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World Series of Poker - Final Table - Atlantic CityScott Neuman - World Series of Poker ranked poker player

Welcome to Scott Neuman's Kick Your Ace website focusing on high stakes tournament poker where the stakes can be as high as $80,000,000 dollars. Included in this site will be rankings and results of Scott Neuman's poker tournament play. You'll also find links to other poker news sites and links to tournaments you can enter if you want to take a chance at play tournament poker yourself.

My current advertising and sponsorship fees start as low as $300.00 per unit. I am accepting advertisers and sponsors for this website and live poker tournaments. Email me for a chance to advertise and possible win half of or a portion of up to $80,000,000 dollars in prize money when I play in various World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour tournaments coming up in 2013.

Get a Piece of a Tournament Poker Player.

  Scott Neuman invites potential investors, companies and business owners to advertise their businesses and/or participate in upcoming poker tournament play. Please email or call Scott Neuman at 848-333-8899 with any questions or interest in participating in Scott Neuman's Kick Your Ace poker tournament sponsorship program. You can also fill out this contact form to ask for more information or to advertise with Scott Neuman. The current program requires a $300.00 advertising investment as a minimum and $100,000 as a maximum investment with optimal average being from $5000 to $15000. I will rebate fifty to sixty percent of any winnings while you are advertising or sponsoring me to a poker tournament based on your percentage of the advertising budget.

I have a one in ten chance of coming in the money in any tournament.

If I enter a tournament on your investment/backing and advertise your company at that tournament and If I win or place in that tournament, you'll receive cash back normally equal to or higher then your backing. You can use the funds in many ways; cash back, cash back and continue to sponsor me, use all of any winnings to step to higher paying tournaments and so forth. This allows your investment to grow and be used for further advertising and sponsorship at poker tournaments. If you receive cash back, you can claim that rebate at any time. All advertisers are kept informed of where they stand from week to week via email or text messages.

Another example would be that we had one investor that spent $1000.00 in advertising with us. I won $11000.00 in a tournament that I played for him. He received $6500.00 for his sponsorship in this tournament. All money that you invest for advertising or sponsorship will go towards paying for the entry fees into tournaments in Atlantic City, Foxwoods, Las Vegas, the UK, Australia and also online poker tournaments at online poker rooms that accept USA customers. At all tournaments, your company will be advertised if you request it. Your investment will be used to enter high stakes poker tournaments where the tournament prize money is as high as $80,000,000. First prizes can be as high as $8,000,000. You'll receive rebates on your money of 50% to 60% of the winnings from Scott Neumans tournament play based on what you put in. We reserve the right to pay off all advertisers/sponsors at anytime. The value of the advertising investment can and will change daily. This number can change based on the number of advertisers and investors up to $100,000 which is the cut off and the results of the tournaments we win, place or lose. We can group advertisers money together to reach higher prize pools.  

Your money is being used to pay the entry fees into tournaments and for advertising on We'll be accepting advertising on jackets, hats and business cards at live events and for mentioning your name on internet games where the ability to chat is available. Most games have thousands of people entered and watching at any given time.

If you would like to schedule a time to watch Scott Neuman play and have never watched a live or online poker tournament before, call Scott Neuman at 848-333-8899 Est and let him know you'd like to schedule a time to watch a live/online tournament before you make an investment.

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