1 - August 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - $30 Texas Holdem NL STT - August 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - $30 Pot Limit Omaha STT - August 2005 - Party Poker - Not that it's a lot of money but the $30.00 Single Table Tournaments are normally easy money for me. I'm almost always in the top 3 by just taking my time, slow playing and waiting for someone that is too aggressive to go all in with a marginal hand.

8th Place - Final Table - $70 NL Texas Holdem - August 2005 - Live game at The Borgata - Atlantic City - Nice to finally play a live game again. I had adopted a little baby girl on the 1st of July and getting out to the casinos was a little tough. Simply put, the wife would have killed me if I took off. I'm sure you understand.
1st Place - $50.00 NL Texas Holdem SNG - August 2005 - Party Poker
I love these SNG tables. Spend $50 and win 5 times your bet. You tend to get a better level of player on the $50.00 SNG (Seat and Go Tournament Table) where on the $30.00 SNG tables, everyone is very loose. Still a nice place to pick up loose change from dead money.

240th Place - Half Million Dollar NL Texas Holdem - August 2005 - Party Poker
Out of 2200, I made it to 240th place. First prize was a nice $127,000. Normally, I play tight in this game to make to the payoff at 220 and then start working hard. I had about 4000 chips at 240 which will allow me to make the 220 number and be in the money. I played a perfect game up to this point and stealing a lot of blinds with small raises(very tight table) but I was taking my time in the hands allowing the blinds to go up and the other people in the game to go out before me to allow me to make 220. One tight player was getting ticked off by my play and put a bounty on my head. $50.00 to the first person to knock me out. At 240, I get a pair of kings in the small blind. Mr Bounty is in the big blind. Blinds are 400/800. Everyone drops out and I raise to 2400. Mr. Bounty puts me all in and turns over Q/5 unsuited. He must really hate me and wants me gone. Not as bad as Party Poker for slowing up the game as the flop is a q/5/8 then 5/5 just to make it hurt a little more. I get a full house and he gets four a kind. When last I looked, he was in the top 30 and moving higher. If I hadn't seen this in live games (It's happened to me in the other direction), I'd assumed it was fixed. Should I have just waited for 220 and then made the move? It's poker, it's about getting ahead. It was the right call and would have doubled me up. You just can't fight stupid bets for someone that wants to toss money away and gets lucky.

11th Place Top two tables - Sub Multitable Tournament on - Nice Poker Site - I came in 11th to win 1/2 entry into the main tournament. If I place in the main tournament, I go to the Borgata Open for Free. By the way, 10 got in to the sub tournament. I got blinded out before 4 other people did. Close game. - August 2005 - Bodog.

1st place Final Table Now this was a great game - Out of 150 for a first place to get into the Party Poker Million V into a sub tournament. I played this one perfect. It couldn't have gotten any better. Game lasted 4 hours. Take a look at the
picture. August 2005 - Party Poker.

11th Place In the money - The $34000 game on Party Poker which was actually a $44000 game. Over 2200 players this time - Game lasted 7 hours for me. I went all in with an a/k and got called with 6 people on the table. Bettor had a K/K and I didn't get an Ace. Easy call for the other guy. Very close this time to big money, (not that 11th is pennies), but I would have liked have gotten a little further and into at least the top 5. Had a lot of big money winners in this game for some reason. But combine it with my win just 2 hours before and I had a great day. Take a look at the picture for my ranking. August 2005 - Party Poker.

1st Place STT $50.00 NL Texas Holdem - Doyles Room - August 2005 - Moving around trying different sites and trying to find better odds. Doyles Room it turns out has some pretty good players with the same ideas I had. - Came in first for this Single Table Tournament.

1st Place STT $25.00 NL Texas Holdem - Doyles Room - August 2005 - I really seem to do well in Doyles room. They have to subs for the WPT that I'm going to try to get into.

 July 2005
48th Place - $30.00 7 Card Stud. - In the Money - July 2005 - 

148th Place - $38000 Tournament - In the Money - July 2005 - Started out with 2300 people. has increased the amount of people that can play in a tournament.

1st Place - Single Table - MiniStep Table 1 - July 2005 -

Top 13 - Semi Table for the Super Qualifier - Party Poker - Placed for free entry into the Super Qualifier - Was top 9 when we made it - 250 players - July 2005

300th place - Super Qualifier - Out of 1200 people - Party Poker - Out on a A/K suited vs K/K. Never caught the A and K/K slow played the hand and went all in on the flop without a king or A on the board. July 2005.

19th place - Final two tables - Texas Holdem NL Tournmament - Out of 600. Total pot $30,000. Out on a A/K against a 8/7 Suited. Rivered the 8. This same player went all in on the small blind with a K/8 suited and I had A/Q. He also rivered the 8. Guess he just likes 8's. Game lasted 5 hours. First prize was $6600.00 July 2005 - Party Poker.

1st Place - Omaha Hi Low PL - July 2005 - Just one of those games you love to be in. I was in a zone. Everything worked perfectly. Played great cards. Put just the right amount of aggression on blinds to throw my opponents off balance with mediocre cards. In fact, a raise of two times the pot would normally make everyone fold and I'd win the blinds. I must have done this 40 times during the game. It gave me a huge chip lead. I played this game just before the NL Tournament above. My play did carry over into the next game. Just a great night. - Party

1st Place - WSPO Step Table - Step Table for World Series of Poker - July 2005 - Party Poker




June 2005
12th Place - Omaha PL Hi Low - In the money - 130 Players - June 2005 - Party Poker Out on a q/q/a/2 and flop was a 2/3/3/4/j. Other person had 2/3/4/5 and got a full house on the flop.

31st Place - NL Texas Holdem - In the money - $7100 first prize - June 2005 - Party

1st Place - NL Texas Holdem - Single Table Step to 1/2 Million tournament on 8/12/05 - Need 2nd table to earn entry. June 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - NL Texas Holdem - Single Table Step to 1/2 Million tournament on 8/12/05 - won 2nd table and earned entry June 2005 - Party Poker.

900th Place - NL Texas Holdem - 2000 players - 1/2 Million tournament on 8/13/05 - I won my entry into this tournament from above. You might ask, "Why is he actually bragging on about this game?". I'm not but it's a good example of heads up play and a bad beat. I had a/k suited. The flop is a 8/J/J. I raise to test the waters. Guy to my left goes all in fast. Too Fast. I put him on either a low pair(not the J's) or a/k or a/q. I call all in also and he turns over 9/10 suited also. The turn is a 2 and no help to either of us. The river is a 7 and he rivers the straight and knocks me out of the tournament. If another 8 had come out or anything else or then a 9 or a 10, I would have won. Horrible bet on his part and a bad beat for me. But I still made it past 1000 other players.

31st Place - $30,000 NL Texas Holdem - 2000 players - June 2005 - In the money -

7th Place - Final Table - Party Poker V Sub tournament - 231 entered - June 2005 - Won the Sub - At eight, all are winners for the sub. -

18th Place - $50.00 NL Omaha Hi Low - In the Money. $9000 pot. 180 Entered. - 3 hour game. All in 10/Q/Q/A. Called against A/2/7/8. Flop is 7/7/10/2/A Full House against two pair. June 2005




May 2005
147th Place(in the money after 220 - 5 levels down) - Party Poker Million Dollar Pot - 2000 people - May 2005 - Party Poker. 

5th Place - Final Table $500.00 No Limit Texas Hold'em - May 2005 - Cigar Aficionado Magazine $500 No Limit Texas Holdem - Borgata Casino and Spa, Atlantic City, NJ. I wasn't supposed to be in this game. I had called the Borgata to book a room and also enter the tournament. No one told me that you had to join the Big Smoke also to get a reservation for the tournament. I wasn't the only one. Only about 55 people out of one hundred entered the game so they allowed a few of the regular players to enter. On the other hand, The Borgata lost my families room reservations so the day just started out great with the Borgata claiming that I'll have to pay $400 for the room. After an argument with two levels of the casino, I finally got the head reservations manager to see how I could only book a room for one night when I'm playing and staying for two nights and how that didn't make any sense. They fixed it by giving me a poker rate for the room but also upgrading the Neuman entourage to a Suite for the two nights. We did have a final table WSOP Las Vegas player there but he got knocked out in 30th place. I should never have been in the money and should have finished in 6th place. In fact, I was so short stacked, that everyone pulled $100.00 out of their pockets to hand to me to cover my entry fee. I also pulled $100.00 and tossed it in the pile because one, I hadn't lost yet, and two, it's just bad luck to try and predict the future and to wish bad luck upon myself. With 2000 chips left and the blinds at 1000/2000, I tossed one of my remaining chips away and folded my hand. The small blind looks at the big blind and goes, "all in" with a 10/Q suited. The Big blind calls right away with a Q/A and flops an Ace and takes all of the small blinds chips. The small blind looks at me and says,"Say thank you for putting you into the money". I said thank you. We have to wait for the evening before we start up the final table. I toss my last chip in and get a 3/7 to a call of a 4/8. Live cards but neither of us catch anything and I'm out in 5th place. Over all, except for one hand that I lost 3000 chips in with about 17 people left, I played a perfect game as far as I was concerned. Click here to read about the game on the Cigar Aficionado website.

141th Place - In the Money - $30,000 pot - No Limit Texas Holdem - 2000 players - May 2005 - top 8% - Party

12th Place - WSOP Sub on Party Poker - First prize is $13500 for entry into the WSOP Las Vegas. 350 started. Rivered with a k/7 paired to a q/5 and the other player gets the flush on the river. May 2005 - Party Poker - Online




February 2005
2nd Place - Final Table - Party Poker $50.00 No Limit Omaha Hi Li - Feb 2005 - Party Poker - Online - Pot was $8000.00. I don't normally play Omaha but I wanted to take a shot. I actually would have come in first place but I lost my internet connection for 15 minutes and got blinded out by the time I got back in. This has happened twice and both times, I was close to winning the tables. Makes me wonder...??

11th Place - Final two tables - $500.00 NL Texas Hold'em - Harrahs Sunday Tournament - Harrahs Casino - Atlantic City, NJ Feb 2005. So close with the top nine getting paid. I was started to get short stacked and was concerned that I might not make the final table so with K/J, I pushed all in. I got called with A/K and A/J from another short stack. Talk about getting covered. I did flop the Jack but my kicker didn't hold up.



January 2005
1st Place - World Series of Poker $100 Sub Table - Jan 2005 - Harrahs Casino - Atlantic City, NJ

8th Place - Final table -
Event #3 World Series of Poker - $254,000 Pot - $1000 No Limit Texas Hold'em. Jan, 2005 - Harrahs Casino - Atlantic City, NJ - What a great game and my first final table at a World Series of Poker event. I had won my entry for from a sub tournament the night before. Three hands stick out. One early hand gave me a 6/7 suited. The flop is a 3/6/7. I flopped two pair. I give a 4x pot raise and this woman to my left goes all in leaving me with 400 chips. I call and she turns over a set of 3's. The turn is a k and the river saves me with another 7 for a full house. Next big hand put me into the final table and was against the final winner of the game, Daniel Beers of Canton, Oh. I'm holding A/5 Suited. The flop is a 5/10/Q. Not the best flop in the world but I got a piece of it. Daniel is an tough player and likes to raise on any weakness. I check and Daniel goes "ALL IN". Way too fast Daniel, why go all in when a milk bet works better? I call the all in and Daniel turns over J/K for a possible straight. The turn is a 3 and the river is a 8. I double up and it gives me enough chips to make it to the final table with careful play. I'm in 2nd place in chip totals when we get to the final table and Daniel is in 1st. For the first couple of hands, everyone plays very tight. Daniel keeps raising, taking pots. Finally, Patrick Kelly of New Hope, Pa (He's first WSOP final table also) goes all in before Daniel with a K/3 suited. Daniel calls with a 10/Q. The flop is a 3/5/8. The turn is a A and it looks like Patrick will make it when the river brings out a Q and knocks Patrick out of the game. Another few hands go by with Daniel raising and taking pots. Finally, I get some cards to play. The blinds are 2000 and 4000 and Daniel raises to 10000. I reraise another 10000 to 26000. Daniel looks at me says, "I'm going to put you all in". I say, "Do it". Daniel goes all in and I call turning over K/K and Daniel turning over A/2 suited to the spades. The flop is a 3S/5S/10C - The Turn is a JD and the River is.....another K of Spades. Daniel rivers the flush and takes me out for an 8th place finish. What a bad beat but a great game. We had a few professional players in this game and I was glad to say I played just as well as they did considering my lack of tournament play.




December 2004
1st Place - Final Table $100 NL Limit Texas Hold'em - Dec 2004 - 800 players - Party Poker

 October 2004
28th Place - Borgata Open Sub Tournament with Rebuys and Addons - 400 people - Top 5% - Oct 2004 - Borgata Casino - Atlantic City, NJ


September 2004
2nd Place - Final Table - No Limit Texas Hold'em - Sept 2004 - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas

1st Place - Final Table - Limit Texas Hold'em - Sept 2004 - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas

2nd Place - Final Table - No Limit Texas Hold'em - Sept 2004 - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas



August 2004
8th Place - Final Table - $200.00 NL with Rebuys - August 2004 - Borgata Casino - Atlantic City, NJ