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World Series of Poker - Final Table - Atlantic CityScott Neuman - World Series of Poker ranked poker player Welcome to Scott Neuman's Kick Your Ace website focusing on high stakes tournament poker. Included in the site will be rankings and results of Scott Neuman's poker tournament play. Links to other poker news sites and links to tournaments you can enter if you want to take a chance at tournament life will be added shortly.

Press Releases and News Stories

Below are a list of press releases and news stories about Scott Neuman or sponsors:

1/5/10 - Two things. Readers Digest used me as a reference in their December 2009 issue as a music appraiser expert. Nice to get the reference and thanks Readers Digest. Also, I had played in the Double Deuce on FTP on Sunday. We have over 11000 players in the game and I made it down to 104 players coming in the top 99% of the players. AlCantHang was nice enough to mention my name in his weekly Full Tilt Poker Blog. Thanks Al.

6/17/09 - Poker Players International and Arbitrage release the new PPI Krona Hooded Shirt

12/24/08 Bodog Article about finding sponsors. Mentions me as an example of how to find and promote sponsors.

10/3/06 Motley Fool Article on the new Online Gambling law that was dumped into the Port Security Bill.

8/20/06 Press Release for, and for World Series of Poker

7/21/06 Asbury Park Press Article on Ebay, Poker and Scott Neuman Article mentions that I play poker and mentions my computer company, AOS Web-Com, Inc.

6/27/06 Pokerdogz sponsors Scott Neuman to the Borgata Summer Poker Open

6/8/06 Scott Neuman signs partnership deal with

6/1/06 sponsors Scott Neuman to continued - One Million dollar tournaments

5/8/06 buys cancer stricken 7 year old's paintings

5/4/06 PR about Scott Neuman playing for Aztec Mining/ in twelve - multimillion dollar tournaments.

3/27/06 Press Release from about me playing for them last week at the Borgata. Press Release was for their hundreds of shareholders.

2/17/06 Press Release for Aztec Mining and PR about Aztec sponsoring me for the Borgata Ultimate Super Satellite on Sunday. Winners move on to 4 major tournamants in the WSOP/WPT this year. Here is the killer. If I win on Sunday, and I place in any major way at any of the tournaments, the stock of Aztec Mining will move almost 4000 percent. AZTM is the call symbol and I doubt this will be the last event Aztec gets involved with me in the future.

2/17/06 Letter to the Editor Ok, one of my state officials nicked me again with a bill that directly affects my company. I had to write a letter to the editor of the Gannett Newspapers, which they not only published but made it the feature letter of the day with a super nice cartoon image.

2/13/06 did a story on me on 1/8/06 about my Ebay Auctions and Here is a Link to the story.

1/23/06 - Quote from Scott Neuman about the 1st Annual Borgata Winter Classic Open.

1/16/06 Press Release for new Sponsor

1/13/06 Press Release for Press release for for sponsorship to the 2006 Borgata Winter Poker Open

1/6/06 Press Release PR for new sponsor

9/16/2005 bids $10,000 for Scott Neuman to play in the 2005 Borgata Open

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