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World Series of Poker - Final Table - Atlantic CityWelcome to Kick Your Ace - Scott Neuman's website focusing on the playing of high stakes tournament poker. Included in the site will be rankings and results of Scott Neuman's poker tournament play. Links to other poker news sites and links to tournaments you can enter if you want to take a chance at tournament life will be added shortly.

Scott Neuman - World Series of Poker ranked poker player

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From my run for Congress. I support internet poker and stood against those that think adults can't make their own decisions about their money and what they do with it. Calvin Arye was nice enough to conduct the interview.

Photos from The Final Table at The World Series of Poker in Atlantic City, 2005

What it looks like when you lose on a Pair of Kings all in and yes, that's me on the right with his fist in the air, not believing the hand that was dealt. Daniel Beers and I had two strong hands during the tournament with Dan winning one and I doubling up on him when I called a bluff of his, and on this hand, I get a pair of kings. Dan and I are in 1st and 2nd. Dan has about 80000 chips and I've got about 40000 chips. Dan raises 10000 and I reraise 26000. Dan says, "I'm going to put you all in". I say, "Go for it". I'm praying he does, working like hell to get him to go over the top of me, making the perfect trap, ready to go into first place, ready to claim the $80,000 dollars first prize, only to see it all go away in a matter of five flips as Daniel turns over A/2 suited. I couldn't believe it, All in on a A/2. There are tons of hands that beat A/2. I'm gold. Everyone gets out of the way and the flop comes and gives Dan 2 of his 5 spades. The turn doesn't hurt me and the river brings out the King of spades to give me three of a kind and Dan his flush. I was 70% to win the hand preflop.

Looking back, I might have called to see the flop, but knowing Dan, he would have gone all in on any bet I'd make and I'd still have to call since an Ace didn't come out on the flop and I would have been correct in believing I was ahead. The hand could have been played 3 ways and except for folding after the flop, the results would have been the same. I could have called Dans 10000 chip raise and on the flop, Dan betting first would have gone all in and I would have called either way since the board looked like it couldn't hurt me(which it didn't at that point). Besides, if the flush draw had come out and Dan had checked, I would have bet 10000 chips and Dan would still go all in or I could go all in after Dan checks and Dan still would have called me with double the chips and the chance to double up. The results would have been the same. It was just poker and a bad beat.

I met some great people at the tournament and a bunch of them came out to root for me. The woman with her hands over her face is my wife Debra who also can't believe the flop of the cards.

Here is a photo of Daniel Beers, the final winner of the tournament and myself shaking hands. The last hand would put Dan over the top to win the tournament and $80,000.

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