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World Series of Poker - Final Table - Atlantic CityWelcome to Kick Your Ace - Scott Neuman's website focusing on playing in million dollar prize pool poker tournaments. Included in the site will be rankings and results of Scott Neuman's poker tournament play. Links to other poker news sites and links to tournaments you can enter if you want to take a chance at tournament life will be added shortly.

Scott Neuman - World Series of Poker ranked poker player

Advertise or Sponsor Scott Neuman to play in major prize pool poker tournaments. Learn to play poker. I can teach you most poker games and how to go deep in live and online poker tournaments.

I'm offering to teach beginner and intermediate poker players how to play poker in live or online cash games or tournaments. Poker games include Texas Holdem, Omaha, Razz, and Seven Card Stud. You can learn as long or as short as you want in heads up poker. You can use this time to play poker online, sharpen your game, learn new tools in tournament poker or go over basic concepts and advanced play of tournament poker. We'll play live and online games together to get a feel for the different types of players and how to handle each one. This is by appointment only. Please call 848-333-8899 for an appointment and fees. I feel that just 4 hours of hands on tutoring can increase the understand and rewards of poker. If you find that you are losing more then winning or go out of most tournaments or cash games sooner then you would like, this will be the perfect instruction time for you. There is a charge for my time but it's reasonable considering the amount of experience you'll draw upon and the possible return on your investment.

My past results: Top 15 FTP 750K Guarantee, World Series of Poker Circuit Event Final Table finish, Deep Runs in the Poker Stars Sunday Millions, Final table finishes in the Poker Stars $100K Guarantee, Final Table finish in the Bovada $100K Guarantee, Final Table Finish in the $75K Guarantee on Poker Stars, Final Table Finish in many live events at casinos around the country. What can you learn from me? How to play better, how to change up your play depending on your opponents, what changes you need to make depending on where you are a tournament, looking for tells from your opponents, seating position, not overplaying yourself or your bankroll and more. 

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